FPL Double GW37 – The FFGeek Team For DGW37

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Here’s our FPL Double GW37 article with the final FFGeek team for Gameweek 37. We review GW36 and talk about team structure and Gameweek 37. We also discuss transfers, captains and lineups for GW37. FPL history is 5 of the last 7 seasons top 36k. Also 3 top 10ks. Follow the team with live transfers and final lineups.

FPL Double GW37 – The FFGeek Team For DGW37

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GW36 Review

GW36 points: 108 (12 Top managers average 99) Total points: 2,309, Overall Rank: 68k, green arrow: 20k   Team Value: £104.4m plus £0.1m ITB

5 of the last 7 seasons top 21k.  Also 3 top 10ks

I have my Bench Boost left

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So a good score and a good green arrow. Only 4 reds since GW12 as luck continues to stay with me somehow. The drama about who to bench in the end was irrelevant as Bruno was a no show.

The fact that my 2 biggest uncovered rank threats in Saka and Petrovic both returned cost me 12.5k was unfortunate but the double Arsenal defence again helped me out. Haaland, Jackson and Raya added 42k OR

Transfer thoughts

2 free transfers and £0.1m in the bank.

The Bench Boost will be activated in this big double gameweek and while it is a great points addition it does give you the problem that to take advantage you need to have 15 starters. You can’t really take a so what approach to Pep’s vagueness and rely on your bench to come on if they are a no show.

That does mean any hint of a no show has to be met with a transfer. Even with only 2 gameweeks to go although a doubling non defender should at least make 4 points to pay that -4 point hit back

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