FPL draft teams GW1 – Part 3 of the FFGeek Contributors current teams


Here’s our FPL draft teams GW1 where we see Part 3 of the FFGeek contributors draft teams for GW1.  In this article there’s Sergio Torija, Ben Wooton, Kev in Canada and Rob Cosgrove

FPL draft teams GW1 – Part 3 of the FFGeek Contributors current teams

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These are still early draft FFGeek Contributors teams and will change although we will be updating them

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Ben Wooton

Ben’s last 4 seasons overall rank were 5k, 61k, 26k and 31k.

Have gone with McCarthy in goal due to fixtures primarily.
At the back I have the obvious Alexander Arnold, Vinagre plus Johnson who starts today and could be the option at £4.0m. Dallas solid enough and I like look of Walker Peters too so hopefully have options to mix it up in defence.

FPL draft teams GW1

Sergio Torija

Sergio’s last 4 seasons were 2k, 596k, 17k and 21k

FPL draft teams GW1

Kev in Canada

Kev finished 48k last season 6k in 18/19 and 195k in 17/18

Follow Kev on twitter here

-I am increasingly feeling that a MUN or MCI player stash is important to have. Martial is the highest value player I feel I can put there while still maintaining a good GW1 squad along with good overall squad balance and flexibility. He allows me to keep the two premium mids, have both pool defenders and Werner. My favourite stash option would have been Aguero.

-The signings of Fraser Forster for Southampton and Ben White for Brighton have shifted my keeper preference to Ryan.

-I may change Lascalles or Vinagre (if I feel Wolves left back signing may happen) to Walker Peters of Southampton to offset the McCarthy keeper clean sheet potential.

-My only planned transfer now is Aubameyang to Bruno Fernandes. However the Martial stash has made it less of a necessity, as I could captain Martial in any juicy MUN fixture and be happy with that.

FPL draft teams GW1

Rob Cosgrove

Rob’s last 4 seasons overall rank were 64k, 45k, 40k and 23k

FPL draft teams GW1

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4 thoughts on “FPL draft teams GW1 – Part 3 of the FFGeek Contributors current teams”

  1. Why are so many people convinced that Mitrovic is a good buy? I wasn’t very impressed with him when he was playing in the Premiership for Newcastle his discipline was poor and Newcastle were glad to see the back of him, during the 3 seasons he was there he only scored 17 goals. He scored 12 goals in his first season for Fulham then when he signed for them they got relegated. Ok he scored 26 in the Championship last year, but I don’t see him doing that this season and prefer to go for Jiminez

  2. @billysiv, I think the question is, who is a better option at 6m? If you put up the extra 2.5m to get Jiminez, it means you have to downgrade another player by that amount. What’s the better combination, Mitrovic + your other+2.5m player or your -2.5m player + Jiminez.

    Most people are opting for Mitrovic and the +2.5m player option.


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