FPL – FFGeek teams final points, congratulations and thanks


With the FPL season now over it’s time for a quick wrap up of the final FFGeek team positions.  Also some congratulations to league winners and a number of thank yous.

FPL – FFGeek teams final points, congratulations and thanks

So firstly here’s how the 2 FFGeek teams ended up

Free Hit lost team – final position

GW38 points: 78  (average 49) Total points 2,292, Gameweek rank 365k, Overall Rank: 17k, green arrow 5k, Team Value: £102.7m

So a final OR of 17k and 2,292 points.

Definitely can’t complain about the final gameweek and my overall rank.  Despite what some have said FPL is now more competitive than ever with multiple information sources and getting into the top 1% or 2% of teams is something to be very happy about in my view.  Finishing lower than that is becoming easier and easier due to the number of serious managers playing and the increased money in the premier league widening the choice of players and increasing player rotation.  The slowing down of price rises of players also evens out the playing field.

Here’s the final gameweek graphic


Free Hit intact team – final position

GW38 points: 54  (average 49) Total points 2,176, Gameweek rank 2,312k, Overall Rank: 183k, red arrow 33k, Team Value: £100.9m

So after a fantastic GW35 it all feel apart and the less said the better

Here’s the rather sad graphic:



the www.fantasyfootballgeek.co.uk league

Firstly congratulations to the winner of the FFGeek league Faisal Idris who also finished 5th overall in fantasy premier league.  An incredible achievement.

Here’s the top 5:


the FFGeek contributors league

Congratulations to Keith Spencer who won the league after a spectacular final day battle with Joseph Crilley.  I have to hand it to Keith.   I’ve seen very few FPL managers who play the game so aggressively with hits and non template players and strategy and combine that with consistent results.  He finished with an overall rank of 3,940 and now with 3 consecutive top 10k overall rank finishes he will be one of our 10 top FPL managers next season for the regular article.

Here’s the final contributors table.  I ended up 4th after Alex Ball who incredibly,  somehow managed scores of 97 and 96 in the final 2 rounds to push me into 4th.



Firstly I’d like to thank everyone who visited the site over the season.  I never cease to be overwhelmed and grateful for all the support and regular visitors.  I wish I could respond more to comments and queries but to keep the content going requires all my time unfortunately.

Secondly I’d like the thank the contributors to the site who’ve given such a variety of perspectives on how to play FPL other than my own and regularly produce such interesting and high quality information.  These are Rob Reid (the FPL Vet), Joseph Crilley, Alex Ball, Scott Hargadon, Mikael Danielsen, FPL Word, Keith Spencer, Stephen Toumi, Daren Chew, Neil Morjaria, Jordan Sadler and Asshiket Sable.

That’s not to forget the other format contributors.  Thanks to Simon Rowley for his Sun Dream Team articles, Stephen Troop for the Telegraph and Akis Gkoulimoumis for his UCL articles.

Whats happening now

There will be a bit of a slow down in articles for a while but we will be back in force for the World Cup and obviously next season after that.  In the very short term I’ll look how the alternate FFGeek teams finished as well as the 10 top FPL managers.  I’m also hoping to do some in depth analysis on various FPL managers and maybe even some player stats so don’t stop visiting.

If you want to leave comments on how your season went in the comments section below please do so.

Thanks again and enjoy some non FPL time

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    64k rank compare to 220k last season, big progress since I’ve started reading your articles.
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