FPL Fixture Difficulty GW1 For Defenders and Goalkeepers


Here’s our FPL fixture difficulty GW1 schedule for defenders and Goalkeepers. Here we rank the teams by the easiness of the attacking teams they face over the first 6 gameweeks and there’s also some early player suggestions

FPL Fixture Difficulty GW1 For Defenders And Goalkeepers

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The teams are ranked by the strength of the Attacking teams faced over the first 6 gameweeks.

The strength of the attacking teams are based on the averages of their expected goals for and their actual goals for last season with a general adjustment for home and away. . The teams are then divided up into 5 colours of 8 home/away teams each. A couple of teams have had adjustments for late season improvement or injured players returning.

I’ve completed a separate schedule for attacking players

See also the best attacking defenders schedule

A fixture difficulty schedule for Defenders and Goalkeepers

Here’s a graphic where the teams are ranked by the ease of the attacking teams they face over the upcoming 6 gameweeks. There’s defender and GK suggestions below.

FPL Fixture Difficulty GW1

Player Suggestions

Here’s some early player suggestions from the top 6 ranked teams. Obviously there’s still 2 months to GW1 so things could change massively.


20/21 – 5th equal for clean sheets with 12. 7th equal goals conceded. 3rd ranked xG conceded.

Def Dunk £5.0m – PPM 3.9

Def White £4.5m – PPM 2.9

£4.5m Def Lamptey PPM 3.2 should be on the watchlist

GK Sanchez £4.5m – PPM 3.7


20/21 – 5th equal for clean sheets with 12. 4th ranked for goals conceded. 7th ranked xG conceded.

£7.5m Def Alexander Arnold – PPM 4.4

£6.0m GK Alisson – PPM 4.2


20/21 – 5th equal for clean sheets with 12. 10th ranked for goals conceded. 9th ranked xG conceded.

£5.5m Def Digne – PPM 4.0

£5.0M GK Pickford – PPM 3.7


More work needed on this promoted side

Aston Villa

20/21 – 3rd for clean sheets with 15. 8th ranked for goals conceded. 12th ranked xG conceded.

£5.0m Def Mings – PPM 3.6

£5.5m GK Martinez – PPM 4.9


20/21 – 11th equal ranked for clean sheets with 11. 11th ranked for goals conceded. 6th ranked xG conceded.

Def £4.5m Fofana – PPM 2.5 (needs monitoring as probably only plays in 3-4-3)

GK £5.0m Schmeichel – PPM 3.4

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