fPL Fixture difficulty GW1 For attacking players


Here’s our FPL fixture difficulty GW1 schedule for attacking players. Here we rank the teams by the easiness of the defences they face over the first 6 gameweeks and there’s also some early player suggestions


FPL Fixture Difficulty GW1 For Attacking Players

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The teams are ranked by the strength of the defences faced over the first 6 gameweeks.

The strength of the defences faced are based on the averages of their expected goals against and their actual against for last season with a general adjustment for home and away. . The teams are then divided up into 5 colours of 8 home/away teams each. A couple of teams have had adjustments for late season improvement or injured players returning.

A schedule for defenders and GKs will be out tomorrow

A fixture difficulty schedule for attacking players

Here’s a graphic where the teams are ranked by the ease of the defences they face over the upcoming 6 gameweeks. There’s attacking player suggestions below.

FPL Fixture Difficulty GW1

Player Suggestions

Here’s some early player suggestions from the top 7 ranked teams. Obviously there’s still 2 months to GW1 so things could change massively.

The prices are from the Premier League price reveal on the Premier league site for the 21/22 season


No one for me at the moment. Maupay was in and out of the side and Trossard’s stats for me aren’t good enough


Salah Mid £12.5m – 20/21 PPM 6.2

Jota Mid £7.5m – 20/21 PPM 4.5


Wait until GW4. I have read stuff which suggests £7.5m fwd Jimenez could be fit. 20/21 PPM 4.3


£8.0m Fwd Calvert-Lewin – 20/21 PPM 5.0

West Ham

£7.5m Fwd Antonio – 20/21 PPM

Lingard was on loan last season and for now has returned to Man Utd so I haven’t included him

Man Utd

£12.0m Mid Fernandes – 20/21 PPM 6.6

£7.5M Mid Greenwood – 20/21 PPM 3.4 (distorted by sub appearances)

Aston Villa

£8.0m Mid Grealish – 20/21 PPM 5.2

£7.5m Fwd Watkins – 20/21 PPM 4.5

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2 thoughts on “fPL Fixture difficulty GW1 For attacking players”

  1. Why is Everton away at Brighton the same colour as Norwich away at Man City?

    • The colour of the team refers to that teams defensive ability and ranking not the possibility of a clean sheet or goals conceded in the fixture which is what I think you’re getting at incorrectly. It shows how tough the fixture is for the attacking team facing that particular defence.

      Brighton as a defensive team were very good last season and worthy of the red colour. They had the 3rd least expected goals against only bettered by Man City and Chelsea and they had the 4th least shots per game conceded behind Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool. They were 5th equal in clean sheets with 12 behind Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea and Aston Villa. That was with a goalkeeper in Ryan for a significant part of the season who was clearly not up to premier league standard and had one of the worst save % in the league. Tellingly he has now left the league after going to be back up at Arsenal. The rating may change if Ben White leaves as he was one of the outstanding defenders in the league

      I hope that makes sense now and wish you all the best for the season ahead

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