FPL fixture ranking GW2 – the fixture ease schedule


Here’s our second FPL fixture ranking GW2 article with the GW2-4 and GW2-8 fixture ease schedule. We look at the teams with the best fixtures from GW2 to the 2 International breaks after GW4 and GW8 which are natural points to at least think about for a first wildcard. There’s also some player suggestions with their basic stats and their upcoming fixtures.

 FPL fixture ranking GW2 – the fixture ease schedule

An introduction

My intention at the moment is to take the fixture difficulty ranking from the Official FPL site with some slight adjustments. That schedule doesn’t differentiate between attack and defence and is an overall ranking. You will see their fixture difficulty when you look at a player in detail on the FPL site.

The schedule below uses the official rankings to rank them from easiest at the top to hardest at the bottom. The order of the teams is for GW2-8. The figure in the right hand column is the ranking from from GW2-4

FE RankTeamFE Rank
2Man City2
6C Palace13
9Man Utd14
15West Ham12


So here are attacking and defensive player suggestions for the following teams.  That is Man City, Everton, Leicester, Burnley, Bournemouth and Spurs. I’ts important in my mind when you’re thinking of a transfer to have a good fixture next if possible.  That’s why I’m ignoring Arsenal who play Chelsea next and Palace who play Liverpool

The stats will be fairly basic and from last season with some commentary about GW1 for this season thrown in.

Man City

Man City were in my view the best defensive side last season and if GW1 said anything it’s that £6.1m Mendy is the defensive player of choice.  His performance as LB/CAM/LW/CF was quite extraordinary and even Marcos Alonso at his most adventurous looked tame in comparison.   The 2 assists were no surprise.

As for the attackers David Silva is still an injury doubt and Sane was benched amid some pre-season criticism from Pep.  That leaves De Bruyne, Sterling, Mahrez and Bernardo as the primary midfield options.  As Aguero started in GW1 I’m taking him as the forward option although we all know Pep could do absolutely anything in all positions.

Here’s some basic stats:

£10.0m Mid De Bruyne started 36 games plus 1 as sub for 8 goals and 18 assists for a PP90 of 6.1 in 17/18.  Started as a sub in GW1 (although should have been given the oppportunity to score by Aguero) after the World Cup but seems like he could easily start v Huddersfield given Pep’s comments that he was in perfect condition.

£11.0m Mid Sterling started 29 games plus 4 as sub for 17 goals and 18 assists for a PP90 of 8.0 in 17/18.  Scored in GW1 although wasn’t quite the rampaging game we saw last season.  It’s impossible to believe that anyone could get the double double double of 20 goals and 20 assists but he really wasn’t that far off.

£7.5m Mid  Bernardo started 15 games plus 20 as sub for 6 goals and 5 assists for a PP90 of 6.7.  A good start with a goal but apart from that his attacking output was negligible.  His value is the attraction but he is a longevity risk as Pep could revert to David Silva and De Bruyne in his 4-1-4-1 system as CMs.

£11.0m Fwd Aguero started 22 games plus 3 as sub for 21 goals and 6 assists for a PP90 of 7.8. He should have pens.  An unlucky GW1 where he should have had some return.

£9.0m Mid Mahrez started 34 games for Leicester plus 2 as sub for 12 goals and 13 assists at a PP90 of 5.9.  Offered little open play threat and set pieces will undoubtedly be diminished when De Bruyne returns.

Also how Pep decides to set up and how consistently he applies it will dictate selection and rotation. A 3-5-2 to play 2 strikers will mean alot of midfielders being left out. A 4-1-4-1 will mean a benching of one of Jesus or Aguero. Anything is possible with Pep.

Huddersfield (H)
Wolves (A)
Newcastle (H)
Fulham (H)
Cardiff (A)
Brighton (H)
Liverpool (A)


For me Everton have alot to prove defensively after last season considering they were managed for a large portion by one of the most defensive managers in the country yet were still ranked 15th in xG conceded last season.  What’s more they have a far more attacking manager now.

£6.6m mid Richarlison  last season for Watford scored 5 goals and 8 assists in 32 starts plus 6 as sub for a PP90 of 4.0.  Started the season like he wanted to rectify all those missed chances of last season with 2 goals.  Is an injury risk but expected to be ok.

£7.0m fwd Tosun scored 5 goals in 12 starts plus 2 as sub for a points per 90 mins of 5.0 in 17/18.  Despite the assist had an exceptionally quiet game in the 2-2 draw to Wolves although very hard to judge when down to 10 men early.  Should consistently lead the line.

£6.5m mid Walcott scored 3 goals and 3 assists in 13 starts plus 1 as sub for a PP90 of 4.6 in 17/18. He faded as the season went on and again hard to judge on the basis of 10 men but did absolutely nothing.  You’re hoping the real Walcott is in there somewhere.

Southampton (H)
Bournemouth (A)
Huddersfield (H)
West Ham (H)
Arsenal (A)
Fulham (H)
Leicester (A)


Another £5.0m defence which doesn’t warrant it for me.  If you want to take a punt though I think new signing £5.0m RB Pereira is the player I would choose.  He played RM v Man Utd and this is something Puel does do.  The player and manager were also together at Nice.

In attack there’s only£9.0m fwd Vardy. He started 37 games plus 0 as sub for 20 goals and 2 assists for a PP90 of 5.1. He should have pens and these are the major attraction.  Got off to a great start in GW1 with an injury time goal off the bench v Man Utd.  How he adjusts to the loss of Mahrez is the question.

I like the look of James Maddison and Iheanacho but until we see how they fit in with Vardy back I think they’re a watchout

Wolves (H)
Southampton (A)
Liverpool (H)
Bournemouth (A)
Huddersfield (H)
Newcastle (A)
Everton (H)


The Europa League depending on Burnley’s progression is a watchout.  Dyche is an FPL managers dream in terms of consistent selection but the EL may really take that from us.

Despite a first up clean sheet away from home for me Burnley are still a £4.5m defensive team. I would probably go for £5.0m S Ward if I was going to pick one.

My only suggestion would be £6.5m forward Chris Wood who last season scored 10 goals and 1 assist at an impressive PP90 of 5.8 from 20 starts and 4 as sub.  He had a pretty quiet start blanking in the 0-0 at Southampton

Watford (H)
Fulham (A)
Man Utd (H)
Wolves (A)
Bournemouth (H)
Cardiff (A)
Huddersfield (H)


Bournemouth were a defensive disaster last season with 6 clean sheets. No team got less. I can’t imagine any improvement as the manager seems unable to solve the issue. £4.5m  RB Adam Smith would be my choice if you are taking a fixture punt on them.

£6.0m fwd Wilson scored 8 goals and 2 assists in 23 starts plus 5 as sub for a points per 90 mins of 4.6 in 17/18.  He had an eventful start in GW1 scoring but missing a penalty.  Whether he holds that duty remains to be seen.

£6.5m fwd King scored 8 goals and 4 assists in 27 starts plus 6 as sub for a points per 90 mins of 4.0 in 17/18.  It was a pretty anonymous start in GW1.  For me,  his goal threat underlying stats are pretty ordinary which means I’m not too sure about him.

£5.5m mid Fraser scored 5 goals and 3 assists in 23 starts plus 3 as sub for a points per 90 mins of 4.4 in 17/18.  He’s hard to judge him as Howe being the obsessive tinkerer he is played him in a number of positions including RWB.

West Ham (A)
Everton (H)
Chelsea (A)
Leicester (H)
Burnley (A)
Crystal Palace (H)
Watford (A)


In defence go for LB £6.0m Davies for goal and assist threat or wait for the same priced RB Trippier to start.  £6.0m CB Vertonghen will probably play the most minutes though I would suspect, despite his goal in GW1,  with less goal threat.

In attack there are a number of options in Kane, Alli, Eriksen and Moura.  Here’s some basic stats

£12.5m Fwd Kane started 35 games plus 2 as sub for 29 goals and 2 assists for a PP90 of 6.4 in 17/18.  By his standards a fairly quiet GW1 with a blank.

£9.5m Mid Eriksen started 37 games plus 0 as sub for 11 goals and 10 assists for a PP90 of 5.6 in 17/18.  Started GW1 with a blank.  Did create a number of chances but to no effect.

£9.0m Fwd  Alli started 34 games plus 2 as sub for 9 goals and 13 assists for a PP90 of 5.3 in 17/18.  A great start to GW1 with a goal and continually ghosting into the box for scoring positions was very impressive.

£7.0m Mid  Moura started 2 games plus 4 as sub for 0 goals and 1 assist for a PP90 of 4.8 in 17/18. A relatively quiet game with 1 blocked shot being the attacking output.

Fulham (H)
Man Utd (A)
Watford (A)
Liverpool (H)
Brighton (A)
Huddersfield (A)
Cardiff (H)

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