FPL Free Hit BGW18 – Ben Wooton’s and Joseph Crilleys first draft


Here’s our FPL Free Hit BGW18 where FFGeek Contributors Ben Wooton and Joseph Crilley provide their first draft free hit teams for the blank gameweek 18

FPL Free Hit BGW18 – Ben Wooton’s and Joseph Crilley’s first draft

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Ben’s last 4 seasons overall rank were 5k, 61k, 26k and 31k.

Joseph’s last 4 seasons OR were 68k, 28k, 7k and 13k

Here’s the BGW18 fixtures:

FPL free HIt BGW18

Ben Wooton

Ben’s last 4 seasons overall rank were 5k, 61k, 26k and 31k.

See Ben’s GW17 team article

Here’s Ben’s GW17 team so far

fpl free hit BGW18

Ben only has only 6 potential starters for BGW18 being Cancelo,  Grealish, Zaha, Fernandes, Son, Watkins.  Plus 1 free transfer

Ben’s FPL Free Hit first draft BGW18 team

fpl free hit bgw18

As I am free hitting I thought I would share mine.

With so much uncertainty around its hard to know the right time to free hit.
With my team looking a bit light for w18 and with more potentially good fixtures added I decided to hit the button.

My main aim is get a strong eleven out with lots of the big hitters mixed with a few cheap options.

The core has picked itself with Bruno Fernandes, Son and De Bruyne all going into my midfield.
I intend to play 352 so I have added Rashford and kept back a cheap spot.
I think Man Utd will really want to win next week. Plan is to either go for El Ghazi Villa who is taking their pens, or maybe get one of Martinelli / Saka at Arsenal who play Palace at home.

Up front I aim to save cash with Brewster who may play but sits on my bench supporting Kane. C Wilson who has been solid for Newcastle gets the 2nd starting spot vs Sheff Utd.

In terms of defence I think that City v Brighton should be a safe pick so I have doubled up Stones and Dias. I think it’s unlikely both don’t play and I will start them. I have Wan Bissaka in for my third starter as Utd have Burnley. For backup I have Holding from Arsenal plus Kilman who might play but is v cheap.

GK wise I have Leno currently as he is safe as houses to start, but it could be any number of other options

Anyway I will see how the rest of the week pans out, make the odd tweak and and hope for luck.

Joseph Crilley

Joseph’s last 4 seasons OR were 68k, 28k, 7k and 13k

You can follow Joe on twitter here

Joe’s transfer planner and points projection tool is available on the FFGeek Patreon site

Here’s Joe’s GW17 team

fpl free hit bgw18

Joe’s existing team only has 4 possible starters for BGW18 in Martinez, Cancelo, Fernandes and Brewster.  Plus 1 free transfer.  Dunne won’t start for Burnley and Brewster could easily be a sub for Sheffield Utd.

Joe’s FPL Free Hit first draft BGW18 team

fpl free hit bgw18

Have put together my watchlist and initial draft for FH in GW18; key questions to be answered:
– 1 or 2 defenders from Man City? Will Aguero be an option?
– Can Arsenal be trusted? Nice fixture on paper
– Villa attack vs Spurs?
– Keeper choice
– De Bruyne, Bruno & Son plus which two mids?

Joe’s watchlist

These projections are from Joe’s transfer planner and points projection tool

fpl free hit bgw18

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23 thoughts on “FPL Free Hit BGW18 – Ben Wooton’s and Joseph Crilleys first draft”

    • Actual considering him and just looking at JC’s B M P options and suprised not there. Thing is a brewster Wilson saves cash to get the midfield I’d like and kane.

  1. Only clean sheet ‘banker’ I think is City? Definite double up – but I reckon Ederson may be back.

    All about midfielders though. Got to be 3-5-2, even 4-5-1 – with Kane

    I’m with Joe, its making the best 2 to join Bruno, De Bruyne and Son.

    • I am on rashy and saka at the moment but could easily downgrade former and maybe saka to SR

      Burnley are dull though and at home. My thoughts is man u should be well up for this game.

      • Yes I got Saka and Grealish at moment with Lacazette & Kane- though tempted with Auba if i play 4-5-1 as can afford, then put Brewster & Davis in as possible playing sub/bench cover. But probably means both Saka & Auba in midfield though so Its risking a lot on Arsenal.

        I agree, Goalie is pot luck i think (unless Steffen definitely plays) – may just keep Martinez or go Darlow but i think Sheff Utd need to score/win at some point. Not tempted by Wilson at the moment – but if he’s going to score anytime – you’d think this is the game.

        Currently Mitchell and Kilman as cheap defence cover as they will probably play – with 2 x city and Holding.

        Things may be a bit clearer to see once the FA cup teams are put out…

  2. Hi everyone. I used my free hit chip back in GW 11 and it really backfired. At that time i didnt even think about future black gameweeks.Only 4 players in my current team are going to play. So for me and others out there, what can we do

    • Yeah this, pray

      Depends who have too.
      If you have big guns then maybe don’t panic.
      If u do take a hit I would think about players u want for 19 and beyond.
      For me it’s city defence and KDB

  3. Yeah this, pray

    Depends who have too.
    If you have big guns then maybe don’t panic.
    If u do take a hit I would think about players u want for 19 and beyond.
    For me it’s city defence and KDB

    • Exactly, it’s an opportunity to make transfers that should cost you a max of 2 points assuming they play in 18 and they start paying back if they return in either 18 or 19. So as Ben says if you don’t have the likes of Stones he’s bound to pay back the -4 over the 3 games in GW 18 & 19.

  4. Kilman I have lost for Mitchell who seems to have won place back. 3.9 seems the right price for a bench option.

    Torn on keeper still,
    Joseph picks darlow and he seems as good as Leno which frees Arsenal spot up. A positive for Darlow is he’s started every match which was news to me.

    Other note I had was that ramsdale had 0 clean sheets
    this season, which bodes well for wilson getting a chance. Newcastle could have some potential for points.

  5. Currently have 8 players for the blank gameweek. Should I play a free hit?

    Holding Dias Dier
    Fernandes KDB(c) Son

    • So looking at a lot of FH teams, you’d mainly just be adding the likes of Wilson Rashford and Saka to the decent team you have (maybe ugrading DCL to Kane). As you’ve already got most the big hitters it’s pretty marginal for me, but I think I’d be inclined to hold.

      • Thanks Tom! I was worried about Kane and I can’t find a direct way to get him. I had decided that I won’t use the chip this week, but I’m afraid that my rank will take a nasty hit if Kane scores big.

  6. I have Bruno, Kdb, son, Wilson, Calvert, stone, holding, McGuire, Grealish and allioski. Do any one see me to use free hit

      • Probably not with 10 already playing and i assume you can free transfer another in?

        I’m using FH as i would only have 4/5 playing this week but i have 12 DGW19 players in my squad so bench boost next week and a -4 hit with 2 transfers to give me 14 DGW players + Son.

  7. Hi guys,

    Currently debating over this as a Free Hit. What’s your views?

    Darlow (Forster sub)

    Dias Stones Holding (Lowton and Mitchell Sub)

    El Ghazi, Son, Fernandes, KdB and Saka

    Martial and Kane (Davis sub)

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