FPL Free Hit Chip – the FFGeek readers team vote revealed

Here’s our FPL Free Hit Chip article where we reveal the FFGeek readers team vote to establish the optimum Free Hit team for GW38+.

FPL Free Hit Chip – the FFGeek readers team vote revealed

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So thanks to everyone for tell us through the voting system who’s in their Free Hit team.  There’s also my imaginary draft Free Hit team in the FFGeek Patreon site 

The votes revealed by position:

FPL Free Hit Chip

FPL Free Hit Chip

FPL Free Hit Chip

Here’s the resulting team. 

I tried to keep the value down but it’s still around £107.0m


Won convincingly by Nick Pope.  I went for the cheapest reserve in Button.


No surprise to see that another Burnley defender won this so I’ve gone for the cheap end in Pieters.  Tarkowski is the set piece threat at £5.5m.

Alexander Arnold gets the 2nd vote.

Aurier is the Spurs defender of choice.

I’ve gone to play 3-4-3 so there are 2 cheapies on the bench.  Branthwaite who should start for Everton and Williams of United quite possibly.

Midfield and forwards

This is when it got tricky.  The difficulty is fitting the voting team into the budget and to the limit on the number of places.

Sterling, David Silva and Salah were the first 3 votes.  Then it was De Bruyne and Mahrez but we also had a problem with the fact that Jesus votes than both of them.  So I had to park the situation at the time.

In the end I went for Mahrez over  De Bruyne to save some cash and didn’t put in Jesus as he was behind Aubameyang and Kane  and it wasn’t feasible to have 3 forwards at that price.

Ings should have been in the team but again I went for Greenwood as the cheap 3rd forward even though he had far less votes as the budget was already stretched.

I hope you found it interesting

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13 thoughts on “FPL Free Hit Chip – the FFGeek readers team vote revealed”

  1. 8 points ahead in my cash league. I have no chips and 1 FT with 2.0 ITB. He has bench boost 2 FT and 2.0 ITB.

    My Team
    Patricio Martin
    Azpilicueta Docherty Tarkowski Lascelles Robinson
    Salah KDB Fernandes William Foden
    Jiminez Rashford Greenwood

    His Team
    Martinez Martin
    Saiss Aurier Robinson Docherty Lamptey
    KDB Martial Fernandes Sterling Gendouzi
    Jesus Rashford Ings

    What would you do?
    KDB and Willian out for Sterling (C) and D Silva? 4 point hit but could be worth it.

    Any help most appreciated!

  2. Makes sense.
    Or Bruno and Willian out for Sterling and Dilva. I know Man United have all to play for but Bruno looks knackered and he took the last penalty so it might be Rashford’s turn.

    • Thanks im looking at that as an option. I feel like I need differentials. If its just as it stands with his 3 extra he should win. Even his gk has a better fixture. I’d need KDB and Jesus to be benched to be a reasonable chance so need to take a risk?

  3. NG, good call. I’m on a free hit and have got rid of Fernandes (Silva, Sterling, Jesus).

    • John Pottinger, that’s what I think I’ll end up with if no news come through. But Dilva for Mahrez if anything worthwhile leaks.
      Good luck to us ;)

  4. In that case, you can go with your earlier option. Or downgrade Sterling to Mahrez although Sterling’s form and ownership shouldn’t be overlooked lightly. I’m not making a transfer till 10 minutes to deadline. Pep’s roulette increases the anxiety of a tight run in and this is no time to gamble.

    • Thanks. Yes I’m just interested in my mini league not so much rank. So its whether I block his C Sterling (logical choice) or just half block by bringing him in but ” Salah. The way I see it the rest of his team should beat mine unless I can get more midfield pts. So Salah as C beating Sterling is maybe my only chance. Unless somehow KDB and Jesus are benched for most of the game. Seems mental to go without Sterling. Also D Silva even for a hit. Willian v Wolves may blank. Bruno running out of steam but Leister D fragile. KDB he has and may have some sort of reduced game time.

  5. I’m 6pt behind in my mini leagues up against a trip captain holder, need to pull something out the bag too. I may consider taking the 4pt hit to get Sterling or failing that get rid of Salah and avoid the 4pt hit, bit of a gamble but I’m at the last chance saloon relying on players to have a bad game and mine to have outstanding retunrs

    • Post your team or the differentials. General rule of thumb is if you think you will lose then go for a differential C and as many different players as you can. Also block the most dangerous differntial. I thought about Rashford out for Kane and Bruno for D Silva but no Sterljng big risk

  6. Thoughts on free hit team – not had a great year but wanting to finish with a flourish:

    Bardsley – Pieters – Branthwaite
    Sterling (C) – De Bruyne – D Silva – Martial – Salah (V)
    Kane – Ings

    Thinking to change one of the Burnley def just in case even though i’m 99% certain they’ll keep a clean sheet

    • Aurier if you can. Maybe fund it with KDB to Mahrez. But KDB starting seems more assured than Mahrez. But Mahrez will be playing further forward and his returns when he starts are mouthwatering. But second guessing Pep is a losing game. And KDB might sting sellers. Just look at TAA on GW 37+. It’s a crapshoot at this point really.

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