FPL Gameweek 21 Review so far


Here’s our FPL gameweek 21 review article where we comprehensively analyse teams and player performance from gameweek 21 so far as well as Identifying value and “out of position players” . This will hopefully help you digest the gameweek gone and plan for GW22

FPL Gameweek 21 Review

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Here’s our FPL gameweek 21 review article where we comprehensively review GW21 so far.

We look at how each team fared from an attacking and defensive point of view.

We then rank all the relevant midfield and forward players based on their xG and xA performance in that gameweek.  You can also see how much they cost and their FPL points for the gameweek.  Using those stats, we then state whether their performance was good, or bad in relation to their price tag.  That’s mainly by theoretical Points/Price.

We go through the lineups for the gameweek and identify those positive  “out of position players” who are categorised as FPL defenders who played in midfield or FPL midfielders that actually played as forwards.

From the lineups we also look for players who seem very good value in the lineup for the team they play for and we specifically look out for £4.0m Defs and £4.5m mids

Full backs with an average position over the half way line is a new feature

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