FPL gameweek 30 defenders – player rankings for Defenders and Goalkeepers


Here’s our FPL gameweek 30 defenders article where we give our Defender and Goalkeeper player rankings GW30. There’s a table of information and commentary on key teams and players

FPL gameweek 30 defenders – player rankings for Defenders and Goalkeepers

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The Schedule

The schedule uses 20/21 stats only.

The teams are ranked by defensive strength only 

You can access the google spreadsheet here

Player values and stats were Sunday 28 March

Possible transfer targets

Im going to give my view of the teams that have a mixture of good defensive stats, fixtures and a good entry point


The dilemma with Chelsea is rotation which is bound to get even worse with the Champions League games coming up. However there’s no better entry point than WBA but with Champions League midweek that ironically may make it harder to pick the selection. Rudiger at £4.6m offers value and has only not started 1 of Tuchels 10 PL games. £5.8m Azpilicueta has started them all but comes at a more expensive price. The Wing backs and fullbacks are tricker although they have more attacking potential. All are rotated.

Man Utd

The obvious choice here is Luke Shaw for value and attacking potential. Brighton is a good entry point alhough they have more attacking potential than he goals scored columns shows

West Ham

There are 3 choices here. Point goal scorer in Dawson or RB £4.6m Coufal. Then there’s the top scoring FPL defender in Cresswell although he’s alot dearer at £5.9m. Dawson seems the best value for me

Aston Villa

The defence is a bit shaky but held together by the save machine in goal in Martinez. Konsa also adds a some goal threat. £5.1m Targett is the other option but I think is a tad expensive.

Fixture Ease

Here’s a schedule where the teams are ranked by the easiness of the attacking teams they face over the gameweeks to the end of the season

The clean sheet schedule

My schedule tries to focus on the stats that will lead to clean sheets rather than clean sheets themselves but I thought it would be worth while getting the clean sheet schedule from the premier league site

Goalkeeper save %

Here’s another schedule which shows you a goalkeeper save %. It’s not a ranking in itself as you can see there is some correlation between % and clean sheets but does give you some idea of GKs who are good shot stoppers. It’s from the free stats site fbref.com

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