FPL gameweek 34 wildcard tips – the FFGeek imaginary wildcard


Here’s our FPL gameweek 34 wildcard tips article where we pretend we are using our wildcard. There’s 2 teams this week. 1 with a assuming you have a free hit and 1 without. The article gives player suggestions with more longevity than just for the up coming gameweek.

 FPL gameweek 34 wildcard tips – the FFGeek imaginary wildcard

This article brings together the various earlier articles in the week.

If you’re free hitting this week then see our contributors imaginary free hit article

The below article is short and there are no stats. I’ve given links to articles below with all the detailed stats for the DGW34 players you’ll need if you want to investigate a player in more detail.

Player rankings defence and GK

Player rankings midfielders

Forward player rankings

There’s also our fixture ease article which gives player suggestions with good fixtures. You can also see who the popular transfers are in our bandwagons article .

The imaginary WC team with a free hit intact.

Remember if you’re wildcarding this week you can’t also bench boost as well.  So the team is structured for 10 DGW players in 34 plus Salah with a view to bench boosting in DGW37.  That means that the remaining players will all have DGW37s so you can have 15ish double gameweek players for the bench boost 37.  Value around £104m.

Here’s the team:

fpl gameweek 34 wildcard tips

So the lineup for DGW34 would be:

De Gea

Chilwell, Alonso, Cedric

Mahrez, Lingard, Willian, Salah

Lukaku, Kane, Austin

Bench:  Fabianksi, Kenedy, Dummett, Laporte

The 11, Salah apart, are all DGW34 and DGW37 players and the bench is all DGW37 players so apart from Salah you already have a team full of DGW players for DGW37.

If you have a free hit then the blank GW35 is irrelevant and the concentration will be on GW37.

I think most of the selections are self explanatory.  I’ve punted Laporte for the 2 DGW37 fixtures in the hope that Pep will give him a run out for some gametime experience once Man City has won the league although predicting Pep isn’t easy.

The imaginary WC team with free hit lost

So if you are in this position and wildcarding this week you also will not be able to use your bench boost.  This week will be a balance between getting in double gameweek players and then putting out some sort of team for GW35.

The only team with a double gameweek in 34 and a game in 35 is Burnley so the idea will be to maximise them.  Liverpool also play Bournemouth and you could argue that this one fixture is as good as other teams 2.  That would be the case if you could predict the team but the UCL progression makes that a bit difficult.

I’ve aimed for a minimum 11 DGW players and then maximising the GW35 players as well as having an eye on DGW37.

So here’s the team;

FPL gameweek 34 wildcard tips

DGW34 lineup:

De Gea

Alonso, Lowton Tarkowski

Mahrez, Lingard, Willian, Salah

Wood, Kane, Lukaku

Bench;  Karius, Kenedy, Chambers, Dummett

GW35 players:  Karius, Chambers, Lowton, Tarkowski, Dummett, Salah, Kenedy, Wood, plus 1 transfer = 9.

DGW37 players:  De Gea, Chambers, Dummett, Alonso, Mahrez, Lingard, Willian, Kenedy, Kane, Lukaku plus 2 transfers  = 12 plus Salah so a couple short, plus Salah of 15 DGW players.

Chambers is just a punt due to Arsenals EL progression.  Value is about £104m


I thought a few words on Salah would be useful.

If we start from a very basic point of view that if Salah were to be selected and play 80 minutes for Liverpools remaining 5 games then we would all have him in our team due to his form and Liverpools good fixtures even without any DGWs

34 Bournemouth (H)
35 West Brom (A)
36 Stoke (H)
37 Chelsea (A)
38 Brighton (H)

However UCL progression has cast doubts over that.  We now have the choice of hoping Klopp gives us some clues on his intentions, trying to 2nd guess Klopp or play it safe and keep Salah.

Klopp showed us last week that he wouldn’t be giving much away and this week was the same except for emphasising the fact that they aren’t in the top 4 yet and his focus was on Bournemouth.  Those words ring fairly hollow on the basis that Firmino was rested for the derby match last week despite having no injury.  That points to rest and rotation as being very possible.

On the other hand the result was poor Everton.  Liverpool could easily have lost and the understudies for the front 3 in Solanke and Ings are barely premier league standard let alone Liverpool and top 4 standard.  Liverpool need 8 points from 5 games to secure top 4 football and that includes a match against Chelsea.  Chelsea are 10 points behind with a game in hand.  Beat Liverpool and win game in hand and that becomes 4.  Chelsea aren’t in great form and winning every game seems pretty hopeful to say the least which is why Liverpool may choose to take some managed risks with players.  I have been quite blasé about the top 4 being settled but you can make a case for Liverpool needing to be careful.

FPL managers seem to be transferring out Salah on the basis that the UCL matches will see his minutes managed and that as they have a free hit in 35 and that he won’t be a captain risk in 34 and 37 then it’s a risk they can take.

Personally I can see the argument and I’m sure if it works out we’ll hear about it.  Myself I’m not going to try and predict the future and are keeping the player.

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  1. Had you considered Alexis, either alone or in addition to Lukaku? I realize that wasn’t in your plan, but he’s had a few good matches now.

  2. I can’t believe I’m asking this but could someone put me out of my misery and choose one of these for me – Ward-Prowse or Hojbjerg?

    JWP seems safer bet but more expensive, Hojbjerg would free up funds, seems to be getting a run & getting forward, but is he supposed to be a DM?

    Any advice / opinions gratefully received so I can sleep tonight…

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