FPL gameweek 38 – FFGeek team review and early transfer thoughts


Here’s some early FFGeek team thoughts in this FPL gameweek 38 article. We look at the gameweek 37 , transfer thoughts, and early captain thinking

 FPL gameweek 38 – FFGeek team review and early transfer thoughts

So firstly if you’re not familiar with this article it’s important to remind you I’m continuing with my 2 team theme as a result of my accidental free hit chip being used in GW23.

Team 1 is the team with the free hit chip lost.

Team 2 had the free hit team intact and was cloned from one of my alternate FFGeek teams to be my original team through a -28 point hit.

Team 2 was to help people who were following my original team as a reference point so they can continue doing so.

Team 1 would have helped those people who used their free hit chip earlier in the season.

Both teams required totally different strategies to navigate through the potential blank and double gameweeks

Here was my GW37 team selection article and late transfers article if you’re interested


GW37 points: 88 -8 on bench boost (average 67) Total points 2,214, Gameweek rank 598k, Overall Rank: 22k, green arrow 1k, Team Value: £102.5m

Here’s the team points from the gameweek. 88 -8 points from bench boost. Ranked 22k OR from a 1k green arrow

Chips wise I have  none left

 fpl gameweek 38

 So a very small green arrow, a gameweek rank well under 1 million and all 4 transfers of Austin, Chambers, Vertonghen and Arnautovic returned and 3 of those 4 transferred out got 0 points.  Even allowing for the fact that it was a double gameweek and I used my bench boost that was a pretty acceptable result.  The late discovery of the Chilwell injury forced me into the -8 with Vertonghen and Arnautovic in and that was the key to the gameweek funnily enough.

14 for the bench boost wasn’t anything to get excited about but at least I got some decent keeper points from it.

 In all that though there were alot of disappointments.  How Austin didn’t score v Swansea is beyond me.  Kane was also disappointing although with triple captains about I’m not sure how much rank difference it would have made.  The Man City duo were especially disappointing.  For someone who consistently posts good underlying stats Jesus posted 2 sets of stinkers in the gameweek.

Christensen not getting a clean sheet v Huddersfield was also not good.  I’m still getting over the Christensen v Alonso luck of Christensen seeing Lossl pull out a wonder save to prevent him scoring vs Alonso scoring after being hit in the face by a clearance and getting 2 bonus points for the priviledge.  While I’m pleased for Huddersfield staying up they did my FPL team no favours this gameweek.

I was also hoping for more from Lingard.  Not so much in gametime as 90 minutes total was what I was expecting but only a few speculative shots v West Ham was pretty poor.

Transfer thoughts

I have 1 free transfer this week and £0.5m in the bank

 So from Mourinho’s comments it seems that Lingard and De Gea won’t be playing although Lingard off the bench is not a disaster.  Kenedy is ineligible v Chelsea so he also definitely won’t be playing.

City will be going for the 100 points I’m sure, so I can quite easily see Sterling and Jesus playing in the last game.

Christensen, Chambers and Austin could go either way but all 3 have to be a doubt to start.

Unless Poch wants to make sure of 3rd place then Vertonghen could be rested as he’s played alot of football.

Liverpool and Chelsea are the only teams with something very real to play for.  Liverpool need a point to secure 3rd.  Chelsea need to win and hope Liverpool lose.

At the moment I’m not sure of my transfer at all.  It needs a bit more thought as to what the transfer is.  At the moment I’m thinking I will play team selection roulette rather than take hits for additional transfers.

Captain thoughts

Salah or Kane I think will be the question.  A captain poll and captain article to follow.  I’ve put it on Kane as the placeholder for the moment.  Purely on the basis that he won’t give up the golden boot until 90 minutes is up I suspect.

The team before any transfers

Here’s the team pre any transfers.  Remember I’ve got 1 free transfer and £0.5m in the bank

 fpl gameweek 38

I’d may put De Gea in goal against Watford in case Mourinho changes his mind although Fabianski vs De Gea is a close call with the fixtures.  Possibly the other decision is Austin vs Man City with gametime risk or Lingard as a sub vs Watford.  Either could be the transfer I make anyway.


This team is as if I didn’t make an accidental free hit ie the same as my original team and was cloned from one of my alternate FFGeek teams to be my original team through a -28 point hit. I will keep it to show how I would have navigated through the blanks with all the chips intact. I think that will be helpful for those who were using my original team as a reference point

GW37 points: 59 on TC (average 67) Total points 2,122 Gameweek rank 4,063k Overall Rank: 150k red arrow 38k Team Value: £100.8m

Here’s the points. 38k red arrow to 150k OR.

 No chips left

 fpl gameweek 38

It’s impossible to say what a bad gameweek that was.  A 4 million gameweek rank for a double gameweek is just a total disaster.  Only Austin with an assist and Kane with a goal returned and the triple City attack, the first time I have ever triple attacked a team, couldn’t have gone worse.

I think I just have to move on.

Transfer thoughts

I have 1 free transfer and £0m in the bank.

At the moment Schelotto (non selection), Chilwell (possible injury), De Gea and Lingard (Mourinho words)  Look like they won’t play.

Silva needs the Pep press conference.  He may be back in Valencia for all I know.

So again alot more thought needed although my initial thinking is, like the team above, to play the manager selection roulette rather than take hits


 Salah or Kane.  Captain poll and Captain article coming

The team before any transfers

 Remember £0m in the bank and 1 transfer

fpl gameweek 38

I’ve put De Gea in the lineup in the hope that Mourinho changes his mind.  Otherwise no real choices to make.


Hope you had a good gameweek. A Sunday gameweek remember for DGW38. Definitely set your team up in advance in case for some reason you miss this different deadline.  Hope you’re going into this week with something to play for in your mini leagues

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  1. See it looks like that there England Bowler Stuart Broad topped the entire game last week with 180 points – is he a secret Geek fan?

  2. Dear Geeks and Geeketts…

    I am currently trailing 2nd place in my mini-league, and need all the points I can get GW38.

    So my Question is – who to play and who to bench:

    Tomkins vs Lowton

    Gudmundsson vs Ramsey vs Willian

    Could also play both defenders and take out two midfielders.
    Any advice?


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