FPL gameweek 9 defenders – player rankings for Defenders and Goalkeepers


Here’s our FPL gameweek 9 defenders article where we give our Defender and Goalkeeper player rankings GW9. There’s a table of information and commentary on key teams.

FPL gameweek 9 defenders – player rankings for Defenders and Goalkeepers

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Important note before reading! 

I am now moving to 20/21 stats only

The Schedule

You can also see  my defenders attacking ranking to GW8 in this article

The teams are ranked by defensive strength only for gameweeks 1-8.

You can access the google spreadsheet here

FPL gameweek 9 defenders

Possible transfer targets for GW9

Here I’m trying to find transfer targets by finding a balance between a good next fixture, fixtures generally, defensive form in 20/21


Chilwell still seems to be a bit of an injury risk but is top of my defender attacking rankings schedule.  Newcastle are a great entry point although the fixtures are a bit mixed.  GK £5.1m Mendy is a reasonable option too.

Man City

After Spurs it’s a great run of fixtures. Cancelo is the attacking option but is subject to rotation I would have though more than the safer option £5.5m Dias

C Palace

The defence is definitely questionable although they do at least have a defensive mindset.  The next 3 fixtures though in Burnley, Newcastle and WBA are worth a punt for attacking option Van Aanholt.  He didn’t make the minutes threshold for my attacking defenders option  but his 197 minutes stats are excellent in quality and volume.  £4.5m Cahill is the no attacking option.


Walker Peters or the slightly more expensive £4.7m Vestergaard are the options here.  McCarthy is also an option

Aston Villa

Purely for fixtures either Targett or £4.7m Konsa.  GK Martinez is also an option as they seem to concede a decent amount of shots for him to get save points from.

A fixture ease schedule for defensive players

Here’s a graphic where the teams are ranked by the ease of the attacking teams they face over the next 6 gameweeks.

fpl gameweek 9 defenders

The clean sheet schedule

My schedule tries to focus on the stats that will lead to clean sheets rather than clean sheets themselves but I thought it would be worth while getting the clean sheet schedule from the premier league site

fpl gameweek 9 defenders

Goalkeeper save %

Here’s another schedule which shows you a goalkeeper save %. It’s not a ranking in itself as you can see there’s no correlation between % and clean sheets but does give you some idea of GKs who are good shot stoppers. It’s from the free stats site fbref.com

fpl gameweek 9 defenders

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