FPL midfielders player rankings – final for the 2018/19 season


Here’s our final FPL midfielders player rankings article for the 2018-2019 season.   There’s a table of stats to help and a couple of spreadsheets which I’m going to use as a reference point for next season

FPL midfielders player rankings – final for the 2018/19 season 


I’ve picked a selection of midfielders from the season gone

I’ve then looked at their expected goals and assists data in 18/19 so far as well as how it relates to their historical numbers. After that I’ve then adjusted it for their ability to over/underperform, their bonus potential.

Stats definitions

PP90 mins adjusted: I’ve taken their Points per 90 and adjusted them for average minutes played in the last 10 games.

FFG Proj PPG: The PPG going forward using the above methodology adjusted for minutes played

FPL PPM:  The points per match from the fantasy premier league website

Consistency: the % of starts where the player has scored a goal or assist. Only appearance of 45 mins or more count

Average mins last 10: The average minutes played when starting in the last 10 gameweeks

Form ranking: See my final underlying stats form article. These are their rankings among midfielders for the last 10 and 5 gameweeks. NA means they didn’t play enough minutes to qualify.

Player values are as of the end of the season

Google spreadsheets

There are 2 google spreadsheets you can copy.

The first is the schedule of the player rankings graphic below.  You can sort it a number of ways but it is just numbers not formulas so you can’t easily change the calculation inputs.

The second is a copy of the players in the graphics season history and a graph showing how their points were incurred over the season.  I haven’t tried to attach something like this before so hopefully it works out.  The tabs are in a bizarre order sorry but if you use the edit>find and replace function you can search for anyone you want to look at

The schedule

So remember the players are ordered by my projected Points Per Match which is the PPM they should have got based on their season and historical xG/xA converted into FPL points and then adjusted for bonus points, ability to over and under perform and the average minutes played over the last 10 gameweeks.  The minutes adjustment isn’t ideal  and some players like De Bruyne and Sane are punished for it but otherwise it becomes too subjective and time consuming.  If you think 38 gameweeks is an accurate representation and data set and the actual points received don’t lie then you’ll think the table is a load of rubbish.  I look at what should have happened based on underlying stats.

FPL midfielders player rankings

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