FPL Midfielders tips – rankings for last season to help your FPL Drafts


Here’s our FPL Midfielders Tips article where we rank the top 28 midfielders based on last seasons underlying stats. There’s stats and commentary which will help you with you draft FPL teams now

FPL Midfielders Tips – Rankings For Last Season To Help Your FPL Drafts

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This article consists of a schedule ranking the 28 top midfielders from last season based on their underlying stats over the whole season. xG90 and xA90 are converted to FPL attacking points adjusted by their average minutes played.

You can also see their April and May (approx 8 or 9 games) ranking to see how they finished their season

There’s also their FPL points per match as well as their value for money rating. The higher the better. Above 10 is the gold standard

The rankings are purely mathematical with no subjectivity and NOT adjusted for upcoming fixtures.

There are no promoted teams as yet. This will be a separate article

The Schedule

FPL Midfielders Tips

Player commentary on the top 15

De Bruyne

23 starts plus 2 as sub for 6 goals and 12 assists which was way off the previous season. Underlying stats were excellent it’s just he wasn’t as clinical as usual in his finishing and his xA was somewhat off last season. Limited by Pep’s rotation which maybe less in the early part of the season and a fairly mixed schedule. How far Belgium go in the Euros could also be a limiting factor on his preseason. Also will he keep pen duties.


34 starts plus 3 as sub for 22 goals and 6 assists. Great fixtures. Rested over the summer. The debate over the Olympics and that effect on preseason seems to have gone away. A great option including as captain.

Bruno Fernandes

35 starts plus 2 as sub for an incredible 18 goals and 14 assists although 9 goals were penalties. Fantastic stats although he faded late in the season understandably as he played 58 matches. Looked awful in the Euros but Portugal knocked out should give him much needed rest. Good fixtures

Sadio Mane

31 starts plus 4 as sub for 11 goals and 11 assists. Hardly a disastrous season but he suffered from not being as clinical as the last 2 seasons and badly underperformed his xG. The problem is his price and whether you would want him as an alternative or as an addition to Salah


28 starts plus 3 as sub for 10 goals and 9 assists. A pretty underwhelming season where he faded and fell out of favour with Pep. Add to that his customary poor finishing, mixed fixtures and a still steep price and he’s only for serious differential hunters


36 starts plus 1 as sub for 17 goals and 11 assists. These are pretty impressive stats tempered by a fall off towards the end of the season. Relied on his lethal finishing which he does have form for to be fair. Harry Kane leaving if City keep up their pursuit would be a negative given their goal and assist relationship

Diogo Jota

12 starts and 7 as sub for Liverpool after an injury blighted season. 9 goals and no assists is a great return and he is exceptional value. Everything depends on his ability to secure a starting spot and that will possibly require someone leaving or a consistent change of formation to 4-2-3-1. If he can secure a starting spot he will be exceptional value


23 starts plus 5 as sub for an exceptional 13 goals and 4 assists. The price increase could have been worse. Fixtures are pretty mixed. Everything depends on how much he’s rotated and that he’s playing at least as a number 8 with licence to go forward


16 starts for West Ham plus none as sub for 9 goals and 5 assists. Now back at Man Utd. How that plays out is crucial. If he returns to West Ham he’s good value given the price and the good fixtures even if he did fade towards the end of the campaign. The main caution is that he had a great finishing season which is the first time ever he’s shown an ability to do that.


24 starts plus 2 as sub for 6 goals and 12 assists. A real breakout season in terms of underlying stats. Rumoured that a move to Man City is close. Whether that will be a positive will depend on gametime especially if Pep integrates him slowly. City’s fixtures are mixed


26 starts plus 4 as sub for 6 goals and 10 assists. A pretty outstanding first season and you’d think he would improve. A surprisingly good price and he looks excellent value for money. Fixtures are mixed


29 starts plus 1 as sub for 11 goals (2 pens) and 4 assists. Faded towards the end of the season. Fixtures are poor. Did play as a striker for parts of the season.

El Ghazi

17 starts plus 11 as sub for 10 goals (4 pens) and 0 assists. Should Grealish leave and he’s able to secure an attacking midfield spot he could be exceptional value given he has pens and a real shoot on site attitude. Great fixtures to start for Villa too.


30 starts plus 2 as sub for 5 goals and 5 assists. Overall underlying stats are good for the price but finished the season poorly and finishing was also questionable. Good fixture to start followed by 2 tricky ones. Has competition for a starting spot.

A few others

It’s a big ask but if either of Foden or Ferran Torres could get some regular gametime they would be great value. Fixtures are mixed though.

Havertz’s stats for the price over the season are pretty ordinary but he finished strongly aided by often playing as a false 9. The tricky bits are fixtures, rotation and how regularly he plays in that false 9 position as his stats in that position were exceptional

The Attacking player fixture difficulty schedule

Just to help you if you want to see which fixtures are being played

FPL Midfielders Tips

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