FPL New Player Profiles – Havertz, Rodriguez and Marcal


Here’s our FPL New Player Profiles article where we look at the new Chelsea signing Kai Havertz, James Rodriguez to Everton and new Wolves left back Marcal.  We take a detailed look at their stats and their FPL prospects

FPL New Player Profiles – Havertz, Rodriguez and Marcal

Kai Havertz

Bayer Leverkusen to Chelsea

Kai Havertz is a left footed 1.89m, 21 year old Attacking Midfielder who signed for Chelsea from Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen for £72m.

Havertz is German and has played for Germany 7 times. In 19/20 he played 25 times as a CAM, 12 times as an RW and 8 times as a CF in all competitions.

He’s been priced at £8.5m in FPL.


Here’s his last 3 Bundesliga only seasons stats for Bayer Leverkusen

fpl new player profiles


The stats and underlying stats are excellent.  If these stats were translated to my GW1 midfield player rankings article he would be 3rd behind Salah and Sterling and marginally ahead of De Bruyne when his underlying stats are turned into FPL points.  Now translating Bundesliga stats to Premier League stats is another thing as Haller found out last season.  I would like to see more shot volume but that would be my only criticism.

I imagine when all players are fit Havertz, Ziyech and Pulisic will lineup in a 3 behind Werner so you’d think subject to normal rotation that he would be a fairly safe gametime pick.  I would expect Havertz to be the CAM, Ziyech the RW and Pulisic the LW.  His experience as a CF could see him partnered Werner even

In the short term the only thing preventing him starting is the fact that he’s arrived late and on has been on pointless Nations League duty with Germany although he did leave early and not start a game. So does he start GW1 is the question? It seems from what I’ve gathered that he signed August 24 but they didn’t announce until September 4 which would give him a good chance of starting.  There’s a report in the Athletic which says he will start so make of that what you will.  If you think he will start then he looks an excellent prospect.


Chelsea are ranked 12th in my attacking fixture ease schedule

James Rodriguez 

Real Madrid to Everton

Rodriguez is a left footed 1.81m, 29 year old Attacking Midfielder who signed for Everton from La Liga club Real Madrid for £20m.

Rodriguez is Colombian and has played for Colombia 76 times.   Over his career he’s predominately played as a CAM although has also played RW and LW

He’s been priced at £7.5m in FPL.


Here’s his stats for La liga with Real in 19/20 and Bayern Munich the 2 seasons previous to that

fpl new player profiles


The stats for Bayern are nothing short of incredible but Bayern are a very different kettle of fish to Everton so the translation of stats are very much an unknown.

The issue is fitness and GW1 gametime.  His average minutes and games started aren’t particularly great and going from teams that hog possession to Everton where he will need to do more defensive work means it will take more time for him to be fit enough to play anything like 90 minutes.

That’s not his only unknown.  His positioning is also difficult to predict.  Ancelotti has pretty much played 4-4-2 with Richarlison and Calvert Lewin up top.  Rodriguez in a 2 of 4-4-2 is a different prospect than if he was playing in a more advanced position although Ancelotti could make the 4-4-2  a midfield diamond with Rodriguez at the tip.  It’s hard to see him as a CM happening and alternatively maybe we will see a new 4-3-3 with Rodriguez as an RW or even a 4-2-3-1 as a CAM.

For me though I’m still sceptical about his GW1 chances of starting and playing decent minutes so we should get a chance to see how he fits in. Putting him in your GW1 team for me would be a big gamble.

His presence once fit and in an advanced position though should be a big boost for Calvert Lewin and Richarlison given his key pass and xA numbers previously.


Everton are ranked 9th in my attacking fixture ease article

fpl new player profiles


Lyon to Wolves

Marcal is a left footed 1.78m, 31 year old Left Back who signed for Wolves from French club Lyon for £1.8m.

Marcal is Brazilian and has not been capped at any age group.   Last season he played 15 games in all competitions as a Left Back and 8 games as a Centre Back.

He’s been priced at £5.0m in FPL.


Here’s his stats on Ligue 1 for Lyon

fpl new player profiles


The FPL reasoning behind Marcal is more to do with it’s affect on £4.5m cheapie LWB Vinagre.  Vinagre was a potential bargain with regular LB Johnny injured long term.  Marcal at £5.0m is the same price as Saiss or even Coady who would be my preferences for security given that Marcal has shown little attacking potential although that could be improved as an LWB over an LB.  He will be made even more irrelevant if Wolves sign Alex Telles although there’s the little matter of interest from Man Utd to combat first

Interestingly there are rumours that Vinagre will be sold which would give Marcal a run at it until Johnny is fit if Telles isn’t signed


I’ve ranked Wolves as having the 2nd best defensive fixtures of any team

By the way Sheffield United in GW1 as an attacking team are definitely not a 4.  More like a 2 so ignore the red.


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  1. In my Draft league team, I have Jota, Ward-Prouse, Perez, Peirera, and Zaha. James Rodriguez wadn’t available at the time of the draft. Do you think it’s worth trying to pick him up off waivers? And if so, who should I dump?


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