FPL Podcasts – the 5th FFGeek Podcast with Prakhar Patel and Alex Ball


Here’s our FPL podcasts article again with the Patreon link to the 5th FFGeek Podcast. This time it’s myself, Prakhar Patel ( last season 17k and an incredible 17th in the world the season before that)  and Alex Ball last season 523k and prior to that 17k, 10k, 28k and 3k discussing a range of FPL related topics

FPL Podcasts – the 5th FFGeek Podcast with Prakhar Patel and Alex Ball

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Firstly thanks to Prakhar and Alex for Participating

Topics for discussion

Alex and Prakhars 18/19 season & lessons learned for this season.  Prakhar also tells us how he finished 17th in the world in 17/18

Alex and Prakhars current draft teams are discussed

Question time

Which player that you probably won’t be including in your first week team, do you fear the most?

Sterling v Aguero debate continued

Is Chelsea attack coverage, if only £7.5m max a must?

If Pogba staying is he be a bargain in £8.5m?

Is Maguire is a must at £5.5m if he moves to Man United ?

Is Lucas Moura worth a punt for 2 weeks during Son’s 2 game ban?

Since we are all in search of next season’s AWB, it would be really helpful if we can rank some of the 4m def (Kelly, Simpson, Rico, Hanley, Reid etc) in order of their likelihood to start

Question was expanded to £4.5m mids and fwds

Can I ask for some views on other formats in particular Sky Sports, looks extremely difficult this season looking at player positions and prices

Patreon link

In the Patreon site where the podcast is hosted there’s also extensive notes and graphics including each of Prakhar’s and Alex’s teams which will help you get more out of the podcast.  There’s alot of detail on the £4.0m defs and £4.5m mids and fwds

Hope you enjoy it.

Here’s the link to the patreon site


Future Podcast Lineups for July

Thursday 25 July – Sergio and Scott Taylor

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