FPL relaunch teams – first thoughts on the FFGeek team implications


Here’s our FPL relaunch teams article where I outline my first thoughts on the FPL relaunch and it’s affect on the FFGeek team planning.  In particular the unlimited transfers surprise.

FPL relaunch teams – first thoughts on the FFGeek team implications

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See my article outlining the key points on the  FPL relaunch

Probably the most significant one is unlimited transfers in leading up to what they are calling GW30+

My team as it stands

Current total points: 1,693.  Overall Rank:  31k  Team value: £102.7m.  

Here’s the team after GW38 and where I have made no transfers since unlimited transfers were announced:

FPL relaunch teams

Thoughts going forward

The GW30+ DGW teams are:  Aston Villa, Sheffield United, Man City and Arsenal

Option 1 Free Hit GW30+ ignore the unlimited transfers

If I were to Free Hit in GW30+ my team would revert back to the team above for GW31.

I have written an article on what would be a draft free hit team and one of the drafts looks like this:

FPL relaunch teams

My initial thoughts on the positive side of this strategy is that I can’t imagine my GW31 team being much different than the team I have now so if I were to use unlimited transfers I’m not sure how different my team would be to what it is now.  So what am I losing out by not using it and going for the free hit.

In terms of attacking players Man Utd and Wolves have a great set of 5 fixtures from GW31.  Calvert Lewin has Norwich in GW31 and Harvey Barnes has Brighton at home in GW31.  The defence is also exactly where I want it to be.

Option 2 unlimited transfers and bench boost.  Wildcard GW31

So this is my alternative option.

Basically I would use unlimited transfers to put out a bench boost team which is below.

My bench which would collect points would be Leno, Alonso, Boly and Abraham

I would then use my wildcard in GW31 in order to put out a team which would look something like my current team.   The problem is that in transferring out and transferring the same players back in I would lose something like £1.0m in value due to the difference in buy and sell prices.  I don’t know how I would make that up apart from selling Firmino.

McCarthy £0.1m

Alexander Arnold £0.4m

Boly £0.1m

Basham £0.1m

H Barnes £0.1m

Salah £0.2m

With a team value of £102.7m thats not helpful.

With 4 double gameweek teams the maximum amount of these players you can have is 12.  So 3 of your bench will have to be single gameweek players.  Aston Villa play Chelsea which is a nice fixture for your bench as would Southampton playing Norwich to have Danny Ings involved or even Pukki.  West Ham play Wolves which would allow Jimenez as well.  What’s more you can immediately plan for it now with unlimited transfers rather than having to plan as the gameweeks go along.  You would also only be carrying a high value bench for 1 gameweek to maximise points rather than, probably,  a low value bench later on.

Which option will I choose?

At the moment I’m not sure but with no price rises until the GW30+ deadline on the 17th of June I don’t need to make a decision.

The question to be answered for me is:

Is being able to have a DGW goalkeeper in Leno and the bench of Abraham, Alonso and Boly over a likely inferior bench later on worth the loss of £1.0m value and the effect it has in buying back my team.  Ultimately I would be sacrificing Firmino who I have been sticking with as he has accumulated over 4 expected goals without scoring and I feel will explode at any time.  It maybe worth the sacrifice as once Liverpool win the league anything could happen rotation wise. Although Liverpool play Palace in GW31 which is a tasty fixture to miss out on.

Alot to think about.

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24 thoughts on “FPL relaunch teams – first thoughts on the FFGeek team implications”

  1. With this new relaunch. I’ve all my chips.Im planning TC GW30+(8 9 players with doubles) and construct a team to navigate until GW33. GW33 Probably FH. GW34 Wildcard preparing BenchBoost after GW35 but a inferior bench boost probably GW37.

  2. I’ll say option1.
    My current team
    De Bruyne,Grealish,Pépé,Fleck-Martial
    I’ll have 9doublers GW30+

  3. I take it you can use unlimited transfers and save the team. Then free hit to get the most of the Double game week?

    • Yes that thought just occurred to me too. Use unlimited transfers, save the team then use the Free Hit.

    • I wish that were the case but it isn’t – if you free hit in gw30+ your gw31+ team will reverts to the gw38 line up, regardless of when in the week you click the free hit button

  4. If you free hit in GW 30+ your team reverts back to how it was at the end of GW38 & not GW31 as you state. I have had this confirmed today via FPL email. If like myself you have made transfers through the lockdown like I have you will benefit from your foresight.

  5. How about a 3rd option? unlimited transfers and Bench Boost as this looks like the only decent time to use it.

  6. With the unlimited amount of free transfers i wanted to know if this is possible.
    Use the unlimited transfers to setup team for for GW31+ While using FH for GW30?

  7. No Jerry. OFFICIALFPL confirmed on Twitter that you will lose all the unlimited transfers you make if you free hit 30+

  8. Geek – if you are going to put a poll up on this I am voting bench boost. Since when do you care about team value vs most points possible. BB option will get you the most points. There isnt really another great BB opportunity. You have a massive advantage over the non-wildcarders this week to get those bench points. When they use it later it will be a nervous to know if their players will even start. Also, the free hit could be valuable later. City Play Pool soon, could use it then. Could be a heavy FA Cup week with definite rotation impacts, could use it then. Could have a COVID delay for a match, could use it then. Id rather have the FH later than the BB later, and you score higher this week..

    Just my thought. Curious what others think.

    • I lean to this personally. But….GW30+ is essentially like GW1. It’s hard to know who is even going to play. I think this strategy is really fraught. Yet, I don’t have a better one!

  9. Me again. LoL. Just wanted to say, you wouldn’t necessarily LOSE 1M. Only if you brought all those players back in. Basham a typo, as hes still in there. That’s 0.9. McCarthy wouldn’t be needes now you know this is the only double. Could make him Button as you move for Pope or someone as your one keeper. Thats 0.8M.

    You could also try for a BB team with Trent still in it (if you are OK moving Sterling to a cheaper mid and a keeper to Ederson or something, could do a lot of things, the who is not the point). That saves you 0.4M. So now you only losing 0.4M. Not a huge deal with only 9 games left..

  10. What do you all think about a scenario of being pretty happy with your team, having very few 30+ DGW players and having a free hit as the only remaining chip? That’s my situation, and I’m thinking it makes sense to use it now. Would be great to hear what others think though.

    • This is exactly where I am too. Pretty happy with the current team, but could definitely be happier. Only Free Hit chip left.

      Currently have no City, so leaning to using the FH, but so uncertain. Reckon I have enough time to change my mind at least 12 times before the deadline!

      • It’d be nice to get a good start following the restart, so that’ll probably sway me. A full team of DGW players, without having to unpick the team the week after, feels like the way to go.

  11. I only have BB & FH left available. My team isn’t really set up for the DGW player wise or bench wise. It really feels like a missed opportunity not to use what is essentially a free wildcard – so should I use the unlimited transfers to set up my team best I can for next 9 weeks and possibly use the BB for this DGW? Or just FH and go all out on DGW players & then go forward with team I currently have?
    Current team
    McCarthy (Button)
    TAA Doherty Lord Cathcart Holgate
    Salah Fernandes KDB Saka Hayden
    DCL Jimenez Ings

  12. A very hard decision to make. I have all chips left and have built up a team during the pause to how I would like it for the remaining season. An option I was thinking to do was FH now to maximise the DGW and then wildcard in gw31+ (following gw) to get back to the team i have built over the pause of the league. Thoughts?

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