FPL team analysis – Comparing my team to FFGeek contributor league leader Yaniv Salomon


Here’s our FPL team analysis article where I put FFGeek contributor league leader Yaniv Salomon through the FPL statistico tool to see if I can learn why has an overall rank of 588 compared to my 31k

FPL team analysis – Comparing my team to FFGeek contributor league leader Yaniv Salomon

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Firstly it’s worth saying that the teams are analysed through the FPL statistico tool

The idea is to introduce various stats and them comment on them for the differences.

Yaniv vs Geek basics

Yaniv currently sits on 1786 points and an incredible 558 overall rank.  Yaniv finished with an overall rank of 4k last season and 8k in 17/18

I’m currently on 1693 points and a 31k overall rank.  My last 3 seasons are 36k, 17k and 21k overall rank.

Yaniv is a more aggressive manager than me in terms of not being as fussed about the template and conservative captain choices.  He also uses PPM as the basis of his analysis compared to my use of underlying stats

 Various stats to start

FPL team analysis

As you can see Yaniv was 93 points ahead of me at the GW30 suspension.

The stats up there paint an interesting picture.  Captain points were similar,as were point hits and even points left on the bench not that significant.

Yaniv would say his stronger bench meant he earned the 24 auto sub points extra.  I would say he had more luck than me with players not playing at fortuitous times.

Yaniv’s immediate transfer points were a shock.  Even allowing for the fact that I always want an immediate return through a good entry points Yaniv is 27 points behind?  I guess Yaniv would argue that he looked longer term than me.

Points and PPG by position

FPL team analysis

While I edged out Yaniv in the defensive positions, Yaniv performed significantly better in the attacking positions of Midfielders and Forwards.  Analysis later in this could assist us in seeing why


FPL team analysis

The interesting thing here is that 3-4-3 did me no favours whatsoever and the 4 player defensive formations were much more successful albeit on lower numbers

Captain Choices

Again Yaniv beat me with most players but the reality is there was only 20 points between us on the captain front so not a significant factor surprisingly.

Player performance

FPL team analysis

So this table tells us alot.

Although our returns on alot of players were similar Yaniv’s returns  from Sterling, Jimenez and Mane are crucial and played a big part in him outperforming myself.

Sterling is a player who’s underlying stats should have produced more but I suspect Yaniv judged him only on his PPM and won that battle as the Sterling explosion never came.  Mane was also a result of him building team value in comparison to me.  His team value at the suspension was £107.1m compared to my £103.1m.  He also picked his time with Jimenez better.

Goals, Assists and Clean sheets

So just more evidence that Yaniv made better attacking choices especially in the goalscoring department.

So why did Yaniv get more points?

In very short terms Yaniv made better attacking player choices than me.  Although there are probably a proliferation of players who made a small number of appearances that explains the 93 points difference his handling of Sterling and his ability to afford Mane through higher team value were crucial parts of that difference.  My view of Sterlings underlying stats painted a more positive picture of Sterlings future prospects than ever eventuated.  Yaniv I imagine only saw him through the eyes of PPM.   My £4.0m less team value than Yaniv meant having Mane for most of the season like he did was just not achievable for me.

Captain points and defensive player points didn’t play a part interestingly.

That’s it hope you find it interesting.

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