FPL Team Selection Tips GW8 – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams Part 4


Here’s our article with 4 FFGeek Contributors and their FPL team tips GW8. Each show their GW8 teams. There’s Yaniv Salomon, Harry Vernon, Alon Shamir and Ben Wooton. It includes a wildcard team. All have great FPL histories

FPL Team selection Tips GW8 – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams Part 4

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It’s worth noting that the teams shown may not necessarily end up being the final teams or the transfers may have been made in the days prior to the posting . It’s an informal situation to give you an idea of trends. However the FFGeek team and the Contributor tracker team mentioned above on the FFGeek Patreon site all make transfers as articles are posted. So you’re always up to date and live

Yaniv Salomon

Yaniv’s last 4 seasons overall ranks were 96k, 3k, 4k and 8k

GW7 Points: 43  (FPL average 38) Total points: 457, Overall Rank: 287k, red arrow: 13k  Team Value: £100.8m

Yaniv has activated his wildcard

Hi all!
So after a slow start of the season, and some bad decisions (like keeping Barnes instead of getting Benrahma in GW3) which cost me badly in my TV, I have decided to hit the WC button, it was appropriate time with the international break, and the right tome to try to get advantage of Chelsea’s and City’s fixtures turn around.

So now you see my 10th and final draft, and I really fill good about it. Big 4 at the back (last minute change from Rudiger and Dias to Azpi and Walker due to Rudiger being ruled out), going with Ramdasle instead of Sanchez as I see Arsenal starting to keep some CS’s.

Changed CR7 to Big Luk due to the fixtures, and went with 3 differentials who I hope can get me an advantage of this moce, Foden who has the highest ceiling (although it comes with small rotation risk), Mbeumo who is playing OOP and looks great and Hwang who showed in the last GW that he really knows how to put the ball in the net.

So I really hopes for a big green arrow to close the gap.

Mo is getting the armband vs Watford no doubt about it, duffy will probably play while Raph is expected to miss out.

Good luck all!! Especially to all of the WCers!

Transfer summary: wildcard activated

Here’s the team with the latest wildcard draft

FPL Team Selection Tips GW8

Harry Vernon

Harry Vernon’s last 5 seasons are 86k, 22k, 6k, an incredible 224th and 6k

GW7 Points: 52 -4  (FPL average 38) Total points: 493, Overall Rank: 19k, green arrow: 5k  Team Value: £101.7m

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Harry has not used any chips

GW 7 Review

It seems quite a while ago now but I played a mini wildcard and took a 4-point hit to sort out my injury crisis. Taking a hit and still get a decent sized green arrow felt great.
I got rid of my injured Leeds players Bamford and Ayling as well as rotation risk Jota for Jimenez, Rudiger and Raphinha.

I was especially pleased with Jimenez (10) and his pair of assists. Salah (13) contributed a goal and an assist. Sanchez (6) and White (7) played out a goalless draw. Livramento (4) contributed an assist for three returns in four matches. Unfortunately, he has been on my bench for all of those matches.

GW 8 Preview

This week’s transfer is likely to be Shaw to Dias. Man Utd’s defence has disappointed of late and Shaw hasn’t assisted as many as I had hoped when since they signed Ronaldo.
I would prefer to sign Cancelo but am 0.1m short.

Rudiger is named out. Gilmour is unlikely to play, as is Raphinha which will test my bench to the max.


Mo is on fire and I am giving him the armband. Lukaku will be the vice captain.

As usual I will confirm my transfer on twitter

Transfer summary: Likely Shaw out and Dias in

Here’s the team prior to any transfer being made

FPL Team Selection Tips GW8

Alon Shamir

Alon’s last 5 seasons overall ranks are 44k, 1k, 123k, 4k and 2k

GW7 Points: 38 (FPL average 38) Total points: 465, Overall Rank: 184k, red arrow: 61k  Team Value: £101.2m

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Alon has used his wildcard

GW7 review:

I hoped to never think of the last GW again but it seems like I have to now 😭

Terrible terrible GW. Only 2 players returned (Salah and Ramsdale) and my captain came on as a sub and didn’t provide anything. Don’t feel the need to further discuss this GW so let’s just put it behind us.

GW8 preview:

Challenging GW ahead of me. Rudiger is ruled out, Raphinha will probably start on the bench, Jota suffered an injury during IB and I anyway expected Firmino to start this following game, and Greenwood’s place is also under serious threat imo. Fortunately I’m quite pleased with my 2 bench players – Gallagher and Livermento. Only concern is a late cameo from one of the players mentioned above, leaving me with only 1 point and preventing an auto sub from the bench.

As for my plans this week, I have many options available:


Ronaldo to Lukaku was my plan at the end of GW7, but I might wait another week as Lukaku just returned from an injury and I actually rate Ronaldo’s chances quite highly since the Leicester defence has been pretty awful so far this season.

Rudiger could go for a City defender or another one from Chelsea. But I don’t want to waste a transfer on such a short term decision if Rudiger is expected to return anytime soon.

Greenwood’s place is under threat, as previously mentioned, so he could be the one to make space. If so, Man City suggest some fun options ahead of their very enticing next few fixtures. Problem is, as usual with Pep’s teams – rotation. No one is immune and worse, it’s almost impossible to predict it. If u do get to pick the right asset on the right time though, the upside could be enormous.

The last option, is the conservative one, which should be considered every week in my books actually – rolling the transfer. This way I would get another week of information and more flexibility for the next GW. It would also enable me to bring Lukaku + Chelsea/City defender next week.

Bottom line – I have no idea. Will decide later but leaning towards one of the latter two options.


Salah. No need to elaborate here. Best player in the league against a bad defence. For what it’s worth, KDB is an interesting outside captain pick if anyone holds him.

Good luck all.

Transfer summary: to be confirmed

Here’s the team prior to any transfer being made

FPL Team Selection Tips GW8

Ben Wooton

Ben’s last 4 seasons ORs were 338k, 5k, 61k, 26k and 31k.

GW7 Points: 38 (FPL average 38) Total points: 448, Overall Rank: 438k, red arrow: 94k   Team Value: £101.6m

Ben has used his wildcard

Transfer summary: Likely Cancelo and Lukaku in for Ronaldo and Shaw

Here’s the team assuming the transfers are made

FPL Team Selection Tips GW8

The FFGeek Contributors League

The highlighted FFGeek contributors combined team finished with an overall rank of 8k last season and 52k the season before. It started ok in 7th place with total points of 468 and an overall rank of 152k. You can follow that team, including live transfers as well as the FFGeek team, on our subscription Patreon site

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FPL Team Selection Tips GW8
FPL Team Selection Tips GW8

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