FPL team tips GW10 – FFGeek contributors show their GW10 teams part 1


Here’s our FPL team tips GW10 article where the 1st group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW10. In this part there’s Joseph Crilley, Alex Ball, Rob Reid, Prakhar Patel and Mikael Danielsen.

FPL team tips GW10 – FFGeek contributors show their GW10 teams part 1

Here’s part 1 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

Joseph Crilley

Joseph finished with an overall rank of 7k last season and 13k in 16/17

GW9 points: 50 (average 43) Total points 591, Gameweek rank 1,542k, Overall Rank: 16k, green arrow 8k, Team Value: £103.5m

GW9 review

A slightly strange gameweek last time out as I only had 4/11 returners of which the highest score was from my goalkeeper, but I was still rewarded with a solid green arrow to take my rank inside the top 20k. Salah and Aguero provided the attacking returns with a goal each, while my transfer in of Robertson picked up a clean sheet and a couple of bonus points. The rest of the team brought home a collection of disappointing blanks combined with the odd yellow card, but ultimately the 11-point haul from Matty Ryan helped me to decent gameweek score and rank.

GW10 Team

My squad is in reasonable shape ahead of the weekend though I do fear another benching for Alexander-Arnold this week while, rather worryingly, Lucas Moura hasn’t returned since GW4. With Liverpool lining up against Cardiff at Anfield and Bennett sitting on my bench with a reasonable fixture, I’m happy to wait one more week and hope TAA starts. Additionally, Mendy is my ideal replacement who faces a potentially tough trip to Wembley on Monday night, so my plan is to roll the transfer this week. I should then able to make that swap of TAA -> Mendy in GW11 with Lucas Moura likely being used as the cash raiser ahead of a tricky spell of fixtures for Spurs.

I was relieved to see Salah score last week and then bag a midweek brace as it has made the captaincy decision much easier for this gameweek with the Liverpool man taking the armband for a promising home fixture against Cardiff. Surprisingly, this will be the first time that I have captained him since GW3 – here’s hoping it will be for his first double figure haul of the season!

Best of luck to everyone this weekend and may your arrows be green!

FPL team tips GW10

Rob Reid

Rob finished with a rank of 94k last season 22k in 16/17 4k in 15/16 and 7k in 14/15.

GW9 points: 35 (average 43) Total points 526, Gameweek rank 4,480k, Overall Rank: 314k, red arrow 73k, Team Value: £102.0m

See also Rob’s player Picks

GW9 review

After the disaster of GW8, GW9 was another terrible week for my team and I’ve now dropped out of the top 300k for the first time this season. The only crumb of comfort was that with a weekly rank of 4.4m, a 73k red arrow was a smaller drop than I was expecting. Let’s dissect the carnage!

3 returns from 11 usually equals a red arrow even if your captain returns. My defence were a huge let-down with only 3 points coming across the back-line. What was equally galling was missing out on Liverpool and Watford clean sheets through Alexander-Arnold’s benching and Jose Yellow-bas’ suspension. I’ve been shipping OR at the back over the last 2 weeks by not having City or Liverpool defenders and it’s really starting to bite.

Salah was the only return in midfield though he missed out on bonus points again. Fraser and Maddison both blanked but still look good in terms of assist potential and Hazard looked out of sorts against United, though was likely carrying an injury. Up front things were a bit better. Captain Aguero scored but also missed bonus after being subbed early again, Mitrovic returned an assist but his goal threat has regressed in recent weeks and Arnie was once again unlucky not to return and picked up a second consecutive booking for just 1 point.

It’s fair to say it’s been a terrible 2 weeks for my team – a couple of the worst ever in my time in FPL. There’s no use crying over spilt milk though as I need to regroup and try and formulate a recovery plan, beginning with GW10.

GW10 Team

1.2m in the bank and 1 free transfer available for this week then. I’m now down to only 2 yellow-flagged players – Hazard and bench fodder Masuaku. My main transfer out targets are Alexander-Arnold and Wan-Bissaka, the former isn’t playing and the latter has terrible fixtures coming up. I’m also keeping an eye on Mitrovic and Fraser. Mitrovic hasn’t looked the same goal threat in the last few weeks and Fraser faces some tough fixtures after GW11. Arnie is also a concern, he has returned just 2 points in 2 weeks so far for my team. The Hammers fixtures look good now though, starting with away to Leicester who have been a bit mixed at the back so far.

My main targets at the moment are in defence. I mentioned earlier than City and Liverpool defenders are killing my overall rank at the moment so getting cover there is a priority. Liverpool’s fixture this week looks a certain clean sheet, but Alexander-Arnold’s position is very tenuous. He played in the UCL in midweek in an impressive Liverpool display so will that get him in the team? My ideal replacement from Liverpool would be Robertson but I’m 0.1m short this week sadly, Gomez is another cheap option but will he get rotated?

City have a tough fixture away to Spurs this week, but have been impressive at the back. My ideal City target would be Mendy and I can afford him this week as a replacement for Alexander-Arnold. It’s a tempting transfer even though it’s a low chance clean sheet versus Alexander-Arnold if he plays. My plan is to wait for any early team news on Saturday before making a call – we might get a clue before 2pm through a Twitter leak, we’ll see.

Otherwise, my other worry is whether Holebas will get his place back after Watford’s impressive away win versus Wolves last week. If he doesn’t and I don’t make any transfers I could be struggling to get 11 players out which makes the Mendy move for Alexander-Arnold more tempting. Hazard’s injury status also complicates things – if Sarri’s press conference suggests he’s out then this might also push me to make the Mendy move. Looking longer term, I plan to have Mendy in for GW11 either way. If I buy him next week,I’ll likely carry my transfer in GW11 then use 2 transfers in GW12 to buy a Liverpool defender, with Mitrovic or Fraser the other likely transfer out to free up the funds.

So here’s my current team with no transfers and with the armband on Salah. Hopefully he’ll carry on his form from midweek and rack up that big haul we’re all craving. I’m really hopeful I can stop the red arrow rot this week – I’m happier with my team’s fixtures this week and am optimistic I’ll push back into the top 300k again. Fingers crossed! Good luck this week folks – I’ll tweet if I make any late changes.

FPL team tips GW10

Alex Ball

Alex finished in 17k last season 10k in 16/17 28k in 15/16 and 3k in 14/15

GW9 points: 37 (average 43) Total points 578, Gameweek rank 4,114k, Overall Rank: 34k, red arrow 10k, Team Value: £103.7m

Like most it was a disappointing week where I struggled to 37. Most had a bad week so it doesn’t affect you too much. Time to move on.

I made a quick fire transfer of TAA to Robertson as I had the exact money before Robbo rose in price. I actually think TAA might start this weekend with Gomez on the bench but long term Robbo is the player I want.

Salah capo.

I’m gradually moving to four at the back and next week Mendy/Arnie will come in for Kabasele/Lacazette. This will give me ‘the big three’ again along with Doherty/WB. If no other issues come along, I will look at replacing Billing with someone that can rotate in when Doc/WB have a bad fixture. Josh Murphy looks perfect for that.

Good luck everyone.

FPL team tips GW10


Prakhar finished in 17th overall in fantasy premier league last season.  An amazing acheivement

GW9 points: 43 -4 (average 43) Total points 550, Gameweek rank 2,904k, Overall Rank: 127k, red arrow 19k, Team Value: £102.6m

This is how the team looks right now after a pretty poor game week. Even if Sarri rules out Hazard for the Burnley clash, he’s going nowhere.  No transfers this week as the team looks fairly settled.  Captaining Salah is no brainer this week as Cardiff are the ideal fixture for a hat trick.

Good luck everyone and may your arrows be green!

 FPL team tips GW10


Jordan finished with an overall rank of 76k last season

GW9 points: 45 -4 (average 43) Total points 582, Gameweek rank 2,480k, Overall Rank: 27k, red arrow 3k, Team Value: £102.8m

Gameweek 9 review:

Well my worst week of the season so far and the first gameweek I’ve been under the average (though that was due to my -4) but I can’t really complain as I did have both Alexander-Arnold and Mane whom didn’t play and that cost me probably 6 points minimum and I only had a 3k red arrow so it wasn’t bad at all. My transfer of Luiz + Trippier to Mendy + Alexander-Arnold did cost me -1 points but still well worth the transfer assuming Trent starts playing again which I think he will this weekend with Gomez being rested instead. Only 3 players returned and they were Salah (c), Aguero and Mendy but it seemed like a generally poor week for everyone so nothing to worry about.


I’d always planned on transferring out Moura this week against Man City but I was never sure who for as I felt there were pros and cons of near enough everyone in the £6.5m – £7.7m catagory bar Richarlison who I already had. On Friday night I’d narrowed it down to three players: B Silva, Maddison and Martial. B Silva obviously has the upside of playing for the most deadly attacking side in the league and has the best underlying stats but downside is now De Bruyne is back is very prone to rotation. Maddison’s upside is he seems to be Leicesters best player and is posting good underlying stats but since moving to LAM his goal threat has been completely killed and Leicester seem to be pretty inconsistent lately as well. Finally you have Martial who’s pros are he’s a strong differential, has a history of over performing his underlying stats and is a natural goalscorer. However, his cons are he’s playing for a poor inconsistent United side and his underlying stats are comfortably the worst of the three. Friday night I was really not sure who to go for but after watching Martial against Chelsea and seeing him bag 2 goals it became an easy decision for me.

So my transfer for this week was Moura to Martial. I also have next weeks planned out which will most likely be Hamer + Wilson to Fabianski + Arnautovic for a -4 with Bournemouth’s fixtures turning and West Ham’s becoming excellent. This is conditional on Alexander-Arnold starting this week however as if not I may end up working out a way to bring Robertson in for him.

Bench Decisions:

I have quite tough bench decisions this week. Got Mendy away at Spurs, Doherty away at Brighton, Richarlison away at Man United and Hughes home against Huddersfield. Obviously Wan-Bissaka will be my third sub seeing as he’s playing Arsenal but it was working out which 2 of those 4 would join him that was difficult. I don’t want to make the same mistake as Geek in GW1 where I bench Mendy only for him to get an assist and a clean sheet so I decided to play him. As Richarlison is playing as a CF right now and United do seem very poor defensively I decided to go with him as well. I didn’t fancy doubling up on Wolves defence while they’re away and Hughes doesn’t carry enough goal threat for me to warrant putting him in over Richarlison.


Once again has to be Salah this week. Fixtures don’t come much better than Cardiff at home and I’m starting to see some form creeping into Salah these last 2 games where he scored 3 goals. Last season Salah scored 6 and assisted 2 in his first 13 games of the season and he’s done exactly the same this season. His next 13 games last season he scored 14 and assisted 4 so just like last year this could be his turning point of the season.

Good luck with gameweek 10.

FPL team tips GW10


Yaniv finished with an 8k OR last season

GW9 points: 44 on WC (average 43) Total points 579, Gameweek rank 2,533k, Overall Rank: 32k, green arrow 2k, Team Value: £102.2m

Hi everyone,

First, thanks for all your comments and votes last week for my WC.

Eventually, I went with a mixed combination of option 1+2 with Mendy, with few bad adjustments. The last changes I made was Pereira and Alisson for Patricio and Trippier (I still don’t believe I did it), and I brought in McTominay has I had only 4.3 left.  So to conclude, I downgraded a mid to get 5 attacking defenders, As you can see though I failed having only 11 starting players after a WC.  I thought I would have 13 (Button and McTominay were not supposed to start anyway),  TAA however should have.  It’s a shame I didn’t go with my first decision of Lovren, while a lot of people thought that TAA will return to first team and Lovren will stay out Lovren bagged for the 2nd time maximum bonus points.  Knockaert (best Brighton form player till last week) also gave me a big disappointment!

As for the starting players, I had 4 returns form 11 which is not good, Richarlison had 3 points and I got 5 points from 6 players, real disaster!! It’s unbelievable that in my lowest score of the season of 44 (and only 1 above the weekly average), I had a small red arrow and not a big red one, maybe I should thank Lacazette!

The returners

Alisson- Solid game, didn’t have so much to do, and have a nice run of fixtures maybe to grab some more CS.

Mendy – smartest thing I did in the WC, was to bring him 1/2 weeks before the rest, had a very good game, got a late assist and almost had another one and even could have scored one. So much more to come.

Salah and Kun scored, Salah, in my opinion will start punishing whoever doesn’t own him soon. The problem is he just can’t get bonus points and I think he will start to get them when he get’s his first brace… Kun should have had a hat trick, again in 60 minutes, but as long he will keep scoring in almost every game he will stay in my team even with his 60 minutes.

The non returners

Hazard and Alonso didn’t return (It was so obvious when I finally will get Hazard he will be quiet), but I will not complain as I’m a Man U fan.

Wolves looked very bad, but my main concern there is Jimenez who did absolutely nothing and played only 59 minutes, so I will monitor him this weekend.

Pereira jumped in instead of TAA and got 0 points, but I really brought him in for GW10 and onwards, so I have patience there. Wilson and Richarlison were very quiet in their home games (I watched Everton first 80 minutes of the game and had to go when it was 0-0, and when it ended 2-0 I went to the live score update and was surprised that the Brazilian didn’t give me anything).  Both players are the main go to guys in their team and that’s the main thing.

As for this GW, it will be a shame to make a transfer straight after a WC and I will try to save it, I have problems with TAA and Knockaert (but I will try to give TAA another chance to get in the team).


I will put TAA in my starting lineup and if he is benched it will be Jimenez instead of him. Richarlison will be in although he has a tough match at Old Trafford but United just don’t look good and he could score there easily. I don’t have any other debates in my squeezed squad.

Mo will get the armband very easily, as I have every faith that he will get his first double digit points this GW.

I am in Italy with my wife until Monday, so I won’t have a lot of time to change or follow, so I hope it won’t be a disaster.

Thanks, and good luck all,


FPL team tips GW10

Mikael Danielsen

Mikael finished 100k OR last season and 5k in 16/17

GW9 points: 51 on WC (average 43) Total points 564, Gameweek rank 1,270k, Overall Rank: 69k, green arrow 32k, Team Value: £103.1m

No transfers Salah Captain

FPL team tips GW10

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FPL team tips GW10

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  1. I’ll add mine.

    Alonso, Mendy, Robertson, Doherty
    Salah, Maddison, Hazard, Frazer
    Aguero, Mitrovic
    Hamer, Ings, Westwood, AWB

    Sold Bernardo Silva for Maddison.
    Captain Salah.

  2. Greetings guys!
    Just wanted your views as to :
    1. Who to transfer out Zaha/Walcott? And for whom…?
    2. Can it be a defendable decision to remove one of Trippier/Alonso for Benjamin Mendy?
    Thanks in anticipation
    An ardent admirer

  3. Thanks for the useful article as always Geek!

    Jordan I had a similar dilemma to you who to bench with 2 of Doherty, Richarlison, Hughes and Laporte (instead of Mendy in my team currently) to choose from.

    I’m currently playing Doherty and Laporte, mainly defensively to cover the risk of a Mendy haul and a Wolves clean sheet (have Ryan in goal so no other wolves cover). But am I mad not to play Richarlison!? Most of the contributors seem to be…

    • It’s a difficult one. Yours is tougher than mine because I had Patricio in goal so that solved the dilemma. Honestly I’d probably go with Doherty over Richarlison seeing as it seems like Murray might be out. It’s pretty much a 50/50 call for me so going off bookies odds Wolves’ clean sheet odds are much better than Richarlison’s anytime goalscorer odds so that’s probably what I’d go with. Good luck mate! Don’t blame me if it’s the wrong pick though ;)

  4. Thanks Steve!
    Personally prefering to put Arnie in for Zaha. Am thinking of upgrading Walcott to Dilva in the next 2 weeks…
    (P.S. Here’s hoping that your gamble of benching Richarlison pays off!)

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