FPL team tips GW16 – FFGeek contributors show their GW16 teams part 1


Here’s our FPL team tips GW16 article where the 1st group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW16. In this part there’s Joseph Crilley, Alex Ball, Rob Reid, Jordan Sadler, Yaniv Salomon and Mikael Danielsen. 

FPL team tips GW16 – FFGeek contributors show their GW16 teams part 1

Here’s part 1 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

Joseph Crilley

Joseph finished with an overall rank of 7k last season and 13k in 16/17

GW15 points: 75 -4 (average 45) Total points 946, Gameweek rank 92k, Overall Rank: 19k, green arrow 18k, Team Value: £103.9m

Apologies for the short nature of the write up this gameweek, but Christmas social season has rather taken over! A very strong performance from my team last time out led by captain Kane gave me a sub 100k gameweek rank which meant I got a nice boost in the overall standings.

The aforementioned socials did result in unexpected Thursday night transfers, though fortunately it wasn’t anything too shocking! I’ve succumbed to the crowd and brought in Aubameyang for his promising fixture against Huddersfield this week. Salah and Kamara are the pair to leave my team with Camarasa filling the bench fodder role following Warnock’s statement that he will now be on penalties for Cardiff. Aubameyang takes the armband on his debut so hopefully he bags a nice return!

Best of luck to everyone this weekend and may your arrows be green!

FPL team tips GW16

Rob Reid

Rob finished with a rank of 94k last season 22k in 16/17 4k in 15/16 and 7k in 14/15.

GW15 points: 69 -4 (average 45) Total points 852, Gameweek rank 268k, Overall Rank: 396k, green arrow 163k, Team Value: £102.5m

See also Rob’s GW16 player picks article

GW15 review

After a few weeks of torture and torment, my team finally caught a break and a welcome green arrow arrived. It’s nice after a tough run to reflect on a successful gameweek and it looks like some of the risks I’ve taken over the last few weeks in reshaping my side are starting to ultimately help me.

I’ve commented on this before, but if you return in the first few minutes of the gameweek then you often get the feeling that you’re on for a good one. And it was Ryan Fraser who did just that, with an assist early in the Huddersfield game followed by a tidy finish 15 minutes later for his first league goal since September. Glenn Murray followed this up 10 minutes or so later with a penalty before coming off injured though he still managed a couple of bonus points. Despite my -4, Stones missing out on a clean sheet and Arnie’s injury, I ended Tuesday having jumped 40k in the rankings and was looking forward, if a touch apprehensive going into Wednesday. Would I be stung by not captaining Salah?

I had a little wry smile when I saw the Wednesday team sheets and the resulting fallout on Twitter. After the ignominy of the previous gameweek’s team news it was nice to see things go in my favour. VVD a solid starter among a much changed Liverpool defence and the decision to captain Kane vindicated by Salah’s surprise benching. I wasn’t bothered that the late minus 4 I’d taken on Tuesday as a buffer to cover any defensive rotation wasn’t needed, as ultimately I’m happy it’s made my squad stronger in the long term. The night progressed well in the end. Richarlison scored, Salah chipped in an assist off the bench, Kane’s captain haul was a lovely boon and there was another surprise assist from my current MVP, Mr Virgil Van Dijk. 2 assists in 4 days – what is going on?!

So while last week was about being saved by the defence, GW15 was the first gameweek where every team scored in 8 years meaning that it was all about the midfield and attack. Overall, my core players generally did well and I had a return from one of my differentials – 5 returns out of 7 is something I’d be happy with in any gameweek. By the FFG metrics of an overall rank inside a million and minimum 5 returns it was certainly a success. Hopefully my team can carry this form forward into GW16.


Ok confession time. I actually don’t expect my team to continue this form in GW16 as I see this as another transition week where I reshape my squad more. Several of my players have tough fixtures and I have two injuries to contend with as well. So I’m expecting a bit of pain this week and my aim is to try and tread water if possible. Let’s look at how things are:

Naughty Boy List- still 2 on here from last time and one new

Rui Patricio – exit point any, but ok fixtures for next 2 so probably not until GW18
Masuaku – exit point ASAP due to gametime
Arnie – injured until mid-January so a priority transfer out now

Watch List

Glenn Murray – major doubt for GW16 but good fixture if plays, I’d planned to sell prior to GW17 either way
John Stones – gametime a concern still, some decent replacements at this price-point. Staying fluid on this one.
Mo Salah – not getting big enough returns still for £13m. GW17 a possible exit point.
Wan-Bissaka – cheap and cheerful but Palace defence very inconsistent. GW19 a possible exit point

On my want list is an Arsenal forward – either Aubameyang or Lacazette. The natural sale coming into this week was going to be Murray, but it’s now Arnie with his confirmed absence. The good news is that this frees up another £0.4m in funds for the move. The bad news is the only way to fund this move is to sell Salah, a bit of a risk prior to GW16. Away to Bournemouth isn’t the easiest fixture but it could be one that suits his counter-attacking style so he could return handsomely in this game. It’s a risk, but it looks like Auba is going to be a captaincy favourite this week, so I think there is more to lose by not having him than by losing Salah

I’d like a second City midfielder as my Salah replacement. So my transfer options are Salah and Arnie out then either Sterling or Laca in or Auba and Sane in. I like both moves, but I prefer the fact that the second move leaves me some cash spare. Slight worry this week that Auba may have his minutes managed, but I’m looking longer term with this move and I think he’ll prove better over the next 6 weeks. Next week my plan will then be to sell Glenn Murray and I’ll then look at the rest of my Naughty Boy list the week after provided no other problems appear (which they inevitably will.) So to confirm, I’ve sold Arnie and Salah and brought in Aubameyang and Sane for a minus 4. I did this on Thursday to catch price rises for them both.

I’ve some dilemmas in team selection this week with Chelsea playing City and Bournemouth playing Liverpool, I think this will limit my score somewhat. At present I’ve left Alonso on the bench as first sub though I suspect he’ll come in for either Murray or Stones. Masuaku (who actually got an assist in midweek though I’d benched him) will be second sub and AWB will be my last resort. Captaincy is on Aubameyang who is doing well in the polls this week.

Good luck this week everyone!

FPL team tips GW16

Jordan Sadler

Jordan finished with an overall rank of 76k last season

GW15 points: 65 (average 45) Total points 987, Gameweek rank 456k, Overall Rank: 2k, green arrow 1k, Team Value: £104.1m

Gameweek 15 review:

It was a much better Gameweek this week: I got a nice score of 65 with 6 of my players returning including my captain who was my highest scoring player. Fabianski scored 9 after saving a penalty and it could have been even more but he unfortunately lost his clean sheet in 95th minute. None of my defenders returned unfortunately bar Doherty who was on the bench. All my midfielders returned, even Salah who only played 25 minutes (fortunately for me I switched my captain to Kane after seeing the polls). Richarlison scored 10, Martial and Sane both scored 7 and then Salah scored 4. Arnautovic unfortunately came off injured in 39th minute after already picking up a yellow card so scored me 0. However, Kane made up for both of them with a nice score of 12, doubled to 24 as he was my captain. All in all a very good week and a nice green arrow back into the top 2.5k.


I spent a good couple of hours assessing all the potential options to replace Arnautovic with him being out until at least January. I came up with four options: 1) Like for like alternative 2) West Ham alternative 3) Lacazette for -4 4) Aubameyang for -8

So option 1) I considered 5 different players: Jimenez, Wilson, Zaha, Mitrovic and Rondon. The first 3 I disregarded due to what I view as poor fixtures for them. Wilson in my opinion is the only fixture proof one of them 3 and even so I think there are better alternatives right now when he has 4 tough games in his next 5. Mitrovic was great at the start of the year but I want to see more of Ranieri’s Fulham before seriously considering him as I’m not sure if he’ll flourish or flop under Ranieri so we shall see. Finally for Rondon, I already have Kenedy from Newcastle so doubling up isn’t smart in my opinion so that rules him and option 1 out.

For the other three options I put a poll out on twitter to which a couple of hundred of you voted so thank you for that. Option 2) was a straight swap to Hernandez but my main concern with him is game time as I’m really not sure what Pellegrini is planning on doing now Arnautovic is out. Option 3) was a hit where I transferred Alonso to Yedlin and of course Arnautovic to Lacazette but a concern for me in this was whether Lacazette will even start and whether he will actually even be a viable alternative to Aubameyang over these next few games. Finally, option 4) was a -8 where I transferred Alonso and Laporte to Yedlin and Balbuena and then Arnautovic to Aubameyang. The concern for this option is it’s a -8 and similar to Lacazette, it’s hard to know if he will start as he could easily be rotated with Lacazette this weekend.

The reason I’m happy to get rid of Alonso is I think his fixtures over the next 5 weeks are pretty poor and 4 could quite easily be blanks, he’s also only returned 2 assists in 11 weeks so his attacking threat seems

to have reduced now as well. Laporte I don’t really want to get rid of but he doesn’t really ever score over 7 unlike Mendy so I think losing him wouldn’t be a huge deal, especially for someone with god fixtures like Balbuena.

After a lot of thought and looking at the poll I decided to go risky and go for the -8. Hernandez got 27% on the poll, Lacazette (-4) got 33% on the poll and Aubameyang (-8) got 40% on the poll so it was the most popular pick as well which is good to see. So my transfer was Arnautovic + Alonso + Laporte > Aubameyang + Yedlin + Balbuena.

Bench Decisions:

Bench decisions this week were a bit tricky. Now that all my defenders are budget bar Alexander-Arnold it’s all about putting the best fixtures in. Doherty has Newcastle away, Yedlin has Wolves at home, Balbuena has Palace at home and Wan-Bissaka has West Ham away. Right now I have Yedlin as my first sub, Wan-Bissaka as my second and Kenedy as my third but I may switch Balbuena and Yedlin around, we shall see. In regards to my goalkeepers I’ve gone with Fabianski over Patricio this week as I think Fabianski’s fixture is better and Fabianski is far more prone to save points.


With me bringing Aubameyang in and him winning the geek polls with 40% to Kane’s 30% I think I will be captaining him over Kane as Leicester away really isn’t a great captaincy fixture in my opinion. The concern is Aubameyang’s game time but he always seems to get good time off the bench anyway even if he doesn’t start and the only 2 times he hasn’t started this season he scored 4 and assisted 1 in those 57 minutes off the bench so that seems promising!

Good luck with Gameweek 16.

FPL team tips GW16

Yaniv Salomon

Yaniv finished with an 8k OR last season

GW15 points: 56 (average 45) Total points 966, Gameweek rank 1,321k, Overall Rank: 7k, green arrow 1k, Team Value: £104.1m

Going back to my roots, Mitro for Arnie, Kane captain again, no Auba , I cross my fingers about it..

Good luck and cheers,


FPL team tips GW16

Alex Ball

Alex finished in 17k last season 10k in 16/17 28k in 15/16 and 3k in 14/15

GW15 points: 60 -4 (average 45) Total points 894, Gameweek rank 901k, Overall Rank: 128k, green arrow 13k, Team Value: £104.2m

Arnautovic out – Aubameyang in

Salah out  – Sterling in

Robertson out – Schindler in

minus 8!

Good luck all!

FPL team tips GW16

Mikael L. Danielsen

Mikael finished 100k OR last season and 5k in 16/17

GW15 points: 69 -4 (average 45) Total points 927, Gameweek rank 268k, Overall Rank: 42k, green arrow 20k, Team Value: £104.6m

GW16 team:

Arnie —> Jiménez
Kane (C), Salah (VC)

FPL team tips GW16

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