FPL team tips GW17 – FFGeek contributors show their GW17 teams part 1


Here’s our FPL team tips GW17 article where the 1st group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW17. In this article there’s Kris O, Rob Reid, Costas Chari, Ben Wooton, Yaniv Salomon and Joseph Crilley

FPL team tips GW17 – FFGeek contributors show their GW17 teams part 1

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This is part 1 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It won’t cover transfers in real time either. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

Scott Taylor

Scott finished with an overall rank of 1k last season and 12k in 17/18

GW16 points: 60 (FPL average 54) Total points 940 Gameweek rank 2,773k, Overall Rank: 94k, red arrow 15k, Team Value: £105.4m

Another small red arrow leaves me clinging to my place in the top 100k! I thought it was going to be much worse after bombing in Saturday’s games but Vardy (C) and Maddison rescued my week on Sunday and I ended up just above the average score and qualifying for the cup!

Like last week, I only had 4 returning players with my captain, Vardy, getting double figures. Only having Alli from Spurs and not owning Aubameyang and Salah clearly hurt me. But you can’t have everyone so some weeks will be better than others.

My team is still in good shape. Pope is a concern but he has a few good fixtures coming up so I’ll see how he gets on in those before deciding his fate. De Bruyne is also a concern but he plays Arsenal next so not the time to be taking him out.

My other concern is Liverpool’s blank in GW18. I have 3 Liverpool players. I had thought that I’d just bench all 3 but rotation, injury and yellow cards (Rico and Lundstram are one away from a ban as is Grealish if you’re thinking of bringing him in) mean I risk not having a full team out if I just bench all 3. My team doesn’t need any changes for this week so my plan at the moment is to save this week’s transfer so that I go into GW18 with 2 FTs.

That is subject to any injury issues following the midweek European games. I then plan to transfer out one of the Liverpool full backs (Robertson at the moment but it’s a bit of a coin toss!) for Kelly (Palace) and Mousset for Rashford who seems one of the better captain options for GW18 in what is going to be a hard choice given the fixtures. I should then have a full team with Douglas Luiz as first sub and Mane and Alexander Arnold taking the other two bench spots. I then have the exact money to go from De Bruyne to Son for GW19 if De Bruyne’s form doesn’t pick up and Son maintains his.

So, rolling the transfer this week ready for GW18. Soyuncu gets a rare start in my team at the expense of Mousset whose form and minutes have suffered in the last 2 games. Captain will be Vardy, VC Mane.

Enjoy the game week.

Transfer summary;  carrying over a free transfer

FPL team tips GW17

Joseph Crilley

Joseph’s last 3 seasons OR were 28k, 7k and 13k

GW16 points: 55 (FPL average 54) Total points 939 Gameweek rank 3,558k, Overall Rank: 97k, red arrow 31k, Team Value: £105.6m

It was a bit of a disappointing result last weekend as I saw a chunky red arrow in spite of a captain haul and a return coming off my bench from Grealish. It seemed that my patience in terms of holding off on players such as Spurs attackers, Rashford and Ings was punished while there was the irony of Liverpool finally keeping a clean sheet, but only with Alexander-Arnold starting on the bench. Additionally, my faith in a double-up on the Sheffield United defence is yet to pay dividends while the returns have dried up for Tielemans and De Bruyne, however I am looking to avoid any transfer panic just yet.

A significant factor for this is that the Liverpool blank is around the corner now and I would still like to keep two transfers for that gameweek where one would be used to downgrade Robertson or TAA. This would then allow an upgrade in attack with the transfer likely to be a Spurs midfielder (Alli/Son) being brought in for Tielemans. With two transfers currently available, I could make this type of move for GW17, but there is another factor for my continued patience which is the fixtures. They are very strong this week for my team in general, predominantly due to Leicester and Liverpool facing home fixtures against Norwich and Watford respectively so this move will wait one more week.

Therefore, I am looking to make a simple sideways transfer to improve the bench and possible raise some cash as the starting XI looks in good shape for GW18. The obvious player to be removed is Tomori as the rotation seems to be increasing at Chelsea while their defence has hardly been secure this season. Therefore, I will be bringing in budget-friendly option Kelly as the Palace defence is looking strong and the promising fixtures are well documented – hopefully he can hold his starting spot while I require him.

Oh boy is captaincy fun this week; Mane and Vardy at home to the bottom two sides while Abraham faces a leaky Bournemouth side who are missing their only player that can remotely defend. My mind is very undecided and will remain that way until nearer the deadline, but I suspect that the weeklong rest for Leicester may be enough for the armband to remain on Vardy!

All the best to everyone this week and may your arrows be green!

Transfer Summary: Tomori to Kelly

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FPL team tips GW17

Rob Reid

Rob’s last 5 seasons overall rank were 148k, 94k, 22k, 4k and 7k

GW16 points: 58 (FPL average 54) Total points 934 Gameweek rank 3,115k, Overall Rank: 121k, red arrow 25k, Team Value: £105.0m

GW16 review

A third red arrow in a row and a more serious one this week in terms of damage to my Overall Rank. I talked earlier in the season about how luck tends to even out and that certainly was the case this week after I’d ridden my luck with Lundstram on the bench earlier in the campaign. Three of my high value players didn’t start with only Alexander-Arnold of these coming off the bench after 40 minutes to leave me with the indignity of missing what was finally a clean sheet for Liverpool.

Mane and surprisingly Lacazette also didn’t play at all, leaving me with 4 points off the bench. This was in stark contrast to GW15 where there were 20 ultimately unused points on the bench- so frustrating! On the bright side there were 4/11 returns. My transfer in Alli gave me a 1 week net gain of 7 points. He should have scored as well but was pretty jammy to be awarded his 2nd assist. There was another nice Captain haul from Vardy to add to the relief of a Gazzaniga clean sheet and an assist from Jimenez.

It’s been a frustrating 3 weeks which ultimately has been caused by my decision to sell Aubameyang. My team needs a bit of TLC and I suspect I’m going to have to take some points hits before the festive period to tidy my squad up a bit. I’ve only taken one so far this season though so things can’t be going too badly and one final positive is that I’ve qualified for the Cup for the first time since 2016-17. I’ll probably last one round….!!!!

GW17 Team

1FT and 1.0m in the bank. It’s a fairly easy transfer out this week with Lacazette dropped, it’s just who I bring in. The 2 candidates are Abraham and Rashford and will depend a little on how the European fixtures go and any injury news. I’m not going to be making my call until Friday but I suspect I’ll go Abraham against a struggling Cherries team. For my team, again fairly straightforward with Dendoncker, Chambers and Rico filling the bench and Vardy as captain.

Looking further forwards, GW18 is tricky with the Liverpool blank and it’s here where Rashford does appeal. But I wouldn’t want to lose Jimenez against Norwich and I may need to consider switching out one of Rico or Chambers. GW19 also looks a good time to get another Spurs asset in. I do have a way to get Son using only 1 FT per week, but I would miss out on Rashford and would mean a cheaper 3rd striker. Food for thought.

Anyhow, I’ll Tweet my final transfer decision and team on Friday night. Good luck this week folks!

Transfer summary:  To be confirmed likely Abraham in Lacazette out.

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FPL team tips GW17

Costas Chari

Costas’s last 3 seasons overall ranks were 84k, 29k and 27k

GW16 points: 79 -4 (FPL average 54) Total points 934 Gameweek rank 324k, Overall Rank: 124k, green arrow 73k, Team Value: £102.5m

Finally a green arrow after 5 consecutive red ones. Sees me in 124k OR which ill take for the time being.

Gw16 review.

The benching of Mane who was a captain favorite as well worked in my benefit although most had VC on Vardy which compensated. My transfer in for Kane was gold in contrast with my transfer of Zaha from Martial who ended up playing. Good fixtures for Zaha to come though so I am staying positive.

Captaining Salah was great even though I had the captaincy on Kane and changed it.

Finally a CS from Gazzaniga and a second for Tomkins who is proving a great transfer in. I had some bad calls between gameweeks 10-15 and I am happy that transfers over the past 2 gameweeks have been good.


I have transferred out Jimenez for Abraham. The Mexican gave me loads of points since GW9 but its time I get on the Abraham train before. Its too late. He is the player that has hurt me the most as well this year so Bournemouth without Ake at home is a great entry point.

Issues with the team.. Loads! Saiss, Rico, Lascelles, even McGinn, Sterling?. I also need Rashford and the only way to get him is by transferring out Vardy or Kane. It’s giving me a headache.

Captain- Abraham, Vardy, Salah have great matches. Abraham and Salah have the midweek games as well and you really cant be too sure with the Liverpool rotation. Ownership is also an issue so probably Vardy this week home to Norwich.

Good luck

Transfer summary:  Jimenez out Abraham in

FPL team tips GW17

Rick Porter

Rick last 3 seasons overall rank were 1k, 30k and 2k.

GW16 points: 64 (FPL average 54) Total points 914 Gameweek rank 2,047k, Overall Rank: 255k, green arrow 13k, Team Value: £105.1m

A week of peaks and troughs. The trough very much being the Saturday. Having more than half your team play and only scraping 20 points between them really brings the fear. Son was my only shining light among numerous AAA players like Alexander-Arnold, Mane, Abraham and De Bruyne. Mount also failed to fire and all my admittedly budget defenders uncharacteristically delivered exactly what you’d expect of budget defenders. Fortunately things turned around on Sunday with my new recruits – Ings and Grealish – both scoring and captain Vardy doing the business. Again.

All this led to an small rank increase which I’m very happy with considering the state of things on Saturday evening.

The Bench

With Mane and Tomori missing out completely, this was the third week in a row that I’ve had to rely upon my bench. Having Grealish poised to come on with his 6 points was a welcome relief and shows the worth of having non-budget players on the sidelines that you can rely on.

This is certainly not the end of the rotation woes. The Christmas schedule is packed and while we all expect Man City to chop and change at will, we’ll likely have to manoeuvre around randomly rested Liverpool big-hitters as well. That’s without considering the GW18 blank or any other injuries/rotation from the other teams. Most managers will have multiple assets at risk each week, so the reality is we’re all just a little bad juju away from a full bench being required to cover over the cracks. Bringing in Grealish and Ings last week was my first move towards a stronger bench for this very reason, so I’m hoping they both continue their current form.


While recruiting Grealish worked out well, the forth yellow he received was far from ideal. I’ll 100% need him on the pitch in GW18 and I can just see that fifth yellow coming next week exactly when I don’t want it.

I was also hoping the benching of Tomori in GW15 was nothing more than a one week rest. That wasn’t the case. It’s now been reported that he’s got a slight hip injury as well. I can’t afford to have him not start in GW18 and, right now, I have the exact funds to switch him to Aurier. That’s the transfer that makes the most sense to me considering how Spurs are currently playing.

It’s actually quite frustrating as the Chelsea defence struggled this week without Tomori. So much so that I’d assume he’d be in the starting line-up against Bournemouth if fit. With both King and Wilson injured it would probably be savvy to play him for one more week just to see how it goes.


I really wanted to roll my transfer this week as I might need the flexibility to field a full team in GW18 despite my best efforts to prepare. However both Aurier and Tomori’s shifting prices mean I’ll soon be priced out of my preferred move if I don’t act. Tomori already dropped on Sunday night, which removed my buffer, so while I’ll try to hold off until after the Spurs match on Wednesday to make the transfer I may be forced into an earlier move.


Despite there being a few good options this week it’s near impossible to look past Vardy. It’s not an exciting choice, as he’s now owned by over 50% of managers, but Norwich have already conceded 34 this season and you’ve got to assume Vardy will be playing his part in adding to that that number considering the form he’s in. Mane will be vice.

Transfer Summary:  Tomori OUT Aurier IN

Kev in Canada

Kev finished in 6k last season and 195k in 17/18

GW16 points: 56 (FPL average 54) Total points 893 Gameweek rank 3,491k, Overall Rank: 482k, red arrow 71k, Team Value: £105.0m

GW16 Recap

A few observations on the last game week before getting into the player analysis:

•    I am almost having good weeks but it just isn’t happening. Not having Ings, Maddison and the Tottenham players has hurt. My highly owned players seem to be doing OK but I think it is my differentials that are the cause..

•    Lacazette, Grealish, Zaha, Gazzaniga, Traoré, Ayew are my 6 differentials. Only Grealish and Gazzaniga returned. I still think I need two to return for a green arrow but this week proved that not to be the case.. I was in an OK mood about it going into Monday and then Lacazette didn’t play. Just not good enough.

Game week player analysis:

☆ Keeper

•    Gazzaniga. 6 pts. Clean sheet! I almost forgot what that felt like.

•    Roberto. Meh.

☆ Defenders

•    Alexander Arnold. Really dude? Your team finally gets a clean sheet and you don’t partake..

•   Rico. Losing Aké does hurt this guy’s case. Good thing he’s super cheap and gets 6 or 7 crosses a game.

•    Söyüncü. I don’t think he will ever miss a closer shot on net than the one this weekend hahaha.

•    Robertson. Clean sheet. See? We told you..

•    Lundstram. I have heard a lot of ‘this is what you should expect from a 4M player’. ‘Just be happy that he has outperformed already’. He almost had a goal and should have had an assist. In both of those his team mates cost him. I still think you start him in most matches.

☆ Midfielders

•    De Bruyne. I still think having at least one Man City is important.. this seems like a point in the season managers may get burned moving off of all of them.. how many Spurs do you really think you need at the expense of City assets..

•    Mané. Well that sucked. My plan is still Mané out into GW18 and Salah in when I switch back onto them in GW19 or GW20..

•    Zaha. Please help me here buddy..

•    Traoré. Seems involved but I am not really trusting him to return. May reassess him after GW18. Toying with a Robbo downgrade and Traoré upgrade..

•    Grealish. Looked awesome. Scored. Then reminded us all why he is a player a lot of people don’t seem to like with his Grumpy ‘I’m the superstar and I am frustrated’ Yellow Card. He reminds me of Jack Wilshire a bit. Either way he is playing well but now I have 4 yellows to moan about..

☆ Forwards

•    Lacazette. You could have made me so happy and you just showed your same old yellow caution tape. I don’t think I will ever own you again. He has become Harry Kane already.

•    Vardy. He looks insane right now. After he scores he looks like he has that same type of rage someone gets when they have been punched in the face in a fight. Something is up but I am not complaining..

•    Ayew. Please score or something dude. Please.

Upcoming GW16

☆ Musical Chairs

Alexandre Lacazette ➡️ Harry Kane

☆ Captain

Mané. VC Vardy

☆ Substitute decisions

Roberto. Ayew. Traoré. Rico.

Good luck.

Transfer summary:  Lacazette out Kane in

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