FPL Team Tips GW24 – Joseph Crilley’s FPL Transfer Planner And Points Projection Tool For GW24

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Here’s our FPL team tips GW24 article with Joseph Crilley’s FPL Transfer Planner and Points Projection Tool. It’s now live and updated for GW24. Plan your transfers, captains, lineups, wildcards and Chips to maximise your points total over the coming gameweeks. There are also new features of suggested transfers for your FPL team, team, % team rating and an optimum wildcard for future weeks. We also ran an FPL team from it in 21/22 which finished with an overall rank of 3k. The article also includes an updated instructional video with all the new features. Includes DGW28 and the FA Cup replays.

FPL Team Tips GW24 – Joseph Crilley’s FPL Transfer Planner And Points Projection Tool For GW24

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Updates have been made to Patreon Transfer planner ahead of GW24 and can be found in this post with the Excel version attached and the link to google doc.

Explanatory Video

Also attached is the instruction manual and there is the new Youtube video which demonstrates the functionality of the spreadsheet:

have also included a document including an explanation for how our projections are calculated.

Fixtures update


–  The Man City-Brentford and Liverpool-Luton fixtures have been added here so all four teams have a double.


–  Chelsea and Liverpool have reached the League cup final which means their GW26 fixtures with Tottenham and Luton respectively have been postponed. Therefore, as it stands, all four teams will blank in that gameweek.

–  As mentioned above, Liverpool-Luton has gone into GW25, but Chelsea-Tottenham is likely to happen later in the season given both teams are not in European competition.


–  The Bournemouth-Luton fixture has been added which creates a double for both.


–  The FA Cup quarter-finals will result in postponements for GW29. We have the 5th round draw so we are able to project the blanks. There is a tab named ‘FA Cup schedule’ in the planner where you can predict the winners of each tie (column C) and the Planner will update the fixtures in GW29. I have entered the bookies favourites as a starting point.

AFCON/Asia Cup update

–  GW24 is the final gameweek to be impacted by the international tournaments. There is limited FPL impact from the players remaining in the competition, but their projections for GW24 have been reduced to zero.

Other noteworthy updates

–  Planner now operates from GW24. Prices correct as of Tuesday 6th February.

–  A few new players have been added following the conclusion of the January transfer window.

Suggested transfers

There is also suggested transfers specifically for your FPL team within the squad planner tab.

Make sure you put the correct amount in the bank for your team and the number of transfers available to get the maximum out of the suggestions.

Optimal team for current gameweek

We include the current wildcard team which optimises total points projected over the upcoming gameweeks (not including transfers). This will be shown within the ‘Wildcard team’ tab.

On the squad planner tab, you can also see the projected total points for this team (with no transfers) which you can compare to your team’s total via our team rating tool.

Note: With upcoming blanks & doubles, a no transfer wildcard isn’t exactly optimal (ideally would move on Liverpool assets for BGW26). However, it is difficult to present an alternative, therefore we have stuck with the approach of a wildcard with no planned transfers.

A note on expected minutes (xMins)

–  There is a section in the instruction manual to explain this, but let me know if any questions.

–  We will spend the time going through the teams to update the xMins for every single player ahead of every gameweek so that you have the latest xMins information.

–  A document has been included in this post which has some detail on how we came to our conclusions for this gameweek. There are some general thoughts and also a specific section for each team. Please read this if you are unsure on the xMins for any particular player.

–  If you have a different opinion for the xMins of any player, you can manually update this yourselves, as noted in the instruction manual.

If you have any questions when using this planner, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter, on the slack channel or comment below.

To get the Excel or google version of the Planner and loads of other FPL content sign up to the FFGeek Patreon site using the link below. It’s only £2.50 per calendar month with no commitment beyond 1 calendar month plus all the features above. There’s also a 16% discounted annual subscription. Unfortunately advertising alone cannot make the site viable and subscriptions are vital to the site continuing.

Here’s the link to the full article and Transfer Planner: https://www.patreon.com/posts/joseph-crilleys-98083330

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