FPL team tips GW27 – FFGeek contributors show their GW27 teams part 1


Here’s our FPL team tips GW27 article where the 1st group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW27. In this part there’s  Joseph Crilley, Rob Reid, Costas Chari and Sergio Torija.  Rob talks about his double and blanks strategy without a Wildcard and Joe also goes through his strategy having kept his wildcard.

FPL team tips GW27 – FFGeek contributors show their GW27 teams part 1

Here’s part 1 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

At the end of each commentary I’ve included a transfer summary.

You can also see our FFGeek contributors blanks and doubles special article

Rob Reid

Rob finished with a rank of 94k last season 22k in 16/17 4k in 15/16 and 7k in 14/15.

GW26 points: 80 (average 57) Total points 1,501 Gameweek rank 473k, Overall Rank: 339k, Green arrow 107k, Team Value: £104.2m

GW26 review

It all seems a long time ago, but let’s have a quick recap of GW26. Another good week with a 4th consecutive green arrow since my GW23 Wildcard. A good spread of points around the team – 3/5 clean sheets in defence and 4/6 attacking returns in midfield and attack, with 2 double figure hauls from the in-form Aguero and Pogba. My captain also returned, though it was a more modest 8 points from Salah that got doubled.

The other bits of good news is that I’ve managed to avoid any new injuries and that I’ve also managed to carry a free transfer into GW27 giving me 2 FTs and 1.6m in the bank. I’ve got 2 players blanking this week in Aguero and Richarlison so I’ll need to think about this as well as the approaching fixture chaos of GW31-35 when making my moves. Here’s what I’m going to do…

Blank Gameweek Strategy

First up, a reminder of my chip situation. I reluctantly used my second Wildcard in GW23, though so far I’m pleased that I did. This does however put me at a disadvantage across these upcoming weeks. I also successfully used my Triple Captain chip in GW25 on Sergio Aguero, so I only have my Free Hit and Bench Boost chips left. Back in GW24 I considered several strategies for negotiating the blanks minus a Wildcard and one now stands out thanks to some helpful FA Cup results and the 1/4 final draw.

My strategy will be as follows, but please note is based on the assumption that the GW31 blanks will move into GW32 and that the GW33 blanks will move into GW35. I would strongly emphasise to any that follow this strategy that this is not a given, but bar a couple of minor changes does still look the most likely outcome.

The Plan

GW27-30: Build my team with players who are likely to have a double gameweek in GW32
GW31: Free Hit
GW32: Bench Boost with as many players on doubles as possible – aiming for a minimum of 12.
GW33: Run a lean team, getting as close to 11 as possible predominantly using Liverpool and teams who have a double in 32 and a fixture in 33
GW34: Bring back players with a double in GW35
GW35: Get as many double gameweek players as possible in my 11.

All looks good in theory with GW31 and GW32 looking like weeks where I’ll maybe have an advantage over those with all their chips but there are some drawbacks.

The first problem is that I’ll be at a disadvantage in GW33-35 compared to Wildcard teams. Managers with all chips intact can simply build for GW31 in the knowledge that many of their GW31 players will also play in GW33. They can then play their Free Hit in GW32 with a premium choice of double players and little to worry about injury-wise, before dead-ending their team in GW33 ready for a GW34 Wildcard that sets up for a GW35 Bench Boost. They can then use the Triple Captain chip in a mini-double week (of which there is likely to be one somewhere provided Brighton reach the FA Cup Semi Finals – see my comment later) or they can use it as a differential in the blank gameweeks or somewhere else. At least that’s what I’d do if I had all my chips left…

The other disadvantage is how I negotiate GW32 to GW33. I am limited to having a certain number of players who have a double in 32 and a fixture in 33. The good news with this is that the FA Cup has been kind to me in this respect and at least 3 teams could fall into this category (again based on my above assumption as to where the fixtures will be moved.) These 3 teams are Arsenal, Southampton and one of Watford and Crystal Palace (who have drawn each other in the FA Cup 1/4 finals.) I can therefore use these teams as the spine of my GW32 Bench Boost, along with a core of Liverpool players who have high ownership and I expect many managers to hold through the fixture chaos, despite the fact they have no double gameweeks. So to maximise on DGW32 and to make sure I get a decent GW33 team, I’m going to need 7-8 players from Arsenal, Watford, Crystal Palace and Southampton and 2-3 Liverpool players.

Looking at this further, I can start to make some plans as to the core of my team. I’d pre-planned for 3 Liverpool players in my Wildcard to leave me as many options as possible and Salah and VVD look set to stay at least. I also have Alisson but I may ultimately change him and have a keeper combo of Foster and Guaita to give me 2 double keepers for my Bench Boost, a guaranteed one of these in GW33, with the other doubling in GW35. The problem comes with who I’d pick from the other teams!

For Saints, I already own Bednarek so he’s staying. It’s lean pickings otherwise but there are some budget options in the form of Ward-Prowse, Stephens, Hojberg and Ings (if fit.) I think I can happily get 2 players here (Bednarek + 1.) Palace and Watford are slightly less of an issue as there are a few options for both. I already have AWB, I’d happily have Milivojevic due to his penalty duties and Zaha might also be a nice option. For Watford, there’s several midfield options (Deulofeu, Pereyra, Hughes) and budget defenders who I could consider. Arsenal for me are the major problem. Kolasinac I’d happily have, essentially an attacking midfielder with the bonus of getting 4 rather than 1 for the occasional Arsenal clean sheet. Aubameyang and Lacazette are also decent options, but I’d have to sacrifice Aguero to get either. Otherwise, well there’s little else that catches the eye!

There’s one other situation that could emerge as well that would complicate things and that’s if Chelsea’s outstanding fixture versus Brighton gets put into GW32, with Brighton vs Cardiff moving to GW36 or 37 instead. This could happen due to Chelsea’s Europa League involvement, assuming they’ve not been knocked out. This would make Eden Hazard a near necessity for GW32 to cover Captain and Triple Captainers. This would be workable but I would need a rejig fund-wise. As another note on this, Brighton will have 3 fixtures to fit in somewhere if they make the FA Cup Semi-finals (they’ve got a decent 1/4 final draw) hence why I’m speculating that Chelsea fixture will appear earlier rather than later. If Brighton do make the semis, there will likely be a mini-double somewhere else (GW36 or 37 look the most likely spots.) This would make Brighton players an appealing transfer in from GW34 along with the team they’ll face in that mini-double.

As for the rest of my team, I’ll certainly have to carry 4 players on the bench through GW33 with Pogba, Rashford and Aguero likely to be the 3 outfielders here along with the winning keeper from the Watford vs Palace FA Cup 1/4 final match. I may even opt to only play 10 in GW33 as well so as to have an extra double player later on in GW35 – I’ll think on that closer to the time. So for the moment, I’m focused on buying players from Watford, Palace, Arsenal or Southampton while keeping my fingers crossed that the fixtures get allocated as I assume they will.

I hope this all makes sense, clear as mud I know!

GW27 Team

So I’ll be using both my transfers this week, but the key is looking more at who I want out short term rather than in. The 3 players highest on my out list at present are Richarlison, Speroni and Puncheon. Richarlison has no double fixtures and has no form, sadly he’s kind of mirrored what happened to him last season at Watford. He also blanks this week. Speroni won’t get back in the Palace team so needs replaced by DGW32 so I have 2 playing keepers and Puncheon is playing for a rock bottom goal-shy Huddersfield team who also have no double fixtures.

For this week, I’m looking a bit shorter term as I suspect my run of green arrows is going to come to an end with 6 of my players playing against each other in the United vs Liverpool game and no standout captain choice who might bail me out. One option here would be to cover the primary captain option this week who is likely to be Aubameyang, but I’d have to sell Aguero which I’m not keen to do looking at his form and his fixtures from GW28-30. Therefore firstly I’m going to counteract my United v Liverpool problem by selling Speroni for Foster and playing the Watford keeper. My second transfer is going to be to finally sell Richarlison with Milivojevic the player coming in. This also means I can bench Shaw with me having enough cover in the rest of the squad, but still leaves me the buffer of a second player on the bench in case of freak injuries. I’ve also brought in 2 players that should double in GW32 and one of whom should play in GW33.

For my first 11, Shaw and Bednarek are on the bench with Aguero, meaning a rare start for Puncheon. The safest captain option for me looks like Salah, as I think he’ll still be heavily backed but for the moment I’ve currently put the armband on the in-from Son. I might change depending on what the polls say but I think he could be a nice differential choice this week. Whoever you pick this week, I wish you all the best of luck folks and may your arrows be green!

Transfer summary:  Likely to be Speroni out Foster in and Richarlison out Milivojevic in

 FPL team tips GW27

Joseph Crilley

Joseph finished with an overall rank of 7k last season and 13k in 16/17

GW26 points: 62 (average 57) Total points 1,554 Gameweek rank 2,401k, Overall Rank: 123k, red arrow 14k, Team Value: £104.8m

Here’s a link to Joe’s excellent team planner spreadsheet to help you navigate the doubles and blanks.  There’s also an explanatory note.  I recommend copying the spreadsheet as the best way of using it.

GW26 review

It was a familiar feeling last gameweek where I made a solid enough start, but my rank was again destroyed by a player that I strongly feared not owning. For the second successive Sunday that player was Aguero, someone who I had avoided in GW26 as it would have required a -8 to bring him in for Hazard – two hat tricks later and I feel rather foolish. Alas, these things happen in FPL and at least Man City blank this gameweek so he can’t hurt me again on Sunday!

The other annoyance was Kolasinac who was on for a bumper haul following an early assist combined with Arsenal heading for a comfortable clean sheet. Unfortunately, the Bosnian then proceeded to score an own goal in stoppage time which cost me and my fellow owners around 10 points! It certainly doesn’t help that this is the second time in three weeks that Arsenal have conceded a last-minute goal to ruin a Kolasinac clean sheet and likely double figure haul. In the end, it was 62 points which was a decent score, but it returned another chunky red arrow – I’m still hopeful to turn things around for a strong finish though!

GW27 Team

GW27 is a mini blank gameweek with the League Cup final scheduled for Sunday resulting in four teams not playing. In my side, this means no fixture for Hazard, Digne and Richarlison along with the absent Kamara. Therefore, a transfer was required for a full starting XI – given his dreadful form, Richarlison was sold for Anderson who has some very promising fixtures on the horizon. Despite Everton’s atrocious recent performances, I will hold Digne for a couple of weeks with his decent underlying creative stats and a price which makes him easier to bench.

The obvious player missing from my team is Aubameyang for his home fixture against Southampton, but I’m currently staying away as it would require a -8 to bring him in for Hazard (sound familiar!?). I already have 11 players for this week, and he isn’t someone that I particularly want long term as I would prefer to bring in a premium City asset next week. That makes my captaincy decision a little tricky and it’s mainly a battle between Son and Anderson. I’m currently on the West Ham man as I think this is a great fixture for him at home to Fulham and he loves a big haul against the sides near the bottom of the table.

Looking Ahead

We are edging closer to peak double & blank gameweek season where every transfer from here will be defined by them. I haven’t finalised my plans yet, but I will be using one of the following two strategies:

1) Free hit in BGW31, BB in DGW32, Wildcard in BGW33 and triple captain in DGW35

2) Free hit in DG32, Wildcard in GW34 and BB in DGW35. The issue here is triple captain and I would be hoping for an extra double gameweek to use it in

Looking at my current side, I only have 5 players who play in GW31 which includes Digne and Hazard – and I’d rather sell them before then anyway. On the other hand, I have 8 players who should have a double gameweek in 32 along with Salah and Robertson who I’d probably keep regardless. Therefore, I currently prefer strategy 1 so I can make transfers for DGW32 over the next few weeks which means I can then make moves such as Sterling in for Hazard or Laporte for Digne rather than settling for what I consider lesser options from mid-table sides.

As this will also allow me to definitely play the triple captain in a double gameweek, I currently prefer this option. The only issue is muddling through GW33, but I should be able to easily get out 8/9 players with a wildcard along with plenty of GW35 double gameweekers! However, I am hoping for some more clarification on where fixtures will be rearranged before finalising my decision!

That’s all in the future though – for now, best of luck to everyone this gameweek!

Transfer Summary:  Richarlison out Anderson in.

 FPL team tips GW27

Costas Chari

Costas finished with an OR of 29k last season and 27k in 16/17

GW26 points: 83 (average 57) Total points 1,585 Gameweek rank 316k, Overall Rank: 60k, Green arrow 26k, Team Value: £103.3m

You can also see Costas’s double and blanks plan without a wildcard here

Hello all!

Firstly i would like to make a recap of the last 4 GWs. I played my wildcard and in the article I stated that I am playing it earlyish as I am left behind and need to catch up. So I did so in a manner that it would have been a 4 GW free hit as I had Man United Liverpool Spurs and Wolves players covering the team.

It really payed off! I ranked 224k ish OR before the wildcard and after 4 GWs I am at 60k OR- so a good come back and use of the wildcard.

But now its the hard part as without a wildcard its hard to navigate through the blanks and double GWs. Planning started from last week as I transferred Sane out for Mane meaning I had 3 Liverpool players with Salah and Van Dijk since they don’t have a blank.

This weeks transfer is Moura out for Felipe Anderson who has great fixture and a fixture at the first blank GW31.

Planning ahead: Pereira of Leicester (probably for Lindelof) and a Burnley player (Barnes?, Mee or both).

I am not transferring Aguero out even though he has a blank. If I had my wildcard I would go for Aubameyang but since I don’t I cant spoil 2 transfers in getting Aguero in and out of my team.

This weeks team and captain selection is very hard as I have 3 Man Utd v Liverpool derby players and no captain choice. So I will bench Bednarek as I think Arsenal will score heavily against them. Puncheon is also benched as he is the least likely to give me a return.

Captain- going for the differential Felipe Anderson and hoping for the best.

Good luck all!

Transfer summary;  Moura out for Felipe Anderson

 FPL team tips GW27

Sergio Torija

Sergio finished with an OR of 17k last season and 21k in 16/17

GW26 points: 48 (average 57) Total points 1,391 Gameweek rank 4,249k, Overall Rank: 1,518k, Red arrow 194k, Team Value: £101.9m

See Sergio’s doubles and blanks plan here.

The last gameweek seems far away after the FA cup weekend, but if I remember well I remained in the fpl darkness with another 4 million gameweek rank. Only the Liverpool boys that everyone has provided points, plus Ederson.

This week I’ve removed two players with blank GW27 in Hazard and Calvert-Lewin for Maddison and Lacazette. By now I must be the only remaining active player with Sane in the books, but won’t take a hit to remove him, the next three after GW27 are good, and he will get some gametime for sure, he can’t have gone from essential to the City attack to bad just like that.

Going alternative with captain this week, so Lacazette it is

Good luck for GW24 Geekers !

Transfer Summary:  Hazard and Calvert-Lewin out for Maddison and Lacazette

FPL team tips GW27

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FPL team tips GW27

See my most recent article on the blanks and doubles as background.  Also you can see last seasons 715 OR finisher Andrew Ferguson’s plans

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