FPL Team Tips GW35 – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams Part 3


Here’s our article with 4 FFGeek Contributors and their FPL team tips GW35. Each show their GW35 teams. There’s Rick Porter, Rob Reid, Stephen Troop and Costas Chari. Includes a draft Free Hit team

FPL Team Tips GW35 – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams Part 3

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This is part 3 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It won’t cover transfers in real time either. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.  The teams are shown as their “final-ish” teams so they could change.  Where they have twitter accounts I have shown this and they may update them there or on our Slack Channel which is part of our subscription Patreon site but this is not guaranteed

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Rick Porter

Rick’s last 4 seasons overall ranks were 29k, 1k, 30k and 2k. 

GW34 points: 44 (FPL average 39) Total points: 2,263, Overall Rank: 1k, no rank movement,  Team Value: £105.1m

Rick has used all his chips

In a week full of issues it was the little things that led to my small green arrow. A clean sheet for Veltman, Son’s haul, and a goal for Watkins was all it took. I only lost Bruno and Salah in the cancelled match so, while some were dealing with 3-5 players blanking on top of any Man City benchings, I got away lightly and the few points my other players scraped together did a surprising amount of heavy lifting.

A Change of Plan

The original plan was to be content with my 8 double players this week, roll my transfer and have 2 FTs to deal with my 4 GW36 blankers. That plan changed to something involving a -4 when I thought Liverpool would have a double and Man U wouldn’t blank in GW36. Now, with a Man U triple and a Liverpool double, the plan has to change again… and it’ll likely cost me 8 points.

The Triple

Triple gameweeks are a rare thing. Probably for the best. Playing that many times in a single week will surly lead to rotation and, as a by-product, disappoint for the FPL managers that move mountains to prepare for the occasion. The truth is, that’ll be all of us to a point. We all know rotation is inevitable and few – if any – players will start all three games… but what if the ones you pick do? Do you really want to miss out? These weeks come around so rarely that most will be dipping their toe to some degree. Some a foot. Others a whole leg.


With 4 of my players blanking in GW36 already, bringing in another Man U asset is signing up to a BGW36 -4 right away. More if there are other issues that need addressing. However, I can’t go into this with just Bruno, so I’ll be doing exactly that. Also, now that Liverpool have a double, I’m concerned about Alexander-Arnold. He was already a rank killer for me and a double makes him too big a threat to ignore. I need him too, so that’s a -4 this week as well. Worth it for the protection against a mega-haul I think.


The above in mind, my FT this week will probably be Greenwood in for Son. This frees up funds for an extra transfer of Dallas to Trent for a hit. I don’t really want to give up either player but it’s potentially 5 games instead of 2, so hopefully it’ll be worth the 8 points it will ultimately cost me. I’ll wait until after the Roma match to make these moves as that may change things.


Assuming all goes to plan, captain has to be Bruno Fernandes. Greenwood vice.

Transfer summary: Son out Greenwood in and Dallas Out Alexander Arnold in

Here’s the team showing the transfers as made


Rob Reid

Rob’s last 5 seasons overall rank were 148k, 94k, 22k, 4k and 7k

GW34 Points:  36   (FPL average 39) Total points: 2,203, Overall Rank: 13k, red arrow:  2k Team Value: £107.3m

Rob has used all of his Chips

Follow Rob on twitter here

GW34 review

This bit will probably feel like deja vu if you’ve read a few of the contributor write-ups already this week, but I’ll cross the ‘T’s and dot the ‘I’s for completeness anyway! A very frustrating ultimately blank gameweek, only managing to field 9 players in the end. Things were looking ok come Sunday – Rudiger’s absence was set to be mitigated by Veltman’s clean sheet off the bench. Unfortunately the United v Pool cancellation then happened wiping out 4 players and unlocking everyone else’s bench points coupled with a frustrating blank from Captain Kane in the evening.

Only 3 returners in the end – Son, Iheanacho and Veltman, but a 2k red could have been a hell of a lot worse. I think the main winners this week were causal players and ghost teams with limited United and Liverpool cover along with the brave managers who own (and in some cases Captained) Gareth Bale – hats off if this applies to any of you!

So the blank generated by the cancellation has now caused maximum fixture carnage in GW35. For what I believe is only the second time in FPL history we have a TRIPLE GAMEWEEK (TGW) for a team. Last time it was my local team Middlesbrough in the season they got to the Europa League final I think. It was pretty underwhelming I seem to recall – something like a 0-1, 0-0 and 1-1 with Lee Cattermole the only player featuring in all 3 games. Maybe that gives us a warning of sorts? But then, who doesn’t love a double gameweek, never mind a triple!

GW35 Team

2 free transfers and £0.3m in the bank.

So in a left-field move by the boffins in charge of scheduling fixtures, Man United now have THREE fixtures in GW35. Yep they’re going to play 4 times over an 8 day period (if you include their Europa League tie in Italy on Thursday night.) Madness. I’m guessing it was the TV companies who influenced things when looking at the scheduling and choosing not to do what looked like the more sensible option of moving West Brom versus Liverpool into GW35 and putting United v Liverpool in GW36. C’est la vie.

Anyway rant over and back to matters in hand.

At present I have:

2 TGW players (they blank in GW36) – Fernandes and Shaw
3 Double Gameweek (DGW) players who then blank in GW36 – Rudiger, Castagne and Iheanacho
4 DGW players who play in 36 – Salah, Jota, Martinez and Konsa
6 players with a single fixture who play in 36 – Areola, Veltman, Son, Lingard, Kane and Bamford

I am therefore looking towards striking a balance between attacking this double gameweek without crippling my squad for GW36. My main initial target this week (pre-fixture changes) was Trent Alexander-Arnold and this hasn’t changed. In fact with Liverpool now doubling, he’s even more appealing. I’ll need to find at least £2m however to fund this move and the only way I think I can do this is unfortunately to sell Son, which is a shame considering his recent form and I confess I am a little nervous to this as he is pretty highly owned.

In terms of who I’ll replace in defence, unfortunately it will mean sacrificing Castagne before a double (with the opening fixture against Newcastle) but to be fair this was always my plan anyway, it was just I was going to do it in GW36 rather than 35. Rudiger is another option, but I’m keen to keep Chelsea defensive cover to align with the template and I don’t want to really sell Veltman or Konsa as I need them for GW36. So Castagne will become Trent, leaving me £7.9m to spend in midfield. I’ve narrowed it down to 2 options here – Greenwood or Sigurdsson. I prefer the former for several reasons – firstly the triple fixture this week, secondly his better recent form and thirdly he’s better on the stats front. The downside is that he likely won’t start all 3 games (hopefully he’d get 2 and maybe some sub minutes) and it would also leave me a player down in GW36 compared with Sigurdsson who has a game there.

This latter point to be fair though I don’t think is the end of the world. I’d be on 9 players with 1 free transfer for GW36 if I went Greenwood and I wouldn’t be averse to going with only 10 or taking a hit (which would effectively be only 2 points) to get to 11. So I think I’ll probably go Greenwood on this move, but I’ll wait until the Pressers are done and dusted tomorrow before confirming things for sure. Looking further forward, I’d then make at least one transfer in GW36 which is likely to be Iheahnacho to Antonio and possibly a second for a hit which could be moving Greenwood on after just a one week stay in my team.

For my line-up this week, I’m keen to still play Kane and Lingard so I’ll be benching one of my double players along with Veltman and Bamford. Konsa is the one who I think will miss out, with Rudiger having better clean sheet odds across the 2 games. I think the Captain poll should be pretty clear cut this week – it’s got to be Bruno Fernandes really doesn’t it?! However there are some very interesting polls related to TGW35 and BGW36 which are worth reading.

So another crazy gameweek incoming folks, hold on to your hats! All the best to you and don’t forget it’s Friday for the deadline again. I’m finishing work early on Friday to pick my kids up from school so hopefully I’ll have time before the deadline to put my team on Twitter as usual. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the games.

Transfer summary: Likely Son out and Greenwood in and Castagne out and Alexander Arnold in

Here’s the team prior to any transfers being made


Stephen Troop

Stephen’s last 4 seasons overall rank were 86k, 43k, 52k and 64k

GW34 points: 44  (FPL average 39) Total points: 2,197 Overall Rank: 16k, green arrow 2k.  Team Value: £105.4m

Stephen has used all his Chips

Follow Stephen on twitter here

GW34 Review

Points 44 which resulted in a green arrow from 18.5k to 16.4k

It was a very strange gameweek where as a result of the combination of the Man U Liverpool cancelled game and Holding/ESR not featuring at all, I could only muster 7 players in total with Fofana subbed at half time and Vardy’s blank Friday night looking painful. As a result of needing a -4 to get Kane back in, I kept Vardy and captained Son which is the only reason for my green arrow. Feel I’ve massively got away with that one.

GW35 Preview

It’s now all about navigating these next 2 gameweeks well with no chips. I do have 2 FTs at the moment though. A double (and treble) gameweek next followed by a blank makes things tricky. I currently have 12 of my 15 players with a double/treble (just Fernandes with the treble) although Forster doesn’t really count and with Holding/ESR at risk of rotation.

I only have 7 playing in the blank gameweek so despite the lure of double/treble gameweeks, I can’t afford to transfer more of these players in when it doesn’t result in more games in total over the 2 gameweeks. e.g. Son>Greenwood just isn’t viable for me as I’d only get 1 extra game and Greenwood would have to play in all 3 to make it worth it (plus Son’s fixtures are better).

So my plan is to use 1FT this week to bring in Kyle Walker Peters for Holding. A more sure starter doubler who also has a decent fixture in GW36. Then next week I’ll do 3 transfers for a -4. Fernandes>Mahrez, Vardy > Kane and Fofana>Dallas. This will field me with a decent xi, provided Mahrez starts. It will leave me with a dilemma of being unable to get Bruno back afterwards without a hit. It feels a little wrong not maximising this double/treble gameweek but I can’t see a worthwhile strategy not involving lots of hits.

Team below before any transfers are made. I have a fair amount of wiggle room on moves so can wait until near the deadline to confirm.

Good luck all

Transfer summary: Walker Peters in and Holding out

Here’s the team with transfer made


Costas Chari

Costas’s last 4 seasons overall ranks were 17k, 84k, 29k and 27k

GW34 points:  38  (FPL average 39) Total points: 2,098, Overall Rank: 159k, Red Arrow 6k, Team Value: £104.3m

Costas has used his Triple Captain Chip, Wildcard and his Bench Boost Chip

Follow Costas on twitter here

I am sure everyone is crazy tinkering, especially FHers. I know I am, trying to find the best possible 11 is hard. If I did not have my FH then I would have tried to get the most owned players of the GW but its a different story now especially if you are a manager such as my self you really liked a punt and who is currently at a bad rank 159k.

Rest assured I will be playing a fun FH. I think this is the best chip and if you are playing this particular chip safe then you are playing the game wrong. FPL gives you an opportunity to go as crazy as you want for a gw without having to worry about messing your team up!

Difficult 50-50 calls I am facing- which 7ish mid to get? Maddison, Zaha, Greenwood are great options and it could be anyone’s week. Which ever you choose don’t beat your self up if the other haul they are all great options. I am going with MADDY as Zaha is my ultimate FPL troll player and because Greenwood played 90mins against Roma so will miss (probably) the villa game. Maddy also has to showcase something to get in the plane for the euros.

Triple united. We are in a position that we feel strongly none will start all 3 games. I don’t think even Henderson or Maguire who played 90vs Roma will get 4 90min games in a week. That’s suicide and bad managing from Ole if he does so. We also do know that united face an in form villa team away and 2 of the best teams in the league in need of points (Leicester and Liverpool)…. BUT when does a triple gameweek come along? NOT OFTEN. So I am going with popular BRUNO, SHAW who got rested last night and RASHFORD who just played 20min vs Roma.

Castagne- Digne. Well I decide to go for NONE (absolutely nobody- Conor McGregor voice). Digne has the attacking threat but if James is back then he loses most of his set pieces and could well concede in both games. Castagne I believe will surely concede vs united. So I am going to double up with Liverpool in the back with TAA and ROBBO.

SALAH is also in the team especially due to the Southampton game and his hunt for the golden boot.

Up front I believe the price and upsite of IHEANACHO is amazing so he is in the team. The other two spots are taken by CALVERT-LEWIN and RICHARLISON. Budget was tight so GUAITA is in goal who also holds a good chance of a CS.

So my team has the following 6 differentials- Guaita (3.7%), Robbo (14.2%), Rashford (11.5%), Maddison (7.8%), Richarlison (8.0%). The 6th is of course the double Liverpool defence. The 7th is the double Everton attack

…… BOOM captain will be Rashford! He definitely starts the villa and Liverpool game and makes an appearance vs Leicester? Bruno’s 83mins vs Roma really put me off and to be honest I like to chase an upside on something- its gw35 and I am sitting on 159k…

good luck all!

Transfer summary: Free Hit activated

Here’s the draft Free Hit team


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