FPL team tips GW38 – FFGeek contributors show their GW38+ teams part 1


Here’s our FPL team tips GW38 article where the 1st group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW38+. In this article there’s FFGeek contributors Costas Chari, Rob Reid, Stephen Troop, Andrew Whitfield and Alex Ball

FPL team tips GW38 – FFGeek contributors show their GW38+ teams part 1

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This is part 1 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It won’t cover transfers in real time either. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

Costas Chari

Costas’s last 3 seasons overall ranks were 84k, 29k and 27k

GW37+ points 71 -4 = 67 (FPL average 53) Total points 2,251 Overall Rank: 30k, no rank movement, Team Value: £103.8m

Costas has used all his chips

Well the end is near what a season this has been for us.

Short synopsis on GW37, i dropped 202 places although before the Liverpool vs Chelsea game I had a 9k green arrow! My hit was a success as Pieters scored 12 points although my initial transfer to get David Silva in for Pulisic was a disaster. This is FPL and we have to live with it. Sometimes you get the 50-50 correct sometimes you don’t and you just have to carry on.


I made just one transfer in Jimenez out for Aubameyang and had the exact cash to do it.

I really like the setup of my team as I have a double Burnley defense, Digne who plays against relegated BOU, Ings and Auba going for the boot and triple Man United and Man Vity.

I am. Not concerned about the man U recent dip in form as they always perform well when their back is at the wall.

Man City is an issue. Pep roulette has been killing me lately although I am glad sterling got a 30min rest, De Bruyne is going for the assist record so you would assume he starts and D Silva since he missed last game and it’s his last PL game for City he will definitely play this one?!?!?

The captain selection is giving me headaches as I am just ahead (16pts)of a buddy of mine in various leagues and have to get it right!

I am definitely not going for any of the Man U boys and not going with Ings. Its between the 3 City boys and Auba at the moment although I fear that Watford are  playing for their lives will give Arsenal a hard game! I am currently on Sterling for his form and explosiveness. Norwich have had injuries and suspensions so I really don’t know how they will find players to play and be motivated enough.

Good luck everyone!

Transfer summary:  Jimenez out and Aubameyang in

Here’s the team with the transfer made:

 fpl team tips GW38

Rob Cosgrave

Rob’s last 3 seasons overall rank were 45k, 40k and 23k

GW37+ points 63 (FPL average 53) Total points 2,218 Overall Rank: 66k, red arrow 5k , Team Value: £102.3m

Rob still has his triple captain

A pretty average score overall for GW37 resulting in a small red arrow. My Pieters transfer was a great success but I expected more from Man Utd. Now I find myself stuck on who to take out!

My plan was to bring in Aubameyang and Sterling but who to take out for them has been rattling my brain all week. It’s between Vardy and Rashford who both have good reasons to stay. Pulisic was going for Sterling but after the Liverpool game I was having second thoughts. I do think Wolves will provide a sterner test though so wouldn’t be too heartbroken if Pulisic did return.

Back to Vardy and Rashford, I think Vardy has more fight in him chasing the golden boot whereas Rashford doesn’t tend to perform in away games (except for the palace game) so I am leaning towards keeping Vardy.

I find myself forced into an 8 point hit (again!) but the last one I took turned out to be a great gamble! I don’t think Doherty will get many points so he will be sacrificed.

Looking at the clean sheet potential I don’t see much appeal apart from Man City so I will be playing double Pep roulette! Otamendi didn’t play against Watford so you would think he was nailed for the Norwich game but look for Geeks article on the Man City lineup potential but I am ready and Prepared to be stung by Pep (potentially twice!)

Due to price rises I have made these transfers early so I don’t miss out come Sunday. If Pep stings me then he stings me..FPL is a game and you can’t win them all!

Summary: Rashford, Pulisic, Doherty OUT
Aubameyang, Sterling, Otamendi IN

TRIPLE CAPTAIN ON STERLING!!! (although photo shows it on David Silva which will be corrected)

Here’s the team with transfers made:

 fpl team tips GW38

Stephen Troop

Stephen’s last 3 seasons overall rank were 43k, 52k and 64k

GW37+ points 73 (FPL average 53) Total points 2,208 Overall Rank: 81k, green arrow 13k , Team Value: £102.9m

Stephen is using his Free Hit this week

Follow Stephen on twitter here

I’m on FH but I only have a first draft and decisions are more based on ML rise gambles. I’ve given a brief description below.

So I’m on my Free Hit and behind in some mini leagues so hopefully I can close the gap. This is a first draft but likely won’t have time until Sunday to tinker.

I’ll be going 3 City for certain v Norwich. Currently on De Bruyne, Jesus and D Silva. D Silva will likely playing as his final game in a City shirt so I’m hoping that will result in a big performance. I wanted Sterling over Jesus but cannot find the money without big sacrifices. Mahrez after being partially rested midweek is also an option. I’m hoping for any early city team news so I can get 3 starters in but anyone coming on as a sub v Norwich could do well.

I’m Gambling on Kane, and even have captain on him for now, but could change to Aubameyang and his potential golden boot push, but against Watford who need to give everything to survive. I’m keeping a single united attacker (Fernandes) given how important the game is for them. Antonio is on form, and on penalties too apparently and a ML differential as it stands so he completes the midfield over Pulisic.

Seen some drafts with double or triple Burnley but I think Brighton could surprise with a goal. So I’ve just gone with Pope and gone for a gamble in Digne and Aurier in defence. Both with good fixtures and attacking potential. So big ceilings in terms of points. not 100% on Digne as Bournemouth have to win so will be all guns blazing to avoid relegation.

Good luck all

Transfer summary:  On Free Hit

Here’s the first draft:

 fpl team tips gw38

Andrew Whitfield

Andrew finished with an overall rank of 6k last season and 19k in 17/18

GW37+ points 78 – 4 = 74 (FPL average 53) Total points 2,186 Overall Rank: 123k, green arrow 22k , Team Value: £104.8m

Andrew has used all his chips

Follow Andrew on twitter here

– Well I know the artificial crowd noise was a bit weird, water breaks unusual, and five subs too, but I rather enjoyed “Project Restart” didn’t you ?? Premier league football virtually every day I think I could I get used to. The most important thing, it’s been done safely and dispelled any fears from the “void the season” callers. Full credit to the Premier league in putting on the show and keeping us all entertained and everyone safe. So just one week to go, but before you know it, football will be back !!

My GW37+ review:

– 78 points ( with a minus 4 ) brought me a 22k green arrow, up from 145k to 123k. I can’t remember the last time I had NINE returns from my starting eleven !! I was fancying a “full house” until I had two blanks where I least expected it, including a captain one pointer, which ultimately cost me a place inside the top 100k, which bizarrely left me slightly disappointed despite nine returns !! But a rise from 241k at lockdown to 123k is progress. One last push !!

My GW37 talking points:

– I never thought I would play double Burnley defence. I brought in Tarkowski to pair up with Pope against down and out Norwich. I don’t think i will ever have an easier pair of clean sheets, with Norwich down to nine men before half time. Pope is now going for the golden glove so the pair will stay at home to Brighton.. Those on Pieters hit the jackpot but happy with the double shut out. I think the Burnley defenders sound so determined to get Pope the golden glove that they might play ten across the back this week !! My only question is whether to go triple Burnley defence or not ??

– Danny Ings lining up against Bournemouth was a great match up. Having scored just before half time with his first opportunity, I was pretty content. For him to then miss a second half penalty was a cruel twist. A 9 point swing in fact, when you factor in loss of certain full bonus points and the difference between the goal and the miss. The 13 pointer that turned into a 4 pointer instead actually felt like a blank. Ings still has an eye on the golden boot so a chance of a goal v Sheff Utd. Just don’t take the penalties please Danny !!

– After double Burnley defence, it was over to double Wolves defenders. It’s definitely stressful cheering double clean sheets. You fear the 95th minute dagger. Not as straightforward as the Burnley one, but very happy to get it over the line. Doherty and Boly got the clean sheets, which was very nice, especially with Saiss missing out. 9 Wolves clean sheets in 13 games is very impressive. An assist and 12 pointer for Doherty was reward for “going premium”. The only question now is whether to keep one of my Wolves defenders in at Chelsea.

– I was relieved to see Raheem Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne on the team sheet at Watford. I benched Foden who played and scored but another assist from KDB, plus a 17 pointer from Sterling was enjoyable. I stepped out of my comfort zone and made the Salah to Sterling switch in GW36 so got my rewards at the second time of asking. The appeal of sterling is his potential for explosive returns on a low ownership, the key to any move up the ranks. Mind you, almost a case of “deja vu” with Raheem scoring, then missing from the spot . Fortunately he tidied up his own mess and put the rebound in this time !! A shame he went off after an hour but the big positive is it increases his chances of playing at home to Norwich in an absolute golden fixture. If he has wrestled the penalties from KDB too in a quest for the golden boot, then even better.

– Now the biggest question of the week. Which three city players for Norwich at home !! I have to stick with Sterling and possibly captain him. I have doubts about Foden starting. KDB might or might not but he is going for the assists record too. The two most nailed city starters after sitting out Watford are Mahrez and D Silva. I certainly want to be on Silva for his last ever City league game. It’s written in the stars. The only question is whether to bring him in for De Bruyne or take a points hit as I don’t have a free hit. Foden to Silva is the move I really want and to keep De Bruyne and Sterling. I think they are the three with the best potential for a haul this week and being Norwich at home, I think it’s worth a punt with a -4 for a last throw of the dice.

– So with seven returns out of seven, it was over to my Man Utd trio at home to Westham. I had been on Maguire since lockdown and whilst United have chipped in with clean sheets, not having three United attackers had been killing me. Especially Martial. I felt it was worth making the double switch in GW37 from Maguire to Martial at a cost of four points, purely for the “rank protection” that it brought in covering Martial with his consistency and ever increasing effective ownership. Yes Greenwood remained a highly owned risk, but I figured being on Fernandes, Martial and Rashford would mean I could sleep at night and enjoy watching Man Utd games !!

– So I sat down to enjoy United v Westham with Rashford, captain Fernandes ( both big rank movers for me ) and Martial, only for them all to blank and the highly owned Greenwood score instead and hoover up full bonus too which was the worst possible outcome with my three attacking players missing out. It looks as though tiredness has set in which is not surprising when United have been fielding the same team twice a week. Can they lift themselves at Leicester for one last time. I am going to keep the faith.

– The final game of the week saw me highly exposed to both the double Liverpool defence and to Salah. So for Liverpool to concede three and Salah and Mane to only manage one assist each from five goals was a big escape really. I only had Trent so a 13 pointer was a real escape and and showed that you just keep Trent in your team every week !!!

So what next :

– I have one free transfer and zero in the bank. So not a huge amount of wriggle room.

– I don’t have the free hit and the full flexibility to consider the likes of Aubamayang and Kane and Salah and the ease to simply bring in the best Man City three without a hit, which based on the likelihood of starting would be Sterling, Silva and Mahrez. It’s potentially a huge advantage to free hit on the final day, especially with all the fixtures taking place simultaneously and the possibility of late team leaks in multiple fixtures for those holding their nerve to the deadline.

– I am happy for the match ups for my players. The free hitters will probably have to sacrifice Man Utd attackers to get to Auba or Kane. It could be tight for Leicester v United with a lot at stake, but with Soyuncu, Chilwell and Pereira all absent from the defence, I am happy to stick with my three pronged United attack for the final game and that will be my differential over Kane and Aubamayang. Triple United and triple City plus a home game for Danny Ings is a solid attacking seven. Double Burnley defence again looks worth the punt. I would never move Trent. My only question if I did make a change would be Doherty with a tough fixture at Chelsea to either Lucas Digne or Azpilicueta. Maybe I should just stick with Doherty. He deserves my loyalty.

– One thing I have done is have a direct replacement ready for every player and leave it late and hold out for late team leaks, something I wouldn’t normally do, but with the possibility of multiple late team leaks, it makes sense to play a late game of “hold your nerve”. For example, Trent if out could be Robertson, Tarkowski could be Pieters. I have a standby player ready in all positions for any significant late leaks.

– If I am taking a hit to bring in Silva, I could bring him in for De Bruyne and then upgrade Rashford to either Aubamayang or Kane. But do I want to lose Rashford and KDB, not really.

– I really want D Silva and I think he is a double figure haul waiting to happen, so I am likely to bring him in for Foden, who might not start, for a hit, and fund it by switching out Doherty. I can bring in Pieters and gamble on a triple Burnley defence which is high risk high reward, or another cheap defender like Mings or Diop to spread the risk. Whoever I bring in to defence I could just bench anyway and play Boly instead of Doherty. So if I keep the Wolves defence, it amounts to bringing in Silva to outscore Foden by four points. I think that’s worth a final weekend gamble for David Silva’s swansong. They might even give him a late penalty !!


– Not an easy one this week. I am usually very cautious when opposing players with effective ownership of over 100%, as I hate not cheering my own players. Which could see Fernandes and KDB in that position. But I am going to gamble for the final weekend on Sterling starting at home to Norwich. There is always the chance of a return from the bench if he gets 30 mins.

Transfer summary:

– I will be leaving it late to cover any absences for my key players. But I also have Nketiah who could step up from my bench at home to Watford if anyone misses out in my team. So I am highly likely to take a -4 and do Foden to D Silva and fund it by Doherty to either Pieters or Diop or Mings.

Foden out D Silva in funded by Doherty to either Pieters, Diop or Mings

Line up:

– I will play 352 with a triple City midfield of KDB, Sterling and D Silva, plus Fernandes and Martial. I will play Rashford and Ings up top. Trent will play. My only question is whether to go all out on triple Burnley defence, or put in Diop or Mings instead of Pieters, or bench who ever I bring in and just bring Boly in. He has been great in delivering the clean sheets so maybe it’s his time to nod in a set piece in the last game.

– Good luck everybody in achieving your ranking goals, winning your mini leagues and enjoy the final day. And before you know it, we will be back again for more !!!!

Team below ( link ) is BEFORE any changes..

 fpl team tips gw38

Alex Ball

Alex’s last 5 seasons overall rank were 523k, 17k, 10k, 28k and 3k

GW37+ points 82 – 4 = 78 (FPL average 53) Total points 2,127 Overall Rank: 315k, green arrow 73k , Team Value: £106.0m

Alex has used all his chips

Follow Alex on twitter here

No idea what I’m doing but likely to get Sterling in as captain some how

transfer summary:  To be confirmed

Here’s the team with no transfers made

 fpl team tips gw38

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fpl team tips GW38

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  1. Sir Andrew, it’s been a real pleasure this season going through your humblingly honorably honest posts which seems as if we are in your mind ourselves going through all the possible permissive permutations…haha…really!

    Many times the only contributer’s article I read is the one which includes you…Thanks a lot and looking forward to see you again in just over a month’s time with a clean slate and hopefully better seasons (I had been near about top 10k 6-7 weeks ago but took a few risks to go even higher which didn’t quite pay off so have been hovering around 25k for the last 2-3 weeks)!!

    Thanks once again
    An ardent admirer

  2. Thank you for your very kind words NS. I am glad you enjoyed my contributions.

    You can also follow me on twitter. The link is in the article.

    Good luck to you and everyone else on the final Sunday and May your arrows be green


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