fpl team tips GW4 – the FFGeek contributors show their team lineups part 2


Here’s our fpl team tips GW4 article where the 2nd group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW4. In this part there’s Alex Ball, Prakhar Patel, Scott Hargadon, FPL Word and Joe Armiger

FPL team tips GW4 – FFGeek contributors show their GW4 teams part 2

Here’s part 2 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

Alex Ball

Alex finished in 17k last season 10k in 16/17 28k in 15/16 and 3k in 14/15

GW3 points: 53-4 (average 50) Total points 217, Gameweek rank 2,137k, Overall Rank: 149k, red arrow 25k, Team Value: £101.8m

An average week of 53 -4 and a slight drop to 150k. Still, I’m quite happy with that rank at this point in the season. The -4 didn’t just about broke even but I’m happy to have Alonso and Mkhitaryan in my team (less bothered about Ings I have to say!)
On to this week and a very early transfer of Richarlison to Walcott. The team looks pretty solid with Wally in, although Joe’s excellent wildcard article had me very tempted.
The defence now picks its self although Robbo may be on borrowed time as Liverpool’s fixtures come thick and fast through September.
I think Hamer will lose his spot now so Patricio is number 1 and on his own now. That’s fine for the short term as Wolves have OK fixtures and their stats suggest they should be performing better than they currently are.
The midfield and forwards look good this week and have fixtures I’m happy with. Ings apparently has a blister (really??!!) but WB is ready and waiting if needed.
Kun capo is an easy pick for me. Leading all polls, excellent stats and an opponent he loves to play. All the best this week.

fpl team tips GW4

Prakhar Patel

Prakhar finished in 17th overall in fantasy premier league last season.  An amazing achievement

GW3 points: 43 (average 50) Total points 209, Gameweek rank 3,905k, Overall Rank: 209k, red arrow 107k, Team Value: £101.3m

To begin with, GW3 was a complete disaster for me.I wanted to get rid of DDG once and for all but dealing with the Richarlison ban had to be addressed first so without much tinkering,I’ve brought Walcott which is not a bad decision as far as I’m concerned. I am still confused between the usual candidates for captaincy which I think will be decided on Saturday! I will update my team on Twitter if the captaincy changes.Good luck everyone

fpl team tips GW4


Scott Hargadon

Scott finished with an OR of 70k and 21k OR in 16/17.

GW3 points: 44 (average 50) Total points 242, Gameweek rank 3,741k, Overall Rank: 15k, red arrow 11k, Team Value: £101.7m

A bad week for my team. Not having Alonso, Wilson or Mitrovic hurt my rank. That plus trading out King for Ings. Only move this week was done early: Richarlison to Walcott for the two good Everton home games. Doing it early has helped my team value as Walcott has risen twice this week. Aguero is captain at home to Newcastle.

I am amazed at how fast the FPL landscape changed last week: Richarlison red card, Spurs doing well, United looking out of sorts, Liverpool and City not scoring at will. If I have more bad gameweeks I will be looking to Wildcard as early as GW6 when it appears there are a number of teams with changing fortunes. I hope I can forestall the WC until later and I may look to take a -4 or two in the coming weeks. Bernardo Silva may be sacrificed to bring in my personal troll Alonso and Arnautovic may go to Mitrovic. I am not at a point yet where I feel I have enough information to want to play my WC.

fpl team tips GW4


FPL Word finished 35K OR in 17/18. 9k in 16/17, 1k OR in 15/16, 5k OR in 14/15

GW3 points: 40 (average 50) Total points 227, Gameweek rank 4,307k, Overall Rank: 65k, red arrow 45k, Team Value: £101.6m

Awful GW3 for me — just 40 points, so 10 points short of the average. That cost me a drop from 20k to 65k overall.  So I’m obviously very disappointed with the score, but not so much with the team, I think it’s solid and should do well

I had two transfers saved and used one of them to replace Davies with Alonso. I felt unlucky there, because I sensed Tottenham would get something from that game and played Davies in the first eleven, only to see Rose take to the field and the Welshman earning a 1-point cameo at the end of the game

Still to do the second transfer as I was weighing my options re the Richarlison replacement. I did some research and Walcott is the obvious pick. Amazing fixtures, attacking team, has FPL pedigree. Even if GW1-3 weren’t great for hims stats-wise (but not shabby either), Everton were playing with 10 men half of that time. So I’m taking a risk with Wally

Pedro and Kante were the other options. I liked Pedro, but then I’m not entirely sure he’s nailed-on. He was taken off in the 68th minute vs. Newcastle when Chelsea couldn’t do anything apart from passing the ball all around. Willian came on and boom, two goals. So I wouldn’t be totally surprised if Willian started the next game and Pedro was on the bench

I really like Kante as a maverick pick. He does get forward much more this season and costs just 5.0 which is ridiculous for a midfielder with a licence to go forward in a top 4 (5-6) team. But he didn’t do enough in the Newcastle game, so I’ve passed. But I’ll keep on watching him

This is the team:


I don’t feel great about having Ings in the team, especially after shipping out King who scored immediately afterwards. Ings’s stats are good and in theory he should do fine, but I would take Mitrovic over him for sure. Also, there’s an injury worry with Ings now so I’ll have van Bissaka coming in if needed

Captain Kun, has to be given his record vs. Newcastle

Joe Armiger

Joe finished with a fantastic OR of 987 last season and 49k the season before

GW3 points: 43 (average 50) Total points 195, Gameweek rank 3.905m , Overall Rank: 575k, red arrow 215k, Team Value: £101.1m

Walcott in for Richarlison due to Everton’s next 2 fixtures being good

Almost tempted to wildcard following the disastrous start

fpl team tips GW4


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