FPL team tips GW4 – 6 FFGeek contributors show their GW4 teams part 1


With their seemingly being alot of reader interest in early transfers I thought it was worth doing an article for the FFGeek contributors to show their teams where they have bitten the bullet and made transfers already . So here’s our FPL team tips GW4 article where the 1st group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW4.  In this part there’s Joseph Crilley, Scott Taylor, Kris O, Mikael L Danielsen, Sergio Torija and Jordan Sadler.

FPL team tips GW4 – 6 FFGeek contributors show their GW4 teams part 1

This is part 1 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It won’t cover transfers in real time either. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

Scott Taylor

Scott finished with an overall rank of 1k last season and 12k in 17/18

GW3 points: 52 (average 44) Total points 169 Gameweek rank 1,882k, Overall Rank: 1,198k, green arrow 331k, Team Value: £100.2m

GW3 was an improvement on GW2 with 4 returning players and one double figure return. The wrong captain choice but at least Sterling still returned and Salah was not captained by many people so my overall rank wasn’t really affected. My defence didn’t return this week but neither did most peoples. De Bruyne played and returned which was good given that I brought him in this week. A green arrow but still outside the top 1 million overall.

My issues are the same as last week, Kepa, KWP, Perez and Jota plus Rico on the bench. Rico can wait especially as he may benefit from the injury to Charlie Daniels. Kepa and Perez have decent fixtures this week and KWP may get attacking returns in the North London derby. So I can just about justify making no reactive transfers. Ideally I would have preferred to keep my FT this GW so that I had 2 for after the International Break but firstly I may wildcard anyway and secondly I want Pukki in for Jota.

Pukki is killing me – if he would have been in my team from the start I would have been in or near to the top 100,000! Plus his ownership is well over 30% now so my rank suffers every time he returns. I would have preferred to make the transfer later than I have to see if any injuries happen in the EFL Cup and for the press conferences later in the week but a price drop for Jota and price increase for Pukki meant I did it earlier this week.

No real decisions for the line up this week apart from perhaps the captaincy, it’s Sterling for me.

I hope Pukki continues his hot streak now. Enjoy GW4!

transfer summary:  Jota out and Pukki in

FPL team tips GW4

Joseph Crilley

Joseph’s last 3 seasons OR were 28k, 7k and 13k

GW3 points: 58 (average 44) Total points 190 Gameweek rank 1,044k, Overall Rank: 248k, green arrow 234k, Team Value: £100.3m

Another lower scoring one in GW3 as 58 points was enough for a gameweek rank of 1mil and a green arrow of around 235k which leaves me in a reasonable position just inside the top 250k, especially with the wildcard still in hand. There was some strange symmetry in my team as my defence and goalkeepers all blanked whereas each of my 5 attackers returned – we’ll just ignore the 7 points from Cantwell on the bench though! Lanzini picked up another assist as did new transfer KDB while it was pleasing to see Salah return a brace even if I went for Sterling as captain instead. All this helped me to forget about the fact that I had elected to not bring in the early star of the season, Pukki, however this is something that has already changed for GW4.

Given the volatile price market, I have made another early move with the Norwich man coming in for Wilson as he looks set to continue to rise throughout the week. His game against West Ham looks destined to be filled with goals and it would be surprising if the Finn wasn’t involved once more. Additionally, I compared the expected goals conceded of the teams that Norwich and Bournemouth are playing in the next three fixtures which revealed the better prospects for Pukki to confirm the transfer. By moving early, I have given myself a total of 1.5mil in the bank which I will be using on my first hit of the season.

This hit will be used to remove one of the punts from my GW1 squad in Walker-Peters who has somewhat been a failure following disappointing blanks versus Villa & Newcastle. The injury that he seems to have picked up has helped to justify the hit where I will be looking to make an upgrade in my defence. The main target is a Man City defender and my significant bank balance would allow me to bring in Laporte who seems to be the only nailed-on option. Also, I am liking the idea of owning centre-halves with attacking threat as I suspect that VAR will help them with to bag more goals from set-pieces. Therefore, he is very likely to come in later in the week provided there are no unwelcome surprises.

Despite Salah’s star turn last weekend, I will be keeping the armband on Sterling as Man City are capable of scoring a hatful in any home fixture and the new-look Brighton may not just sit deep under Graeme Potter. Hopefully he and the new transfers of Pukki and Laporte can help make up for my first hit of the 19/20 season!

All the best to everyone this weekend and may your arrows be green!

Transfer summary:  Wilson out and Pukki in.  Probable transfer of Walker Peters out and Laporte to come will be confirmed on twitter later in the week

FPL team tips GW4

Kris O

Kris’s last 3 seasons overall rank were 44k, 46k and 23k

GW3 points: 50 -4 (average 44) Total points 189 Gameweek rank 2,200k, Overall Rank: 286k, red arrow 136k, Team Value: £100.8m

Gw3 review

My score of 46, after four point hit, was a below par performance. It started so well with McGinn’s six pointer on Friday night, but that turned out to be the highlight of my week – I was saved significant damage by minimal clean sheets and a Kane blank. My Marital captain choice didn’t work out, with my alternatives Sterling (+3) and Salah (+10) performing better. I’m only 25 points off Rob at the top of the contributors league and he’s 12k overall compared to my 286k which shows it’s still close at this stage.


Despite a poor week I’m still pleased with my De Bruyne and McGinn signings. Wan-Bissaka is still under scrutiny, though I’ve only had him for one game! Ideally I’d have left my team alone to give me two transfers following the international break but Pukki is too much of a threat to be without and I brought him on Saturday for King. I had the exact money so had to move early given his price rising. My team now feels defined by having Firmino and a cheap defence – if Liverpool start keeping clean sheets this will hurt me.

I plan to give Firmino Burnley (a) and Newcastle (h) before reassessing, but wouldn’t be surprised if my longer term move is downgrading Firmino to a mid priced forward (Haller, Kean, Abraham) and strengthening my defence. I’ve also got my eye on Matip as a cheaper way into the Liverpool defence. I’m now hoping for good fitness news, in particular with relation to Martial’s injury. With a bit of luck any injury is just a few weeks meaning he’ll be back after the international break (GW5) and Greenwood provides cover for both Utd and my team in GW4.


Midfield and Strikers pick themselves. My three cheap defenders all play away and currently on Femenia having the best fixture (Newcastle) – though Watford have been terrible so far. Greenwood first off the bench to cover Marital. Sterling obvious captain choice.

Good luck choosing your transfers and navigating the price volatility.

Transfer summary:  King out and Pukki in

FPL team tips GW4

Mikael L Danielsen

Mikael’s last 3 seasons overall rank were 12k, 100k and 5k

GW3 points: 58 -4 (average 44) Total points 187 Gameweek rank 1,067k, Overall Rank: 344k, green arrow 94k, Team Value: £100.5m

As you probably know I usually chase value in the first half of the season, so I made two early transfers for a -4 pt hit.

Wood out for Barnes (Yes, I know its a sideways move, but only Kun and Mane have scored more in 2019 and he could score at home to a Liverpool side that’s yet to keep a clean sheet)

Wood was about to drop in value, and Barnes will probably rise this week

Transfer Summary:  Wood out for Ashley Barnes in.  Ndombele out for Lanzini in -4 points

FPL team tips GW4

Jordan Sadler

Jordan finished in 14k last season and 76k in 17/18

GW3 points: 60  (average 44) Total points 182 Gameweek rank 745k, Overall Rank: 506k, green arrow 676k, Team Value: £100.5m

With Watford massively under performing so Deulofeu had to go. With Pukki currently seeming fixture proof and his rising in price massively he needed to come in and it worked out well that Smith could move to Lundstram who seems like a great cheap option with him playing in midfield. Soyuncu, Dendoncker and Lundstram rotate all decently well so no issue that Lundstrams fixtures aren’t great. Contemplated a hit for Ryan but doesn’t seem worth it when I have no other pressing transfer priorities for next week.

Transfer summary:  Deulofeu to Pukki and Smith to Lundstram

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Sergio Torija

Sergio’s last 3 seasons were 596k, 17k and 21k

GW3 points: 50  (average 44) Total points 184 Gameweek rank 2,166k, Overall Rank: 422k, red arrow 28k, Team Value: £100.2m

Siggy goes, 3 blanks in the row and subbed at 60′. KDB to come in his place. The only options to raise the price difference were from a Liverpool defender or a striker, I see more likely points coming the Pool way, so a striker goes. It is Deulofou since both his shape and the team form are awful. Ayew seems the better option of the cheap strikers. Early transfers done then, always a risk, but there is no mid week games for the main personnel and saves a bit of cash

Transfer summary:  Sigurdsson out for De Bruyne in and Deulofeu out and Ayew in

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17 thoughts on “FPL team tips GW4 – 6 FFGeek contributors show their GW4 teams part 1”

  1. So basically this article was for contributors foolish enough to have not gotten Pukki in before week four, is that right? Lol.

    • Depends if you define not bringing in a guy majorly over performing his underlying stats with Chelsea and City in his next 3 as foolish. I don’t personally. Concerns me if you don’t see the logic as to why some contributors didn’t bring him in in GW2 or GW3.

    • Typical casual playing FPL. Got lucky with 1 player and think you’ve won FPL.

      I’ve gotten Pukki in last gw but can totally understand why some people didn’t bring them in looking at the fixtures. His stats also wasn’t great for the CHE game. We got lucky he fetched some points vs CHE. His stats overall in the first 3 gw are good so not a bad decision to bring him in last gw. So it’s really a 50 – 50 decision.

      FPL involves making many many of these type of decisions. When you make a right decision, people piled on and suddenly it’s not a differential anymore very quickly and you start looking for the next differential. Just making 1 right decision and feeling smug makes you look really silly.

  2. I fully expect him to stop scoring now, which makes the panic mid-week Pukki buys even worse a move. I didn’t ever say I have him btw. I just happened to notice 4 of 6 people here did the same Pukki buy.

  3. I didn’t want pukki cos of his fixtures but now u can’t get away from his value going up and his ownership

  4. Interesting that three of you guys have left Martial in. A lot of speculation that even if the injury is not serious, he may well miss this weekend. Are you looking to cover him with your subs, on the basis it’s an international break and plenty of recovery time for GW5 ?? That’s my stance. Have Greenwood set up as first sub in case he gets the run out in his place

  5. Has De Bruyne become essential and is he worth sacrificing Digne / TAA / Robertson for (plus a hit). (Based on currently having double Liverpool defence)

  6. I think Pukki is this season’s Mitrovic personally, he really shouldn’t have scored against Chelsea Kepa should have saved it, will wait patiently for the international break and assess if its still worth bringing him in then on the wildcard

  7. Tom – I am in no rush to dump Digne or Trent. They have both looked incredible so far. I expect them to stay in my team all season.

  8. Does anyone think Haller is worth a punt? Need to take King out of my team and I really dont want to go with Pukki.

  9. I brought in Haller for King earlier this week – good stats in Germany, just broken the goal scoring duck, and good fixtures so def worth a punt imo. But I have pukki already and could be worth bringing him in first, as he has massive ownership now so any goals are going to hurt!

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