FPL team tips GW6 – FFGeek contributors show their GW6 teams part 1


Here’s our FPL team tips GW6 article where the 1st group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW6. In this part there’s Prakhar Patel, Costas Chari, Sergio Torijia, Yaniv Salomon and Mikael Danielsen

FPL team tips GW6 – FFGeek contributors show their GW6 teams part 1

Here’s part 1 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

Prakhar Patel

Prakhar finished in 17th overall in fantasy premier league last season.  An amazing achievement

 GW5 points: 52 (average 47) Total points 315, Gameweek rank 1,815k, Overall Rank: 273k, red arrow 89k, Team Value: £101.0m

So after a pretty average Gameweek, I’ve decided to activate my wildcard as I just have to get rid of the players who aren’t returning.


I’ve gone for a set and forget in Rui Patricio as their fixtures look great after the encounter at old Trafford.  Ben Hamer is just a bench fodder.


Alonso and Mendy pick themselves although Mendy is an injury concern so let’s see what happens with him. Wan Bissaka is excellent value and Doherty is just unavoidable looking at the stats and fixtures. Pereira of Leicester takes the fifth spot due to his attacking ability and favourable fixtures.


Mo Salah or “No Salah?” This must be the biggest dilemma of the season but I still have faith in him and for now, he stays. Hazard is one of the main reasons I am wildcarding. Maddison and Richarlison are excellent picks as both are reasonably priced and have decent fixtures. Maddison is someone who is a great differential as well.Emile Hojbjerg is a spot filler who has guaranteed starts in him.


Sergio Aguero is someone you can’t afford to be without right now. Zaha is never getting out of my team just because of his ability to return in any given match and consistency.  Raul Jimenez looks attractive at that price having good fixtures after Man U.

The only thing I regret is not having David Silva in my team who is posting some excellent stats but I am sure I’ll get him as soon as I can.

For now the captaincy stays on Agüero as I doubt Salah’s playing time and Hazard is a decent option too. I’ll update whatever changes I make on Twitter.

Good luck to everyone this week and may your arrows be green!

FPL team tips GW6

Costas Chari

Costas finished with an OR of 29k last season and 27k in 16/17

 GW5 points: 95 (average 47) Total points 353, Gameweek rank 18k, Overall Rank: 29k, green arrow 225k, Team Value: £101.8m

Wow I haven’t experienced many gameweeks like this last one. 95 points from 10 players is astronomical.

The no Kane and Salah strategy looks to be paying ofF for now although I do think this GW is the time Salah will get a big score that will make my ranking suffer.

My team:

I have 2 free transfers and have already gone for Maddison instead of Siggy. The second one is hard to decide. I have Mendy who is injured, Shaw that might get rotated and Aguero who I fear might not play 90min. The latter is staying in the team of course as he has shown last year that he can score 2 goals in less than 30 min. And I think I am too exposed on Bournemouth with both Fraser and King.

So do I go Shaw- Smalling, Is he a definite starter? Or Mendy to Smalling and double up on the United defence for the favourable run of fixtures?

OR put in Mitrovic for King??? The problem with this is that if Shaw gets rotated I only have 2 playing defenders (Luiz and Wan Bissaka). I am literally leaving it to the last minute.

Captain pick: Aguero is a no as he most definitely won’t play 90min in my view. Mane or Salah might be rotated in the weekend so no to Mane as well. I can really see West Ham getting something out of the game with Chelsea so probably no Hazard. At the moment I’m with (drumroll) Aubameyang. Yeap… rolling the dice on this one as the Everton defence with all the injuries is a mess.

Good luck!

FPL team tips GW6


Yaniv Salomon

Yaniv finished with an 8k OR last season

 GW5 points: 61 -4 (average 47) Total points 357, Gameweek rank 1,015k, Overall Rank: 22k, red arrow 14k, Team Value: £102.0m

Hi guys, so it’s finally came first red arrow of the season, although 61 points (-4 after making the 3 transfers by your votes last week Alonso AWB and Bennett for TAA Luiz and Tomkins which was OK) , 14 points and 30% above the average but Hazardless and Fraserless and that was the story of the week.   My starting 11 return 6/11 + a return from captain Kun which is usually good but without the 2 mentioned above it’s was red arrow, from 8k to 22k.  As most of the top 20k has the Belgian in the squad, I decided to stay with my 2 red stars – Salah and Mane at least after Soton’s game (BTW they should have returned last week too), so I will move on to this GW, as I am still mad about my team from last week…

One thing I know is that I want Richarlison in my team no matter what his fixtures are… I decided not to make transfers before the UCL games and now I don’t have the cash (0 itb) do to Walcott to Richarlison, so I will try to save my FT for next week. I hope there won’t be rotation and that Mo and Mane will start cause they could score big this weekend (more than the Belgian for me).   I am glad Shaw return to United starting 11 in UCL and hope he won’t be rotated with Young.  If Mendy and Shaw start I am pleased with my team for this week, and next week can be Richi and Hazard week.

So, for now no transfers this week and I will monitor Mendy injury and Liverpool rotation till game day, if Klopp will not declare that Salah won’t start he will be my captain.  It is risky as Kun will start 100%.   I think Mo could explode this weekend and I will be surprised if he won’t start eventually.

Good luck to all of us!

FPL team tips GW6

Sergio Torija

Sergio finished with an OR of 12k last season and 21k in 16/17

 GW5 points: 54 (average 47) Total points 321, Gameweek rank 1,588k, Overall Rank: 205k, red arrow 62k, Team Value: £101.6m

Another tough week for my team on GW5 with 54 points for a 1.5 million GW rank and big red arrow to 205K OR. Defence did well with 3 out of 5 clean sheets plus combined 6 bonus points and an assist. However I got no returns in my 5 man midfield which was really disappointing. I also missed Gray’s points since he was the last sub.

Going into GW6 I am offloading my Saints pair of Bertrand and Austin. I already did Austin to Mitrovic, and most likely I will take a hit for Bertrand. Southampton enter a tough run and I am wary of Robertson and/or Shaw being rotated this week. Who to bring in I am not sure yet, I was almost settled on Bellerin, but they have been poor defensively so not positive on getting a clean this week vs Everton. The other option would be Chilwell, who is 0.4 cheaper and also has a great run of fixtures, though Leicester conceded 4 goals last week. Whoever I bring in will enter the lineup in place of Walcott or Mkhitaryan. Captain for the week will be Salah.

Good luck for GW6 Geekers !

FPL team tips GW6

Mikael L Danielsen

Mikael finished 100k OR last season and 5k in 16/17

 GW5 points: 54 (average 47) Total points 327, Gameweek rank 1,533k, Overall Rank: 150k, red arrow 54k, Team Value: £102.0m

Had 2 FT.
Taking a -4 hit.
Mkhitayan, Walcott and Aubameyang out.
Fraser, Hazard and Mitrovic in.

Salah Captain

Good luck

FPL team tips GW6

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