FPL team tips GW8 – FFGeek contributors show their GW8 teams part 1


Here’s our FPL team tips GW8 article where the 1st group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW8. In this part there’s Sergio Torija, Yaniv Salomon, Costas Chari and Jordan Sadler.

FPL team tips GW8 – FFGeek contributors show their GW8 teams part 1

Here’s part 1 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

Sergio Torija

Sergio finished with an OR of 17k last season and 21k in 16/17

GW7 points: 58 (average 51) Total points 441, Gameweek rank 1,536k, Overall Rank: 158k, green arrow 5k, Team Value: £101.9m

Writing this before Champions League games after a fairly indifferent week last with 58 points for a 1.5m GW rank and a tiny green arrow of 5K. 6/11 players returned with Doherty as the only player with double digit points. Aguero saved the captain pick just before being subbed. Most scores for the serious managers I follow were around 60 points, as an example the contributors league with 22 scores within 60 +- 10 points, and only 3 scores greater than that. So everything continues as it was, and me happy to have saved the transfer, which moves us onto GW8.

As the Geek identified in his early thoughts article, this week it all seems about bringing in Kane for captain vs Cardiff. Those who moved early already benefited from his brace in GW7. I did consider that move, but my route to Kane was through Aguero, who I didn’t want to miss home to Brighton in GW7, so decided to hold for GW8. I am keeping Salah by the way. So this week I pulled the trigger and used my 2 free transfers to finally get rid of Mkhitaryan to Knockaert to generate the funds for the Aguero to Kane move.

I risked the moves early on the week to benefit from price changes. Ideally I would want Aguero back for GW9 home to Burnley, but GW10 is away to Spurs, so more likely I will look at bringing Aguero back for GW11 home to Southampton. In between, the main decision will be to keep Mane or switch him to Hazard at some point.

My lineup this week has all players playing home but Walcott, so hopefully that enables a big score, which should be led by Kane as captain. Strong bench this week.

Good luck for GW8 Geekers !

FPL team tips GW8

Yaniv Salomon

Yaniv finished with an 8k OR last season

GW7 points: 62  (average 51) Total points 488, Gameweek rank 1,092k, Overall Rank: 11k, red arrow 1k, Team Value: £102.6m

Hi guys

GW7 review

GW7 was an average one with decent returns, 7 from 11 and no real movement in OR to 11K.

In defence, it was 4 returns from 4, Ederson and Bennett with another CS.  It’s a shame I didn’t have the extra cash when I brought Bennett to bring Doherty or Jonny, they’re really worth the extra £0.3m.  So when I wildcard there will be a change there.   Trippier with another assist (2nd in a row) plus the CS and 2 bonus points was awesome and I earned 2 points by choosing Shaw over Alonso.  I was afraid from big points from the latter as I was almost the only one to bench him but the 50/50 call worked out OK.

Maddison continued his amazing form with another assist from a corner kick, while another corner kick he took ended in a penalty, so I hope he will keep his form. He definitely has the fixtures now. Richarlison, my sub this week, disappointed not returning in a 3-0 victory but he is practically living in the penalty area so I am really not worried about him.

Kun (C) with another day in the office with another goal in his last touch in the match.   I am little worried about his minutes as he’s averaged only 59 minutes in the last 3 games.   I’ll continue to monitor this.   Big Mitro was very quiet but I can’t complain about him for now, Zaha with an assist and a surprising  bonus point even though didn’t look particularly good.  He’s still on my “can go out” list.

However, the focus for me is almost all about whether I keep Salah and Mane or not.   I’ve kept them and both of them blanked in the first tough match from two.   Mane was not good at all, Salah for me was more dangerous and was unlucky.  I still believe he will get big scores soon. The only thing that bothers me is that he was subbed early when it mattered for the team, but I am not so worried, I need to be patient.  One more tough game vs City and then they have Huddersfield and Cardiff to explode on. So l hope I will not be disappointed with both of them. BTW Hazard has scored 6 goals from only 8 shots, it’s almost like free throw percentage in basketball and it will not last.


It’s all about bringing in Kane or not, I don’t have nothing ITB so I can only bring him with minus 4, and I don’t want to do it for now.  Anyway I will wait after UCL games to make any changes in the squad. I’m still deliberating whether I will activate my WC.  If I do I am certain I will move to 2 big premium Fwds.

As for my lineup, for now I have put Mitrovic as first sub as he is facing Arsenal who is in great form.  I am still not sure if to put him in and for who.   Maybe it will be AWB although they will play a strong Wolves team.

As for the armband, until now it has been Kun or Salah, but they are playing each other in a very difficult match for both sides so it won’t be one of the two for the first time.  I have 4 players in that match, 2 returns will be just fine with me.   I know that Kane will be the captain of whoever has him, and who ever doesn’t will captain Hazard.   I don’t have both of them (am I the only crazy one??) and am going for now (unless I will bring in Kane or Hazard) with a differential defensive player with the best form – Trippier.   He is responsible for almost every direct and indirect free kick especially after the Eriksen injury, so I am crossing my fingers for CS plus an assist and bonus for another double digit match from him.

Best luck to all!


FPL team tips GW8


Costas Chari

Costas finished with an OR of 29k last season and 27k in 16/17

GW7 points: 62  (average 51) Total points 480, Gameweek rank 1,209k, Overall Rank: 19k, red arrow 1k, Team Value: £102.5m

10 points above GW average but still around 800 places red arrow overall so an average week for me.

Moving forward… I did the rookie mistake of making my transfers before the midweek CL & EL matches so fingers crossed I wont be having any injuries.

2 transfers this GW with a -4 hit. I just had to get on the Kane train before it was too late. The obvious man to make way was Aubameyang (I really kept him much longer than I should have). With him playing out of position and getting subbed early in games he really had to go. To find the funds to make Kane work I had to let Luiz go for Bennett (I will be probably wildcarding soon and adding Alonso to the squad so I will be covered from the Chelsea defence)

Kane is the obvious captain for this week.

Good luck!!

FPL team tips GW8

Jordan Sadler

Jordan finished with an overall rank of 76k last season

GW7 points: 63  (average 51) Total points 464, Gameweek rank 983k, Overall Rank: 50k, green arrow 11k, Team Value: £102.4m

Gameweek 7 review:

Once again a decent week. I’ve been pretty consistent the last 3 weeks with scores of 63, 65 and 63 with my overall rank rising nicely each week. I only had 5 returns this week but double figures from Trippier and Doherty and a good return from my captain Aguero helped keep me above the average and give me that green arrow we all look for! I’ve been a little disappointed with the returns of Salah and Mane as of late but they have had tough fixtures so I guess it can be understood, though it doesn’t get any easier this week with Man City coming up.


I’ve done my planned transfer of Ederson to Patricio now that Man City’s fixtures turn a little bit. I had been considering bringing in Hazard for Mane but the only way I was able to do that was by also transferring out Luiz for Trent AA for a -8 and long term it didn’t seem worth it with Mane having Huddersfield and Cardiff as his two games following Man City.

Next week I will be transferring out Luiz for Trent AA as Liverpool’s fixtures after Man City are excellent and should bring plenty of clean sheets looking at Liverpool’s excellent defensive record lately. As I said before, Moura’s fixtures turn after GW9 and Wilson’s change after GW10 so I will be looking to replace both those following those gameweeks. I’d really like to bring in Arnautovic for Wilson but I’m still unsure with Moura for now so I will wait and see with that one. I also plan on bringing in Fabianski after GW10 as well as West Ham’s fixtures after that are excellent.

Bench Decisions:

Ings versus Chelsea is a definite on my bench as I’m going to double up Luiz and Alonso against Southampton hoping for a double clean sheet there. After that I’m really not too sure as Hughes is at home versus Bournemouth but his returns aren’t anything special. Wan-Bissaka has Wolves at home but Palace have looked far less effective going forward since moving to 4-3-3 and I’d expect Wolves to win. Then I have Doherty obviously away versus Palace but I already have Patricio in goal so not sure whether doubling up is smart. I’m not 100% sure on what I want to do but for now I have Doherty playing due to his attacking qualities and I think I’ll probably stick with that.


I’m going to go with Salah this week as his underlying stats have been excellent even if his performances aren’t aligned with them. The only other option I have is Aguero but I back Liverpool to win again against

City so I prefer Salah. He scored 3 in 3 last year versus them so I’m hoping he can continue with that record.

In general however my first choice captain would be Kane and my second choice captain would be Hazard.

Good luck with gameweek 8.

FPL team tips GW8

FFGeek contributors table

FPL team tips GW8

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12 thoughts on “FPL team tips GW8 – FFGeek contributors show their GW8 teams part 1”

  1. Amateur team for contrast.
    Alonso, Robertson, AWB, Doherty, Tripper
    Hazard, Frazer, Salah, Bernardo

    Hamer, Zaha, Westwood, Ings

    Will captain Hazard, ignore Kane and use the one free transfer to fix a potential euro injury or switch Zaha out.

  2. Thank you. That is a sensible suggestion. My intention, should I manage to avoid UCL and Europe injuries is to switch Zaha to Arnautovic and start him ahead of AWB.

  3. Hi guys!
    Shall I take a -4 hit to get in Hazard in place of Mane?
    Actually I am in a fix because Liverpool’s fixtures from next week onwards are great…

  4. I am completely stumped what to do this week, United are in such a mess I think it is time ot dump Lukaku but who for and what shall I do with the second free?

    Team is:
    Foster / Button
    Alonso / AWB / TAA / Doherty / Bellerin
    Mane / Fraser / D. Silva / Hazard Hojberg
    Aguerro / Lukaku / Ings

    Option 1: Upgrade Lukaku for Kane
    To pay for this I could downgrade Alonso ((probably for Holebas), Silva (for Maddison) or Mane (probably for Moura)

    Option 2: Replace Lukaku with Lacazette or Vardy
    That would free up some money to either upgrade Hobjberg with Gudmunson or Ings with someone like Mitrovic, Arnoutovic or Wilson

    Any suggestions?

  5. Paul, great form for me is 5 straight wins, even if in one of the games your rival is better in part of the game but it really can’t find the net.. btw arsenal had possession of 62% in that match

  6. Shall I remove Mane for someone like Sane or Dilva….since I don’t have funds for Mane to Hazard without taking a 4 point hit?

  7. {P.S. Don’t worry Yaniv, there is another maverick like you(me!) who doesn’t have Hazard and Kane and is gonna captain Trippier…and this was my plan even before I had read this article…}

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