FPL teams GW13 – FFGeek contributors show their teams

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Here’s our FPL teams GW13 article where the FFGeek contributors show us their team before the transfer deadline. All of the contributors finished in the top 1% of teams last season

 FPL teams GW13 – FFGeek contributors show their teams

Here’s a reduced version of the 10 or so FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It also wont covering early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

There’s also the early FFGeek team thoughts article if you’re interested in my team


Rob finished with a rank of 22k last season 4,701 in 2015/16 and 7,810 in 2014/15.

GW12 Points 67 (Avg 56) Total Points 676 OR 228k TV 103.0m green arrow 38k

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GW12 review

GW12 was a kind of lucky escape. Things looked pretty grim on Saturday night, I was sitting on on a 70k red arrow, 4 points below the average score. Luckily Richarlison and EMCM did the goods on Sunday and Monday and an unlikely green arrow appeared late on Monday night. Let’s dissect things a bit further.

My defence sadly let me down again. Ward got a clean sheet, though a yellow card took the shine of it slightly. I wasn’t expecting much from Elliot to be fair, but Duffy and Davies mustering a point each as well was a shame. Reflecting, it was a tough week fixture-wise. I would have played Otamendi over Davies had he not been suspended and I was never going to play Simpson against City. I couldn’t really expect that much.

It was another good week for my midfield. 3/4 returns with only Sterling failing to add to his 3 points. 2/3 returns for my strikers as well with only Kane missing out. Kane is an expensive worry at the moment as is Big Rom. I captained the Belgian and he was the lowest scoring of my attacking returns with a solitary goal. This was a slight disappointment as he missed several good chances. I’m worried about his form, he’s dropped off a bit from his early season returns and he now faces competition from Zlatan. I can see his minutes being managed which could blunt his returns as he picks up a lot of points as a flat-track bully who capitalises late in matches.

To sum up, 6/11 returns makes for a decent week. I’ve also banked 2 FTs for GW13 and I can see some areas needing surgery so here’s my plans moving forward.

GW13 Team

We’ll start at the back. I’m planning some defensive changes over the next few weeks but not yet! I’m still lacking United defensive cover and I’d really like a Chelsea defender next week so these are transfers for GW14 forwards. I’d also like to free up some cash to broaden my options so I’ve decided to make my transfers elsewhere.

As mentioned above, I’m concerned about the form of Kane and Lukaku and I now can’t really carry both if there’s no guarantee of consistent returns or double figure hauls. There’s also several good cheap striker options now. In terms of who to sell, this is dictated by my second transfer. I was really impressed with Paul Pogba against Newcastle and he is a snip at a GW13 price-fixed £8.0m. I have a non-playing 5th mid in King and with a busy schedule coming up over the next few weeks I need players to be starting. So I’ll use Pogba now as my United cover – he comes in for King and Lukaku has been sold for Callum Wilson to take advantage of the Cherries nice fixture clump. This also leaves me the luxury of £1.9m in the bank for defensive upgrades next week which will probably start with a Chelsea or United investment.

2 team dilemmas then. First, 1 of my midfielders has to be on the bench – EMCM occupies this slot but there’s every chance he may come in as Sterling may not get gametime after playing 90 minutes in the UCL. Second dilemma is captain choice. His form may be a worry but I just can’t overlook Kane this week. West Brom are manager-less and have been awful the last few weeks, it looks a good fixture for a double figure return. New signing Pogba is the other standout option, but at the moment I’m favouring Kane. My defence is a fairly easy selection – Ward and Duffy are benched facing Arsenal and United respectively.

Best of luck this week everyone – DON’T FORGET THE FRIDAY DEADLINE! Hope you arrows are green folks.

fpl teams gw13


Alex finished in 10k in 16/17 28k in 15/16 and 3k in 14/15

GW12 Points 74  (Avg 56) Total Points 689 OR 129k TV 103.0m green arrow 74k

A pleasing week has finally seen the return of a green arrow. Yet to break the 100k for the season is frustrating but hopefully this week is the one!

One of two transfers used early to catch the price change; Stones to Daniels for his nice fixtures.

The defence was tricky this week. I’m liking Burnley at the back despite stats suggesting they should be conceding more, they continue to get clean sheet after clean sheet at budget prices. I feel Arsenal will score though so Ward last on the bench. I have little faith in Swansea but Naughton goes on the bench.  Kiko was passed it which was helpful.

The front seven pick themselves except possibly Loftus-Cheek or Choupo-Moting. Personally I’ll be going C-M as I feel he has the higher ceiling.

I made a last minute transfer of Jones to Mustafi as I’ve found a different way than originally planned to my preferred 352 formation.   The plan now is Kaku, EMCM ad Naughton to Niasse, Hazard and Alonso over 2 gameweeks for a 4 point hit

Captain is still under consideration. It’s Kaku or Kane.

Good luck all.

 fpl teams GW13


Top 9k in 16/17, top 1k in 15/16, top 5k in 14/15

GW12 points 70 average 56 total points 651 Overall Rank 570k Team value £102.2 Green arrow 202k

I had 2FTs and did Stones out for Dunk. One more game for Vardy after which he becomes Morata and van Dijk some cheap, nailed-on defender.

fpl teams GW13


Mikael finished 5,846 OR last season

GW12 Points 69  (Avg 56) Total Points 657 OR 471k TV 103.6m Green arrow 144k

Transfer out: David Luiz
Transfer in: Charlie Daniels

Was considering to bring in Lukaku instead of Jesus for a 4pt hit, but it felt stupid to take out Jesus for a hit, just before Man City play a newly promoted team (HUD).

Kun played full time in CHL midweek, so I hope Jesus will play.

Kane (C), Richarlison (VC)

fpl teams GW13


Last season he finished in 21k overall rank.

GW12 points: 83  average 56 Total Points: 735 Overall Rank: 8k Team Value £103.6m green arrow 15k

 Last GW was a pleasant surprise. Salah and Morata rocked. All my budget defenders got cleansheets. Choupo scored. Surman and Sane got assists. Lukaku scored as my captain. Only Kane was a disappointment. Result was a solid move up the rankings.

This week I have Otamendi back but Phil Jones may be out the next two weeks and then United face Arsenal and City—so I decided to drop Jones in favor of Mustafi. Arsenal have been on an amazing run of cleansheets when Mustafi plays. My plan is to get a United defender in GW17 when Bournemouth’s fixtures run out of also-rans and Daniels will be expendable. I really wanted Trippier for offensive returns but it seems clear he will rotate with Aurier to some degree over the next month.

Since I have lost faith in Kane, Lukaku is captain. If Kane disappoints this week, I may have to drop him although their next 10 games look very easy. If I do, it will be for Niasse or Callum Wilson and reinvest the substantial extra points in the midfield as pretty much everyone is doing.

I appreciate your comments and questions—Cesspool.

fpl teams GW13

Thanks to the contributors for their teams and good luck to them all

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