FPL Teams GW14 – 4 FFGeek Contributors With Their GW14 Teams Part 1


Here’s part 1 of our FPL teams GW14 article where 4 FFGeek Contributors show their teams. There’s Andrew Whitfield, Kev in Canada, Alex Ball and Sergio Torija. Between them they have 8 top 1% finishes in the last 3 competitive seasons including 4 top 10k finishes.

FPL Teams GW14 – 4 FFGeek Contributors With Their GW14 Teams Part 1

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It’s worth noting that the teams shown may not necessarily end up being the final teams or the transfers may have been made in the days prior to the posting . It’s an informal situation to give you an idea of trends. However the FFGeek team and the Contributor tracker team mentioned above on the FFGeek Patreon site all make transfers as articles are posted. So you’re always up to date and live

Kev in Canada

Kev’s last 3 seasons overall ranks were 52k, 48k and 6k

GW13 Points: 72  (FPL average 44) Total points: 892, Overall Rank: 17k, green arrow: 24k  Team Value: £104.9m

Follow Kev on twitter here

Kev has used his wildcard

Good week. Quick turnaround.

Do I want to turn Vardy to Kane for Brentford+Norwich and to potentially protect rank? Yes.

Is it worth a -4 and whatever Vardy scores against Southampton and Villa? I am not sure. Probably. It is a tough decision but I need to think about it.

Rolling the transfer is where my head is at right now. I don’t think that there is too much to per se. I feel like I am ahead of the Jota and Alonso move folks will maybe be making. I think being able to roll will put me in a great position for the next few weeks, as injuries and such happen during the busy holiday season.

Kane is weighing on my thoughts but I think rolling is probably more suited for my squad.

Captain Obvious
Vice Vardy

Good Luck!

Transfer summary: Likely Carrying over the free transfer

Here’s the team assuming no transfers are made

FPL Teams GW14

Andrew Whitfield

Andrew’s last 4 seasons overall ranks were 34k, 132k, 6k and 19k

GW13 Points: 52 -4  (FPL average 44) Total points: 874, Overall Rank: 45k, red arrow: 15k  Team Value: £103.7m

Follow Andrew on twitter here

Andrew has used his wildcard

Gameweek 13 review:

Well plenty of talking points in an eventful week where Kane and Son owners were left cursing the Burnley snow, and whether or not you picked up the braces of Jota and Vardy pretty much defined the gameweek.

Salah returned for the 11th successive game, although it’s Trent Alexander Arnold who has outscored him 36-19 in the last three weeks. Ronaldo was benched, Antonio had his 6th blank in seven weeks, Man City and Villa both won but suffered 95th minute clean sheet wipe outs. Steve Gerrard made it two wins from two and Newcastle are still without a win as December approaches.

My GW13 score and rank:

Just 4/11 returners in a tough week, where the colour of my arrow was inevitable with no Jota or Vardy in my team. Salah and Trent were irrelevant due to near 100% ownership and near 100% Mo captaincy. So just Toney and Sanchez returned for me besides. My Kane hopes got well and truly stuck in the Lancashire snow drifts.

After last weeks rank halving week which took me from 61k to 30k, i gave half of it back this week, down from 30k to 45k, which given my lack of Vardy and Jota, anc the Spurs debacle, could certainly have been a lot worse. Let’s be positive and say that I am up by 15k over the last two weeks.

Gameweek thirteen didn’t prove to be lucky, which is surprising given it’s always been my lucky number as I was born on Friday 13th !! The good news is that there is no time to dwell on matters. Just one rest day and it’s straight on to a midweek gameweek and we go again !!

My GW13 talking points:

So “Jota the slotter” slotted in two goals. It seemed like I was just about the only manager on Twitter not to own him. Having had just one free transfer going into GW13, and having to sort out the Chilwell problem, I could only get to Jota with a -8. So he wasnt an option for me. My investment in Kane had left me without a “cash cow” in midfield like Foden with which to make an easy switch that many others did. It’s not easy to get Jota in with my current structure. He is certainly a player that scares me to death on current form. I still need a -4 point hit to get him.

My switch from Vardy to Kane for those four great Spurs fixtures has certainly got off to a tough start, with a blank against Leeds and a postponement !! Let’s hope that these two tasty home games against Brentford and Norwich now bear fruit. There must be doubts about Vardy playing three games in a week. Harry needs to step up now this week and put Vardy in his place before my planned switch to Ronaldo in GW16, which was all part of the masterplan, with the ease of that switch from Kane to Ronaldo. Is Ronaldo still essential for that run ? Probably.

You just can’t legislate for snow postponements. My Kane auto sub to make up for his Burnley haul that didn’t happen while Vardy was going nuts ? An Antonio 2 pointer.

I have been having a tense Sanchez v Ramsdale battle in recent weeks, so at least the Ramsdale clean sheet was matched by my Brighton man. In fact an 8-7 win. Small victories eh.

I brought in Reece James this week for the injured Chilwell. And duly stopped Reece scoring. The decision I wrestled with all week was whether to take a hit to move Benrahma to Smith Rowe. Benrahma had just one goal and one return in ten games and had Man City away. Smith Rowe had found his form and had Newcastle at home. It’s a move i was set on for free before the Chilwell injury so I felt invested in it. Smith Rowe had a close range header saved, with Aubamayang somehow fluffing the rebound. Close but no cigar.

If I hadn’t taken the hit, I would have benched Benrahma and started Antonio, so the immediate hit this week was effectively Smith Rowe v Antonio, although with Kane missing, Antonio came in anyway. So Smith Rowe went head to head with Benrahma, which he won 3-1. So a two point loss including the hit but glad to have Benrahma out of my hair. And Benrahma has just fallen in price and Smith Rowe risen which is another positive of going early with it.

6 blanks in 7 for Antonio now so he certainly needs to find his scoring boots with Brighton at home next. Especially as he plays Chelsea next weekend. Westham fixtures do improve greatly soon but that’s two successive 1-0 defeats now.

We said last week that packing your side with the premium full backs of Trent, Cancelo, Reece James and Chilwell was a cheat code to FPL points. Well Chilwell got injured and with Alonso assuming his place, both Chelsea and Man City conceded to show that it’s a plan that can certainly have its flaws. A 95th minute goal denied Cancelo which was not too damaging given his high ownership. But my double Chelsea defence was a bigger blow, especially Rudiger almost scoring, twice !!

Owning Salah and Trent now has become less pleasurable as it’s a neutral position. Salah has a virtual monopoly on captaincy and is owned by and captained by virtually everyone at my rank level. Trent has virtually 100% ownership too. I used to love watching both Trent and Mo play. Now i don’t even benefit from their points. If you want to enjoy watching Liverpool now, you have to get Jota, or hide behind a very big Liverpool sized sofa instead.

Back to back goals have done little to convince me that Ivan Toney is a Premier League striker. A cooly taken penalty against the England keeper and a blank for his sidekick Mbeumo was a good outcome but a far from impressive Brentford performance.

It was left to Rudiger to very nearly save my gameweek. After hitting the bar in the first half, he skied a great chance with the last kick of the game, which would have given a huge boost to my rank right at the death. It just wasn’t meant to be. Fine margins.

So what next:

I have 0.5M in the bank and one free transfer, which again limits my options without taking back to back hits. I have three possible options I am considering this week.

One is to move Rudiger to the more attacking option of Alonso. The attraction of both attacking full backs in that Chelsea team is compelling. So it was good to scrutinise both Rudiger and Alonso v Man Utd. Rudiger still carries a fair threat himself. He crashed a thunderbolt against the bar as well as firing over that last minute chance. He is a massive threat from set pieces too with his head. But Alonso was taking corners from both sides. I can see him hauling big against Watford if he starts. It’s a tough call.

The second option is to take a -4 to cover the obvious threat of not owning Jota. As a Kane owner, my only route has to be to upgrade one of my three mids. I don’t want to take a hit to take out Smith Rowe when I just took a hit to bring him in. I don’t want to lose Gallagher either who has been impressive and consistent. And selling one of those two does mean a big investment up to Jota which limits me elsewhere.

Which leaves Raphinha. But he has back to back home games against Crystal Palace and Brentford. Not the best time to sell, especially for a hit. It makes more sense to wait until GW16 when Raphinha then plays Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool, all away in four games, with Arsenal in between. That also coincides with Jota playing Aston Villa, Newcastle and Leeds at home in the space of four games. That’s if I can stomach no Jota for away games now at Everton and Wolves. It’s going to be a test of nerve if I stick and wait for Raphinha and his bad run. He is a quality player and it’s two great fixtures.

If I upgrade Raphinha to Jota, it would mean downgrading Toney to a cheaper striker, which could be a Pukki or a King. Toney is pretty template himself so that’s taking on one template player to get another, but I certainly fear Jota more than I fear Ivan Toney. So Raphinha and Toney to Jota and King is an option. It depends if I want to do it now for a hit, next week for free, or wait to GW16 when Raphinha fixtures turn sour.

My third option therefore is rolling the transfer which gives me another week to assess and possibly get Jota with two free transfers next week and avoid the hit.

Some tough decisions ahead and a quick turn round and not long to decide !!

My GW14 set up:

Here is my team if I decide to roll and not make a transfer.

There is a strong chance we see some rotation carnage with three games in a week. Reece James and Cancelo to name just two are due a rest. It wouldn’t surprise me to see managers going two deep in their FPL benches this week.

If I don’t get Jota in, and keep Toney, I have a decision to make between Toney and Smith Rowe to start, although that could be academic anyway if Pep and Tuchel do their worst.

Captain staying with Salah

Good luck everyone !!

Transfer summary: Possibly carrying over the free transfer

Here’s the team assuming no transfers are made

FPL Teams GW14

Alex Ball

Alex’s last 7 seasons overall ranks were 3k, 312k, 523k, 17k, 10k, 28k and 3k

GW13 Points: 56 (FPL average 44) Total points: 859, Overall Rank: 87k, green arrow: 4k  Team Value: £105.2m

Follow Alex on twitter here

Alex has used his Wildcard

56 and a small green to 87k. Early transfer of Saka to Jota. I hope you had a a good gameweek and are all set for the next one tomorrow

Transfer summary: Saka out and Jota in

Here’s the team with the transfer completed

FPL Teams GW14

Sergio Torija

Sergio’s last 5 seasons overall ranks were 262k 2k, 596k, 17k and 21k

GW13 Points: 62  (FPL average 44) Total points: 819, Overall Rank: 311k, green arrow: 96k  Team Value: £104.4m

Sergio has used his wildcard

Another positive week for me, 62 points and a close on 100k green arrow. The highlight was that for once I got the transfer spot on with Jota. Returns from Ramsdale, Alexander Arnold, Toney and Salah (C) to complete the score. Kane not playing wasn’t great, but it is something that can happen, hopefully he is well rested to score many goals in the next two games this week.

Once again, I’ve got two transfers at hand, but only looking to use one. Christensen didn’t play again so it seems clear he is now out of favour, he must go this week. Alonso would probably be the default option, maybe Rudiger or Reguilon as the alternatives. I am actually going to bring Reguilon into my team, the next two are amazing and he will with all certainty play, while something inside me has a few doubts on Alonso. Plus Sergio Reguilon has the best forename in the world :)

Captaincy is not very straightforward this week, with Salah and Kane good options. For now it is on Salah, but will have a bit more thought into it before the Tuesday deadline.

good luck all

Transfer summary: Likely Christensen out and Reguilon in

Here’s the team prior to the transfer being made

FPL Teams GW14

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FPL Teams GW14
FPL Teams GW14

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