FPL teams GW18 – FFGeek contributors show us their teams

Here’s our FPL teams GW18 article where the FFGeek contributors show us their teams before the transfer deadline. All of the contributors finished in the top 1% of teams last season


Here’s a version of the 10 or so FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It also wont covering early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

There’s also the early FFGeek team thoughts article if you’re interested in my team and how the teams of 10 top FPL managers I follow are currently set up


You can also see Joe’s GW17 review artcle

Joseph finished with an overall rank of 13k last season

GW17 Points 42 (Avg 48) Total Points 952 OR 73k TV 104.4m red arrow 22k

GW17 Summary

A poor week for me this time around and I can’t even blame the captain choice this time! Kane did blank for me again, but so did my other choices Salah and Hazard which means I at least didn’t make the wrong decision. New transfer Kenny came off the bench with a clean sheet to join Otamendi, who also didn’t concede, and Kiko who returned zero points in a 6 minute cameo. The attack was pretty poor with the only saving graces being Richarlison and Sterling who picked up one and two assists respectively. Fortunately, it’s a quick turnaround to GW18 which means I can move on from the midweek disappointment!

GW18 Team

Injuries is the major concern within my squad; Mee, Kiko, Richarlison and Morata were all flagged on Wednesday night which had me worried that multiple transfers were required. Fortunately, Mee is available and Morata has been seen in training which reduces my problems. At the time of writing, I have yet to hear any news about the Watford duo but I’m really hoping they’re fit with a good fixture at home against Huddersfield. I have Kenny, Otamendi and Loftus-Cheek on my bench so if two players miss out, my team is still reasonably strong. Therefore, I’m planning to roll the transfer.

It is a tricky benching decision in defence this week, though I presume that I will need at least one to come on. Kolasinac’s home form means he’s a sure starter and so is Mee due to the popularity and strength of the Burnley defence. I really like the attacking potential of Kiko and Huddersfield haven’t scored an away goal since GW1 so I’m going with him. Kenny is ahead of Otamendi on the bench because he has the better fixture and I need to back Spurs as a loyal fan!

However, that loyalty doesn’t stop me overlooking Kane for the captaincy and the armband will be going on either Hazard or Salah. If Morata is indeed fit to start, it makes Hazard a more attractive option and he seems like a more certain starter than Salah who may suffer from Klopp’s rotation. It’s a really tough choice between them; Hazard loves playing at home but Salah has great away form. The Egyptian is probably the shield option overall but Hazard leads the captain polls. As you can see, I’m really undecided and the armband is on Salah currently due to the facts his game is on the TV and I enjoy watching my captain playing.

Looking Ahead

It’s Thursday night as I write and I was just having a look at future transfers. Chelsea don’t seem to be scoring a lot of goals so I’m tempted to move Morata out next week for a cheaper striker and shift the money into midfield, possibly for another City mid. This would also give the cash to finally get De Gea in who is the player that I regret not owning the most. This is just an idea at the moment and I need to see how this week pans out before any decisions are made.

Best of luck to everyone this weekend and may your arrows be green!

fpl teams GW18


Last season Scott finished in 21k overall rank.

GW17 Points 41 -4 (Avg 48) Total Points 991 OR 10k TV 104.4m red arrow 6k

Awful, awful gameweek. Had it not been for four defender cleansheets and three midfielder cleansheets points it could have been much worse. My transfers in both got cleansheets, what a relief. Still, only a 6000 red arrow in OP is not too bad. I have been following the top ranked US player who has been in the top ten in the world. He had a 26 after two transfers!

People in my minileague have asked me how I have gotten such a good rank this year. In evaluating my success, I believe that the single biggest factor has been goals by defenders. Otamendi (4), Monreal (2) and Ward (1) have not only scored goals, but gotten significant bonus when they do. This may be total luck but it also may partially be an outgrowth of playing primarily 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 for most of the year. It rarely is discussed in these pages, but let’s be honest: luck is a HUGE part of this game. I would go so far as to say among serious players, 33%.

Big issues this week are again injuries. Ward is a late fitness test and Morata, well who knows. My bet is Morata will play so I have left him in. Ward I can do without this week as I do not want to waste a transfer on him when three of his next four fixtures are tough.

I have considered Demari Gray in for Choupo—saves .2 and Gray and his teammates have looked lively in attack lately. Good fixture too against Palace. Or else I can get rid of Elliott for Adrian who looks like good value now; as I mentioned last week, Fabianski’s fixtures are not looking good and an alternative keeper at a cheap price will be helpful. Finally, Coutinho has been a major disappointment—so it is only a matter of a week or so before he gets swapped for Silva or Sterling if he does not come around. I need more Man City cover I think despite the rotations.

The likelihood is that I will bring in Adrian this week. However I am holding until Chelsea’ press conference on Morata; if he can’t go I plan to drop Morata and Choupo for either Lukaku and Loftus-Cheek or Silva and God knows who.

Hazard is captain.

fpl teams GW18


Mikael finished 5,846 OR last season

GW17 Points 40 -4 (Avg 48) Total Points 872 OR 885k TV 104.4m red arrow 215k

Transfer out: Moreno
Transfer in: Masuaku

I went for Masuaku for Moreno. He is playing OOP as LW. Looks threatening. Have DGW22.

Still waiting for news regarding Ward and Richarlison, and may switch formation before deadline.

Hazard (C), Salah (VC)

FPL Teams GW18


Daren finished with a 24k overall rank last season

GW17 Points 46 -8 (Avg 48) Total Points 845 OR 1,451k TV 102.5m red arrow 224k

Just did Zeegeelar to JJ Kenny .will capt Lukaku this rd

fpl teams GW18


Neil finished with an overall rank of 30k last season

GW17 Points 58 (Avg 48) Total Points 862 OR 1,080k TV 103.0m green arrow 215k

Shaqiri for Ramsey
Otamendi for Ward
Christensen for Monreal

Morata (c)

fpl teams GW18

FFGeek Contributors League

fpl teams GW18

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