FPL teams GW22 – 4 FFGeek Contributors teams part 1  


Here’s an article where 4 FFGeek Contributors show their FPL teams GW22.  There’s Yaniv Salomon, Andrew Whitfield, Rob Reid and Kev in Canada

FPL teams GW22 – 4 FFGeek Contributors teams part 1  

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This is part 1 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It won’t cover transfers in real time either. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.  The teams are shown as their “final-ish” teams so they could change.  Where they have twitter accounts I have shown this and they may update them there or on our Slack Channel which is part of our subscription Patreon site but this is not guaranteed

Yaniv Salomon

Yaniv finished with an overall rank of 3k last season and 4k in 18/19 and 8k in 17/18

GW21 points: 62  (FPL average 48) Total points: 1,325, Overall Rank: 41k, green arrow:  3k Team Value: £105.7m

Yaniv has used his Free Hit Chip and Triple Captain Chip

Follow Yaniv on twitter here

Yaniv is one of the 10 Top Managers I follow who have finished the last 3 seasons in the top 10k overall rank

GW21 62 points, 2 big mistakes of last minute changes in my head that cost me 19 points (Salah not VC and McCarthy over Martinez), still somehow 4th green arrow in a row to 41k.

The team for GW22 sees Grealish in for Romeu out.   Hoping for a big jump in OR!

Transfer summary:  Grealish in Romeu out

Here’s the team with the transfer made

fpl teams GW22

Rob Reid

Rob’s last 5 seasons overall rank were 148k, 94k, 22k, 4k and 7k

GW21 points: 70  (FPL average 48) Total points: 1,324, Overall Rank: 43k, green arrow:  18k Team Value: £105.6m

Rob has used his Free Hit Chip and Triple Captain Chip

Follow Rob on twitter here

GW21 review

First of all, apologies for not posting a full GW20 review and GW21 team. The turnaround between GW19 and 20 was simply too short for me to get something written up with my work commitments. I’ve got Thursday off this week so I’m hoping I won’t run into the same problem in between GW22 and 23. Also sorry to anyone who I didn’t manage to reply to over Twitter for GW21 for the same reason, I hope you had a good gameweek.

As for GW21 – I was torn in the end between changing Soucek for Son and Decordova-Reid or Bamford for Calvert-Lewin. In the end I went for Calvert Lewin in for Decordova Reid; not the best move in the end as Calvert Lewin was outscored by 5 points, but the blow was certainly softened by Bamford’s performance on Sunday.

There was a lot of talk about Leeds in the FPL Community this week about whether they were going to suffer from second half of the season fatigue as a result of their high intensity, combative style. The stats over the last few weeks certainly seemed to suggest this could happen.

In the end, I got lucky here and I think this was a bit of luck more than judgement as my decision to keep Bamford was probably based on a combination of some personal cognitive bias due to the fact I like Bamford as a player and degree of Gambler’s Fallacy in that he was probably ‘due a return.’ I’ll take that bit of good luck and move on. As for Leeds, well one swallow a summer does not make; but there were certainly signs in the Leicester game that we were once again seeing the early season Leeds. We watch with interest.

Going back to the volatility of FPL decision-making, I could apply the same theory in reverse to my Captaincy decision this week! Gundogan looked a sound choice based on stats and the fact that top were playing bottom. We all know though when it comes to Captaincy that you should stick to the rules, even if certain premiums are mis-firing. In the end if I’d stuck by the same rules I used to keep Bamford in, logically I really should have Captained Mo Salah! I’m certainly not down on this call either though, Salah’s returns still improved my overall rank and aside from that – what a fine couple of goals they were. From a footballing perspective you simply have to admire these things. Good to see you back in the goals Mo.

Anyway, enough waffle and I’ll get back to the cold hard facts. 5/11 returners, with Cancelo missing a clean sheet due to rotation replaced by a single point from Coufal off the bench. Not a huge number of returners when you consider my Captain blanked as well, but I still got to 70 points thanks mainly to Bamford, Salah and some heroics and a couple of jammy VAR calls helping Martinez to a satisfying 10 pointer. Dias also chipped in with 8 and there was a Grealish assist for 6. A decent week in the end then and another tidy green arrow taking me into the top 50k for the first time this season. All good…which is often when the ground falls out from under your feet. Let’s not get complacent!

GW22 Team

1 free transfer. £4.3m in the bank and I’ve got Walker-Peters red-flagged.

Oh what to do with all this spare change lying around? Well, my plan is hopefully nothing at the moment. Ideally, I’d carry a transfer and possibly only use 1 next week as we await possible GW24 extra fixture announcements. Looking at GW23, if Kane isn’t fit (which looks unlikely) I’ll probably angle towards bringing Son in for the West Brom fixture which is the obvious Captain standout that week.

I may have a couple of snags though. Bamford is yellow-flagged with a dead leg so I may need my bench who this week I would be planning as Soucek and Coufal. I’m certainly keen to hear an update on Bamford and if he’s confirmed as out, I’ll probably move to change Walker-Peters for someone who plays. I can see one or both of Dias and Gundogan being rotated this week so I may need that 3rd playing sub hence the move. Otherwise, captaincy will be Salah and the rest looks after itself.

All the best for the games folks. I’ll try to Tweet my team on Tuesday but it will be relying on when I get my lunch break so I can’t guarantee I’ll get it out pre-deadline. I’ll try my best though!

transfer summary:  Likely carrying over the free transfer

Here’s the team assuming no transfers are made:

fpl teams GW22

Andrew Whitfield

Andrew finished with an overall rank of 132k last season and 6k in 18/19 and 19k in 17/18

GW21 points: 71 – 4  (FPL average 48) Total points: 1,307, Overall Rank: 76k, green arrow:  22k Team Value: £104.5m

Andrew has used his Free Hit Chip and Triple Captain Chip

Follow Andrew on twitter here

– Well what a totally bonkers gameweek that was !! A string of popular players rotated or injured, with a Pep triple whammy, teams left without any defenders, bench points and vice captain points proving vital, and it was the patient managers, as is so often the case, who reaped their rewards with Salah and Bamford hauls !!

– Some FPL teams resembled a battle ground with Cancelo, Stones and Chilwell missing, as well as no Mane, Sterling or Saka and it certainty put a cat amongst the pigeons and created a wide range of good luck and bad luck stories. Lots of horror stories around this week with sales of Bamford and Callum Wilson in particular. A few relieved Sterling captainers who put the vice on Salah had their Saturday despair exchanged for Sunday joy, and will be thankful they didn’t get a 10 minute Raheem cameo.

My GW21 score and rank:

– A score of 71-4 ( net 67 ) with just five returning players and a captain blank, but vital double figure hauls from Salah ( 15 ), Bamford ( 15 ) and Martinez ( 10 ) resulted in a 13th green arrow in the last 15 weeks, up from 98k to 76k, so I am happy to come through a very tricky week beset with rotation and FPL chaos.

My GW21 talking points:

– My biggest 50/50 call I wrestled with, having switched Walker Peters to Cancelo, was whether to take a -4 to bring in Calvert-Lewin for Kane, or leave it a week and make the switch for free and play Soucek instead. Either way, I feared punishment from either Calvert-Lewin or Soucek. In the end it proved totally irrelevant as they both blanked, costing me just a net 3 points including the hit. But with Kane seemingly out for a spell, that move is out the way now.

– My double transfers in of Cancelo and Calvert-Lewin proved a damp squib but I am hoping they repay me. Pep certainly did us up like a kipper with his benching of key players. Cancelo is a great addition and I am very pleased to have him in my team as part of a Man City defensive double up that simply don’t know how to concede goals. There was a lot of hype for Everton before the game, so a kick in the teeth for those jumping on Digne and Calvert-Lewin and we certainly didn’t see that one coming. Calvert-Lewin is definitely “fixtures over form” when I always think a striker is fixture proof once he starts scoring. So a bit against the grain. We will see how Everton bounce back at Leeds.

– Ultimately my positive week was as a result of PATIENCE. How often does that P word shine through. Patience in Mo Salah after six successive blanks and patience in a misfiring Patrick Bamford when many moved him on. I didn’t have the confidence to give Salah the armband so well done if you did. Bamford had looked really out of sorts recently but that early substitution in the previous game seemed to done the trick as he looked great.

– Probably the luckiest ten points I will get all season is the Martinez haul. He survived a very questionable penalty shout, and two hairline offside VAR calls. It was pivotal to my week so I will take it. He is my star of the season so far. He seems to be a magnet for bonus points. My switch from McCarthy in GW9 is probably my best move of the season.

– I had a big call to make between Dallas and Coufal on my bench pecking order which seemed unimportant but as events unfolded, it was a decision that came good with the Dallas goal. Again, a player many had looked to move on with Leeds seemingly faltering.

– I don’t regret the captaincy on Gundogan. He played very advanced again but the chances didn’t drop to him this week and it wasn’t meant to be. He was the form player with the best fixture.

– Son without Kane looked like Little Bo Peep who lost her sheep. What was that from Spurs ? Son was more of a differential than usual and a chance to put a big cherry on my gameweek. Not to be. Bring back Harry !!!

So what next:

– I have one free transfer and enough cash to buy a yacht !!!

– With so many premiums injured, we can pretty much buy who we want right now. But the big issue we have is a constant benching headache when we spread the cash round our teams !!!!

– The premium players like Bruno Fernandes and Son are not firing but along with Salah they provide rank protection. With Vardy, De Bruyne and Kane injured, there is absolutely no need to take them out when they can damage your rank and there are no other premium alternatives. I can’t get to Sterling without selling the highly owned Bruno or Son and also giving up the bargain Gundogan. The remaining premium players can protect rank so may as well stay there and there is more than enough cash in the treasure chest to attack with elsewhere.

– Antonio is probably the one player who I don’t have who sits outside my comfort zone of covering the most popular players amongst the elite managers I follow. But I can’t sell Bamford after Sunday when he is even more highly owned than Antonio. I am very impressed by Ollie Watkins right now and having just bought Calvert Lewin for a hit, I have to give him a chance to shine and line him up v Leeds and Fulham. That’s unless a certain Mr Kane returns quicker than planned. I wouldn’t hesitate to use my 4M to get him back in if he was fit to face West Brom after the Chelsea match.

– I could upgrade Soucek to Grealish which looks a very solid move. But I have Martinez and Watkins and I am not keen on tripling up on teams apart from the top clubs, with Covid uncertainty still there for teams or their opponents. Likewise, I don’t fancy triple West Ham with Antonio. One bad game or rearranged game wipes out three players. The Grealish move from Soucek does look the obvious one, but if I get Grealish or Maddison or whoever, I have a great five man midfield, but with three strikers, I am just increasing my benching headaches. Grealish in would mean benching Bamford or Watkins or Calvert Lewin !! I would rather just stick with Mr Soucek as my “agreed” 8th attacker.

– I could spend the spare cash on a third defender to play alongside Cancelo and Dias. Someone like Robertson or Trent, or a Chelsea or Man Utd defender. But I quite like the three way rotation I have going on between Justin, Dallas and Coufal.

– One advantage of me not spending all the spare cash I have, is when the premium players like De Bruyne, Vardy and Kane return, I can react more easily without ripping up my team. Kane or Vardy in particular can slot straight back in.

– So I am going to roll the transfer, barring any injuries.

My chip strategy:

– I am still looking at a possible GW25 wildcard to set up for double GW26 . The trouble with trying to build for it instead is that we won’t know the confirmed doubles until the next round of the cup is played which leaves no time at all. Those with free hit intact remain in a great position. Without it, filling your team on wildcard in GW25 with GW26 doublers, means no players in GW29. A free hit in GW29 is ideal to navigate this.
My issue with going full doubles and bench boosting in GW26 is my total lack of players for GW29, which makes the GW26 bench boost a poisoned chalice without a free hit.

– I had intended to bench boost in double GW19 in tandem with a free hit GW18 but the Leeds v Southampton double being called off halted those well laid plans. There is a case now for just playing the bench boost in a favourable single week to “get it out the way” but just look what just happened this week. It’s very frustrating potentially not being able to bench boost with a full team of doubles in GW26 without the free hit. I might have to find another opportunity if GW26 puts a big spanner in to GW29.

– My team doesn’t really need a wildcard as I am very happy with it. I will see how the GW26 doubles and GW29 blanks line up for my team when we have confirmed fixtures. If I am not well set up, I will Wildcard GW25 to get up to 11 doubles for GW26, put 4 blank week players on my bench and use four free transfers with a hit to get 8 players for GW29, more if I reduce my doubles.

So how does GW22 look:

– I am rolling the transfer for the powerful position of holding two next week. Always a great position to be in.

– The team looks strong on paper so no desire to make any changes. Justin gets the nod probably in my three way rotation for third defender.

– Bamford has a flag as I write this due to a dead leg. I am happy for him to stay in with Soucek waiting in reserve.

-Captain will be between Salah and Fernandes in favourable home fixtures. I don’t think I could go Gundogan again at Burnley and I don’t like captaining a City defender, the rested Cancelo would be the one if I did. I don’t trust a Son without Kane. I think Man Utd have the better fixture v Southampton, as Brighton come to Anfield on the back of three successive clean sheets. But I find it hard to look past Mo Salah

Let’s hope for less surprises in the GW22 team sheets !!!!!!

Good luck everyone.

Transfer summary:  Likely rolling the transfer

Here’s the team assuming no transfers are made:

fpl teams GW22

Kev in Canada

Kev finished 48k last season 6k in 18/19 and 195k in 17/18

GW21 points: 60  (FPL average 48) Total points: 1,263, Overall Rank: 263k, green arrow:  18k Team Value: £104.4m

Kev has used his  Triple Captain Chip

Follow Kev on twitter here

Well that was ugly but it was green so I will hold off on my whining…

I will ride price drops on Kane and pray we get press conference news:

1. If he plays Chelsea or not.
2. If Southampton or Everton get a Double Gameweek in gameweek 24. If one of them do I will swap Kane to Calvert Lewin or Ings.

If no news, then likely I will go for Calvert Lewin as he plays Leeds next and is cheaper.

Captain: Mo Salah
Vice: Cancelo

Transfer summary:  to be confirmed

Here’s the team assuming no transfers are made

fpl teams GW22

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