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Here’s our FPL teams GW32 article where the FFGeek contributors show us their teams before the transfer deadline. All of the contributors finished in the top 1% of teams last season. Here’s part 1.


Here’s a version of the 10 or so FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It also wont covering early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

You can also see an article where the FFGeek contributors talk about their wildcard teams and DGW strategies


See also Joe’s GW31 review article 

Joseph finished with an overall rank of 13k last season

GW31 Points 100 -4 (Avg 46) Total Points 1,854 OR 26k TV 104.6m green arrow 8k

Currently on wildcard still holding his BB and FH.  TC used.

GW31 Summary

It’s been a while since the conclusion of GW31 and it certainly was a strange week; 100 points in a gameweek is a fantastic score, especially in a blank week, but the abundance of high scores meant it was only a rise of 8k. This was, of course, due to the biblical performance of Salah who was captained by the vast majority of managers, myself included fortunately. My other Liverpool players also returned strongly as Firmino scored, but I was arguably most satisfied with the double-figure haul from Robertson after a clean sheet and an assist.

The only other player to return was one of my transfers, Stanislas, who scored a late freekick to bring home 10 points. The rest of my team was rather disappointing where the only positive news was that all 11 of my players started which contributed to the green arrow. After weeks of planning for the blank week, it’s a relief to have it out of the way with a solid result. The good news is that I’ve finally been able to activate my wildcard and bring in a fresh new team to see me through to the end of the campaign!

GW32 Team

I spoke in detail about my wildcard team in the updated article earlier this week so will avoid repeating myself too much. The only change in personnel is that Stanislas has been replaced by Gross who has a couple of nice-looking home fixtures before his first double gameweek and has shown strong home form all season. Ideally, I would have been able to afford someone other than Mariappa, but I can upgrade him in GW34, so it seemed a good place to save cash. For your reference, in the team pictures, Murray and Robertson will be Barnes and Alonso; I’m holding until Saturday morning as I have some cash tied up in them.

I have decided to keep Smalling despite the return of Jones and Rojo; I feel that he is still first choice having started the last eight and, at worst case, he should play the Swansea game this weekend. With their popularity, I’ve always preferred to double-up on the United defence in order to make gains from their clean sheets. The way that I have planned my wildcard means that I should have a transfer spare in DGW34 to address any potential issues such as this situation.

The news that Kane will be back sooner than expected has thrown a spanner in the works as it seems likely that he will be fit for the double gameweek. As I write, my plan is to hold off on him until GW36 for a couple of reasons. Essentially, I have chosen to select Lukaku over Kane for that week (which seems even stranger when written down!) mainly due to the stronger fixtures for United. Also, there is a slight fear that Kane will be rotated for the second match against Brighton with the FA cup semi-final and the recurring injury in mind.

After his four-goal haul, my plan had been to captain Salah in every non-double gameweek which would mostly be a risk aversion tactic. However, I’ve found myself slightly wavering this week with the slight fear that he could face reduced minutes with the Champions League following in midweek. Lukaku and Aubameyang have promising home fixtures which certainly tempt me, but it would be difficult to steer away from Salah.

That will be final decision of my wildcard fortnight where they have been many and hopefully I’ve got the majority of them right! Best of luck to everyone this weekend and may your arrows be green!

fpl teams GW32

In the picture, Murray and Robertson will be Barnes and Alonso


Also see Rob’s GW32 player picks article  

Rob finished with a rank of 22k last season 4,701 in 2015/16 and 7,810 in 2014/15.

GW31 Points 110 -4 (Avg 46) Total Points 1,791 OR 135k TV 103.8 green arrow 85k

GW31 review

After a terrible run, I finally stopped the rot in GW30. I’d also left my team in reasonable shape for GW31 and with a points hit managed to field 9 players. As it turned out, maybe I should field 9 players and take a points hit every week! My 2 transfers both returned double figures and Chaos Theory scored their highest weekly total of the season, getting a very welcome 5 figure gameweek rank. Not forgetting a small contribution from a certain Mo Salah of course!

I’d planned to dead end my team this week and as such had free licence on the transfers in. 10 point Stanislas seemed less of a gamble, but I rolled the dice on Tosun and he didn’t disappoint – 2 goals and a full set of bonus points for a total fo 13. Add to this another double figure return from Robertson and a bench cameo assist from Daniels and things were already in good shape before you even consider captain Salah’s 58 point haul. I certainly didn’t expect to be in the 100 club for a blank gameweek, but hey – it’s a much needed shot in the arm for a season that was falling a bit flat beforehand.

It all felt a bit unreal pressing the Wildcard on the Saturday night after such a hefty weekly score, but such is the way of things in this game. It did however feel good to clear away some of the dead wood I’d hung on to for their GW31 fixture (naming no names Wilson and Richarlison!) Let’s have a look at who I’ve chosen for the run-in and the vital upcoming double and blank gameweeks.

GW32 Team

Again a reminder of my position – I have 3 chips to play, with my plan still being to use my Bench Boost in GW34, Free Hit in GW35 and Triple Captain in GW37 in spite of the reverse in fixtures when DGW34 was finally announced. I’ve already posted a couple of Wildcard updates that had established the core of my team and explored some of the possibilities for the other positions. So it came down to filling the other positions and working out a plan for the remaining 6 gameweeks of the season. Here’s who I’ve gone for:

Goalkeepers – I settled fairly quickly on the combination of De Gea and Ryan. De Gea is the highest scoring keeper this season, has 2 double gameweeks and is the most secure way into a United defence that has a favourable run-in. Ryan also has 2 double gameweeks, although he’ll be benched for GW37 in favour of De Gea. He also has the added bonus of a reasonable GW33 fixture when De Gea faces Man City.

Defence – 2 of my budget defenders were fairly easy selections. Leicester have 2 double gameweeks and have budget defensive options – I’ve opted for Morgan who is slightly more gametime secure than the 0.1m cheaper Chilwell. Burnley were my second go-to budget option and I’ve gone for £4.4m Lowton who also can pick up the odd assist.

Now the premiums – my first choice is Smalling, though I am a bit wary of him. He’s played United’s last 8 games, but Jones and Rojo are just back from injury so he may find himself rotated. He should play this week at least though and he’ll be bench fodder for me anyway for GW33 so I figure he’s worth the risk.

I’ve gone for Monreal for my next premium pick. This may seem a bit of an odd one seeing as he only has one GW34 fixture, but he seems relatively gametime secure, good value and has nice GW32 & 33 fixtures and a good single GW34 fixture not to mention a double in GW37. The other premium options just didn’t appeal – £6m Vertonghen looks the only secure Spurs option but he offers no real attacking potential at such a high price and has tough GW32 and 34 fixtures. Chelsea have 2 doubles, but it would have to be Alonso if I’m going for a Chelsea defender. The cheaper Christensen is an injury and rotation risk and Alonso is comparatively very expensive and has not returned since GW24. I might live to regret this decision but I’m willing to gamble!

My last defensive choice was governed by the price of my 4th midfielder so I’ve had to go for another budget pick and I’ve gone for Stephens of Southampton. This is purely on the basis of him having 2 double gameweeks and his price, hopefully the Saints might pick up at least 1 clean sheet in these four fixtures!

Midfield – I settled on 3 of my midfield choices fairly early. Salah was always going to stay in the team, even with no double gameweeks. He’s so explosive, got such high ownership and is such a good captain option that there’s no way he would be sold. Son was a fairly easy choice for spot number 2. He’s been in great form and with Kane injured (though on a speedy comeback trail by all accounts) he should benefit from a more advanced role. Mahrez gets spot number 3 – 2 double gameweeks, nice fixtures in between and 21 points in his last 2 weeks, he’s a logical choice.

Now here’s the tricky bit. My choices were 2 lower mid-range players or a premium player and a cheapie. I’ve thought long and hard on this one.

Option 1 was to pick 2 out of Willian, Gross, Stanislas and Gudmundsson. Willian is certainly appealing – good recent form at a nice price, but it comes with some doubts about minutes. Stanislas is in good form and has nice GW32 and 33 fixtures but then a horrible GW34 double. Gross has done well this season, but his returns have tailed off a bit (only 3 since GW19) and he struggles away from home. Then there’s the cheapest option – Gudmundsson. A goal and 2 assists in the last 5 is pretty good, but I’m going for a Burnley option up front and don’t really want the double up. A lot of ‘what ifs.’

I’ve therefore gone for Option 2 and splashed out on Hazard for my 4th midfielder. It’s a bit of an eggs in one basket move (topical for this weekend!) but it does make sense to me. He’s returned in 5 of his last 9, is on penalties and has a great FPL history of being explosive. Add to this his 2 double gameweeks and gametime security and he looks the best option. I’m also more keen in putting the funds in one place as it gives me another cash cow option for getting Kane later on. The upshot of this is that midfielder 5 has to be cheap. They’ll be bench fodder in all but GW34 and they must have a double gameweek. Bournemouth may have terrible GW34 fixtures but have the best cheap options. There’s super cheap Lewis Cook at £4.3 but he leaves next to no chance of anything better than 4 points in GW34 so I’ve spent another £0.4m and gone for Ibe. He also gives me another option for GW32, 33 and 36.

Forwards – It will probably surprise you, but at present I only have 1 double gameweek forward – Ashley Barnes! He was the obvious budget pick for me though I did consider Murray as well. For the other 2 slots, I’ve got Aubameyang and I’ve held Firmino at the moment. They both have nice GW32 and 33 fixtures and it also temporarily covers Firmino’s high ownership. I did consider Lukakuthis week as well, but his GW33 fixture vs City puts me off initially. However, my plan is to sell these latter 2 strikers with the 2 free transfers I’ll carry into GW34 and buy Lukaku along with fellow double gameweeker Vardy.

Plan moving forward

I think that this team leaves me with some flexibility. I’ve also got several potential routes to getting Harry Kane in GW36 or 37 for my Triple Captain chip, though I’ve kind of accepted the fact that I will probably need a hit to do so, certainly if I wanted him in GW36. I could sell any of Mahrez, Son or Hazard in midfield to fund the move, or Vardy could become someone like Charlie Austin if he hits form after his injury return. This is one to monitor over the next few weeks, as well as Sir Harold’s return to fitness.

So here we go, let’s roll the dice again. For my team this week, Ryan, Ibe, Stephens and Morgan are the bench players and Salah is my captain. Best of luck to you all for this week, whether you’ve played your Wildcard or not. Don’t eat too much chocolate and I hope your Easter Holiday weekend arrows are green!

fpl teams GW32


Alex finished in 10k in 16/17 28k in 15/16 and 3k in 14/15

GW31 Points 94 -4 (Avg 46) Total Points 1,834 OR 47k TV 103.7m green arrow 5k

 The graphic below represents what I think will be my team although I’ll possibly leave it to the last minute.  Those transfers Transfers; Walcott and Quaner to Mahrez and Aubameyang. Captain; 90% Salah, 10% Auba!

You can see the planning in the previous wildcard article but in essence I plan to FH in 34 WC in 36 and BB in 37 having already used my triple captain chip.

fpl teams GW32


FPL word is one of the 10 top FPL managers I follow

Top 9k in 16/17, top 1k in 15/16, top 5k in 14/15

GW31 Points 97 -8 (Avg 46) Total Points 1,854 OR 45k TV 104.1m green arrow 2k

It could still change, but that’s the WC team I have now. Decided to go without Lukaku, but with a double United defence. I wasn’t sure about Smalling’s minutes in DGW34, so went for Valencia.

Double Chelsea defence too  I expect Christensen to be fully fit for the DGW. Aubameyang will probably become Kane later, but I’m not yet sure whom to downgrade, will probably decide just before the DGW34 with a transfer in hand saved in GW33 and BBin 34. Will FH in GW35 and TC in GW37.   Good luck!

 fpl teams GW32



Mikael finished 5,846 OR last season

GW31 Points 101 -4 (Avg 46) Total Points 1,747 OR 315k TV 103.1m green arrow 107k

Mikael is on a WC now and has all his chips intact

Final WC-draft (I think)
I’m leaving room (£0.5) for for Austin for DGW34 so went for Azpi instead of Alonso. I like Chiwell for his OOP status. Man U defence is essential, so went with DDG and Smalling and hope Jones stays injuried. :-)
But if he gets fit AND drops 0.1 it’s a straight swap.
I went for the template midfield. Still have my FH, so don’t have to plan for BGW35.
Front is Lukaku, Auba and Barnes as a placeholder for Austin in DGW34.

fpl teams GW32


Daren Chew

Daren finished with a 24k overall rank last season

GW31 Points 101 -4  (Avg 46) Total Points 1,722 OR 466k TV 104.1m green arrow 156k

Final team below.  Captain might change to Lukaku or Aubameyang.

fpl teams GW32


Keith finished with an incredible rank of 325 last season and 9k the season before that

GW31 Points 100  (Avg 46) Total Points 1,902 OR 5k TV 104.1m green arrow 2k

Keith used his free hit in the last round and now only has his Bench Boost and triple captain left.

Here’s his team for this week Elliot to DeGea and Kane to Aubameyang


Neil finished with an overall rank of 30k last season

GW31 Points 85 -4  (Avg 46) Total Points 1,651 OR 1,072k TV 103.7m green arrow 125k



fpl teams GW32

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