FPL Teams GW35 – FFGeek contributors show us their teams


Here’s our FPL teams GW35 article where the FFGeek contributors show us their teams before the transfer deadline. All of the contributors finished in the top 1% of teams last season. Here’s part 1.


Here’s 10 or so FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It also wont covering early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

You can also see an article where the FFGeek contributors talk about a GW35 free hit team


Joseph finished with an overall rank of 13k last season

See Joseph’s GW34 review article

GW34 Points 115 -4 on BB (Avg 64) Total Points 2,067 OR 8k TV 103.7m green arrow 12k

Joe has played his wildcard, BB and triple captain chip. His FH is intact

GW34 Summary

It wasn’t the most enthralling gameweek in the end with plenty of rotation and disappointing performances which resulted in a rather low average score compared to previous double gameweeks. However, I managed to come out rather well from it as I more than halved my overall rank to sneak into the top 10k. I played my bench boost which gave me a decent additional return of 25 points thanks to two goals from my Burnley contingent; although this was offset by an own goal from cheapie Long after he scored at the weekend – a wonderful FPL moment.

My investment in United also paid off in spite of the shocking result against West Brom. This is due to their clean sheet in their second game with the bonus of goals from Smalling and my captain Lukaku. The triple up on Leicester wasn’t quite so lucrative although a goal from Vardy and a clean sheet from Chilwell did help to boost my score.

Arguably the biggest let downs from the double gameweek were Chelsea and Spurs as all of my representatives (Son, Alli, Willian and Alonso) were only able to start one game each. They should get the opportunity to repay me during the second double gameweek later in the season.

Ultimately though, I am very satisfied with the result of DGW34 after 115 points gave me my biggest green arrow since GW19 and a gameweek rank of 9k. I’m hopeful that this will help me to secure a top 10k finish and a decent score during this weekend’s blank gameweek will also greatly assist with that.

GW35 Team

Last week’s positive result was enabled by the activation of a chip and hopefully another one will bring successive green arrows as I activate my free hit for GW35! I spoke about my initial plans for the free hit team in an earlier article and there isn’t too much change from this as the core is still built around Man City and Liverpool.

I have stuck with the decision to field three attackers from the newly crowned champions, though I have now selected Jesus to go alongside De Bruyne and Sterling after the confirmation of the Aguero injury news. Klopp’s press conference hinted that he will field a rather strong Liverpool team, however the leaked team news suggests a little different. Therefore, Alexander-Arnold and Firmino have had to be replaced by cheapie Klavan and Mané respectively while Salah has remained in the team for their promising fixture against West Brom.

Arsenal is still a tricky situation, increasingly so after Wenger’s press conference revealed that even the supposedly secure player, Aubameyang, will be a rotation risk. Therefore, I have decided to select Lacazette as my premium attacker from the Gunners due to the manager’s words about preparing for the Europa League and Monreal will be my defender of choice considering the goal threat that he’s shown this season.

Outside of the top 6 sides, I have chosen Zaha following his recent good form with 3 goals and an assist in his last three starts and additionally he faces the league’s poorest home defence in Watford. There is also a place for Baines with his history of attacking returns plus his participation in the Monday night fixture, while I hope that he will also be on penalty duties. In goal, I am backing Stoke to grind out a result in their fixture against Burnley and hoping that Butland will pick up some save points in the process to bring home a big score.

My utilisation of the free hit chip means that I don’t feel the need to take any risk with the armband. Hence, I will be placing it on Salah unless we hear any confirmation that he won’t be starting in the lunch time kick-off. If that scenario does happen, then I will likely look to City for an alternative captain with Jesus the leading candidate as he should be guaranteed to start. Either way, I will be hoping Liverpool and City can fire me to success with my final chip of this season and secure my place in the top 10k.

Best of luck to everyone for this gameweek and may your arrows be green!

fpl teams GW35


See also Rob’s GW35 player picks article

Rob finished with a rank of 22k last season 4,701 in 2015/16 and 7,810 in 2014/15.

GW34 Points 75 -4 on TC (Avg 64) Total Points 1,965 OR 123k TV 103.9m red arrow 20k

Rob has used his 2nd wildcard and his triple captain but still has his bench boost

GW35 Free Hit Team

After a few drafts and some deliberation following the press conferences I’ve settled on this team below.

First up 3 City players. Aguero’s recent arthroscopy surely makes Jesus first choice up front so he’s in. Sterling joins him, he’s having a great season and will be keen to continue his form. Finally De Bruyne. His returns have been quieter of late, but he pulls the strings and can easily rack up multiple assists in a match.

Next up, 3 Liverpool players. Salah is a given as he chases the Golden Boot, no surprises here. Friday’s news seems to suggest that Firmino will be rested so I’ve gone with Mane for my second attacking choice. Finally it’s defensive cover and I’m taking a punt on Milner. It looks like he’s going to start and he effectively plays in midfield so I think he’s worth the gamble.

Now to fill in the rest of the team. I’d like some Arsenal cover, but I’m cautious around Wenger’s team selection. He was rather cryptic in his press conference but maybe this was due to the news he delivered the following day regarding his departure at the end of the season. He looks set to give a number of first teamers a run in preparation for a huge game against Athletico on Thursday but I have my doubts as to how many minutes they’ll play.

Aubameyang would have been an immediate choice before this news but he’s too much of a risk now. Lacazette would therefore be the main striker consideration but again, I’m not sold on his minutes. Similarly, there are many doubts in midfield. Ramsey is just back from injury, Ozil has looked a bit lost this season and I’m really tempted by any of the other options. Then there’s a defence that’s been subject to rotation and been surprisingly leaky at times this season. I think Wenger however will field a stronger backline this week and seeing as most of my premium attack spots are filled I’m going to pick 2 Arsenal defenders with attacking potential and hope that if there’s rotation, at least one will play. Monreal and Bellerin are in.

I’ve filled the rest of the midfield and attack slots next. Zaha is my final midfielder – he’s playing up front at the moment and is explosive when in form. The other striker spots are tough to fill and funds are limited now. Perez has looked good over the last couple of weeks in conjunction with The Magpies recent good form, he’s in. He’s joined by Wood of Burnley, though I’m not 100% sure which of the 2 I’ll start.Finally it’s the remaining defender and goalkeeper slots. I’ve gone with Butland for my keeper this week. He’s accumulated a good number of save points over the last few weeks and will have a good ceiling if Stoke can buck their recent poor defensive form and keep Burnley out. I can’t afford a player keeper for the other slot, but with Butland nailed this doesn’t matter so £4m Elliot is the reserve. Finally the other 2 defensive spots are occupied by Baines and Long. I’m slightly loathe to leave Baines out, but if I’m starting Perez then this lowers my points ceiling so he’ll sit on the bench as a decent reserve.

Salah is an easy captain choice this week – he’ll be heavily backed no doubt. I’m leaning towards a 3-5-2 with Perez the partner for Jesus at the moment, but if I change my mind I’ll tweet tomorrow morning. Good luck this week everyone – may your arrows be green!

fpl teams GW35


FPL word is one of the 10 top FPL managers I follow

Top 9k in 16/17, top 1k in 15/16, top 5k in 14/15

GW34 Points 98 on BB (Avg 64) Total Points 2,029 OR 27k TV 104.1m green arrow 14k

Word has played his 2nd wildcard and BB.  TC and FH intact.

 Not 100% convinced but currently looking at this



Mikael finished 5,846 OR last season

GW34 Points 80 -4 (Avg 64) Total Points 1,935 OR 214k TV 103.0m red arrow 7k

Mikael has played his 2nd wildcard and BB.  The TC and FH all intact.

This is the team I’ll probably go with

fpl teams gw35


Daren finished with a 24k overall rank last season

GW34 Points 92 (Avg 64) Total Points 1,924 OR 257k TV 103.9m green arrow 51k

This was sent before the Aubameyang news

 Below are my FH team, Capt Auba at the moment.

fpl teams GW35


Neil finished with an overall rank of 30k last season

GW34  Points 105 -4 (Avg 64) Total Points 1,848 OR 710k TV 103.2m green arrow 237k

WC and TC used.  FH now being used

fpl teams GW35


 fpl teams GW35

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2 thoughts on “FPL Teams GW35 – FFGeek contributors show us their teams

  1. Am I missing something about Butland? I honestly though Pickford was a better pick as Everton’s home record is pretty good unlike Stoke’s. I guess Newcastle have been in good form and people are being put off because of that?

    This is my team, let me know what you think:

    Milner Baines Mustafi
    Salah De Bruyne Mane Sterling Zaha
    Lacazette Jesus

    Elliot Kiko Long Campbell

    Good luck guys!

  2. I personally didn’t fancy doubling up on Everton defence and feel that Burnley won’t be at 100% after playing on Thursday. It’s a must-win game for Stoke and they need to grind something out. Absolutely love your team!

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