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Here’s our FPL teams GW38 article where the FFGeek contributors show us their teams before the transfer deadline. All of the contributors finished in the top 1% of teams last season.


10 or so FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It also wont covering early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.


Joseph finished with an overall rank of 13k last season

 GW37 Points 85 -8 (Avg 67) Total Points 2,277 OR 3k TV 103.7m no rank movement

Joe has no chips left

 GW37 Summary

The double gameweeks have been rather peculiar this year and it was a low-scoring one for me this time around which was summed up by a total of just two bonus points received from my team’s combined 22 fixtures. The biggest disappointment was my choice to play safe by bringing in Jesus for Vardy given the popularity of the former leading up to the gameweek. The alternative option had been to go for Sané in place of Willian which certainly would have been the more lucrative choice – a regretful decision.

The main good news came from the surprising source of 4.2mil Masuaku who was a late transfer for the injured Chilwell and managed to pick up a couple of clean sheets. The second game was a 0-0 against United bringing me returns for De Gea and Smalling which meant I was one of the few people to enjoy that game! My only attacking returns this week came from a single goal when Son set up Kane to convert the winner against Newcastle. Fortunately, I had captained the Spurs striker which contributed to the final score of 85 points resulting in a small red arrow and holding my place in the top 5k.

GW38 Team

We’re finally at the last gameweek of the season and here’s hoping for a strong finish! My team looks in reasonably good shape though there is one glaring Mo Salah shaped hole which needs to be filled. The obvious candidate to be replaced by him is Willian, but there is a price difference which means some cash will be required via a hit; 2.5mil to be precise. The choices to also be removed are Alonso or my United double up of De Gea and Smalling who look likely to miss the last game.

In both cases, a cheap defender will be required, and my preferred choice is Alexander-Arnold with his side’s good home fixture against Brighton. If I elect to remove De Gea then I will have around 4.5mil to spend with the best option looking like Hennessey lining up against the relegated West Brom. Essentially my choice is between my back-ups, presuming DDG and Smalling don’t start, Ryan and Long against Alonso and Hennessey though the latter pair will take an extra hit. I will be leaving the transfers until the last minute in case of any early info regarding the team news, but it looks certain that Salah and Alexander-Arnold will be joining my team in place of Willian and at least one other.

The Egyptian is the obvious pick for the armband given the combination of the promising fixture and his high ownership. He is also leading all of the captaincy polls and I am happy to try and preserve my current rank which would complete my first ever top 5k finish. The other option would be Kane, but it seems appropriate to end this campaign with the armband on its undisputed star. I await with high hopes to see if Salah can get the 8 points required to become the first player to crack the 300-point barrier in FPL!

Best of luck to everyone for the final gameweek and I hope the season has been an enjoyable one for you!

Joe’s team pre transfer decision

fpl teams GW38


See also Rob’s GW38 player picks article which includes guest picks by Joe, Alex and the Geek

Rob finished with a rank of 22k last season 4,701 in 2015/16 and 7,810 in 2014/15.

GW37 Points 85 -12 with bench boost (Avg 67) Total Points 2,145 OR 100k TV 104.3m red arrow 5k

 Rob has no chips left

GW37 review

Another double gameweek has come and gone and sadly it was once again a fairly abject score from my team. I gambled on a -12 to try and bolster my Bench Boost squad – in the end it didn’t pay off as my 4 transfers scored me 30 points versus 18 if I’d made no changes giving me a net score of 0. Oh well, at least I didn’t lose points I guess!

Having 3 players scoring 0 on Bench Boost really hurt. Monreal didn’t play in either match, Ibe was left on the bench for the whole match against Swansea and Lowton conceded 5 goals against Arsenal. My keepers did ok – 19 points total. Vertonghen was a good transfer in with 15 points and Smalling also picked up 8. It was my midfield and attack that let me down. 1 goal and 2 assists between 8 players across the double simply wasn’t good enough.

So the season continues to fizzle out for my squad and I’m left struggling to hold onto a top 100k rank. I feel a bit like one of those teams in mid-table safety/obscurity in the league. A bit empty but capable of an enigmatic performance without warning! It’s not been my season this time around, I’ve made the wrong choice on too many 50-50 calls. But the great thing about FPL is that there’s always next year and we’ve also got a World Cup to look forward to in the summer. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, there’s still GW38 to think about.

GW38 Team

Honestly, I haven’t got a clue what I’m going to do this week but at least there’s no pressure! I’m pretty sure I’ll take a hit and I think I’ll look at bringing in some differentials. I’ve come up with 3 ideas and I might think of more before the deadline. I’ve also decided I’m going to leave my transfer as late as possible and see if any more news comes out before 2pm.

Idea 1 is the most conservative option. Monreal to a cheap defender (£4.1 or less) and Gundogan to Arnautovic. Monreal’s gametime has been very hit and miss the last few weeks and might get rested again this week. In saying that Arsenal have a bit of a defensive crisis going on with Koscielny injured and Mvaropanos suspended so maybe he’ll play. Arnie can be explosive, is effectively playing as a striker and faces an Everton side who are poor on their travels. It looks a solid option.

Idea 2 is De Gea and Gundogan out and Karius and Lanzini in. De Gea is going to be rested this week now he has the Golden Glove in the bag and Karius looks a good transfer in with Liverpool a good bet for a clean sheet this week. My reserve keeper is Ryan, who will definitely play but I don’t like his clean sheet chances, a zero is very possible if Liverpool’s fab 3 have their shooting boots on so it could be a small net gain. Lanzini is more an assist player but has some set piece responsibility as well. The downside on this option, is that the points ceiling looks quite low, especially with 1 transfer in being a keeper.

Idea 3 is the most left-field. Ibe and Son go and are replaced by Milivojevic and Martial. Mili has massively outperformed his stats this year, mainly due to his set-piece and penalty duties. Martial is set to start this week and can be explosive on his day, but has no returns since GW28 which is a worry. A far more conservative version of this would be Mili for Gundogan. Spurs fan and fellow contributor Joe also raises a good point in that Son might be favoured to start with it being a home fixture. Add to this that opponents Leicester are riddled with injuries and are leaking goals at the moment and it puts me off a bit.

So at the moment, I’m just not sure. I think I might put it to the Twitter community today and see what happens! As for the rest of my team, the other main issue is Kane vs Salah for captain. Either could go goal crazy and both carry high ownership. Salah looks like the shield option, but I’m leaning more towards Kane myself. I’ll make a final call tomorrow I think. I’ll post on Twitter with my decisions, probably around 1.58pm!

So I guess that’s it for this season, it’s been a rollercoaster as ever. Thanks for following my ramblings, sorry that my team has underperformed somewhat but hey, that’s the way these things go! For the last time this campaign then – good luck and I hope your arrows are green!

fpl teams GW38


Alex finished in 10k in 16/17 28k in 15/16 and 3k in 14/15

GW37 Points 97 on BB (Avg 67) Total Points 2,202 OR 30k TV 103.8m green arrow 18k

Well a very pleasing double GW. Three points shy of the ton was a bit of a shame. Dubravka was the undoubted star of my bench boost with 15 points giving me 25 points of the bench which was a handy addition. Vertonghen and DDG along with capo Kane chipped in to give a total to move me back up to 30K which im pleased with considering I was 90K 5gw’s ago but still gutting considering I was 4K 9gw’s ago!

One week to go and the planned transfer of Erik to Salah will go ahead funded by Mustafi to one of the Liverpool wingbacks. I just have to decide which! Other than that im very happy with the team, especially the midfield of; Zaha, Arine, Salah and Sterling which I have high hopes of!

Salah Capo for me. Good luck all and enjoy your break from FPL over the summer.

fpl teams GW38


Top 9k in 16/17, top 1k in 15/16, top 5k in 14/15

FPL Word is one of the top 10 FPL managers I follow

GW38 Points 79 -12 on TC (Avg 67) Total Points 2,206 OR 27k TV 104.0m red arrow 6k

Here’s my team. Got Arnautovic for Bernardo Silva. I’m also considering taking Valencia out after Mou comments about rotation, but don’t really want to take a hit for a defender. If I do, I’ll probably got for Cresswell, van Aanholt or van Dijk. Good luck!

Good luck everyone

fpl teams GW38


Daren finished with a 24k overall rank last season

GW38 Points 85 -4 on TC (Avg 67) Total Points 2,139 OR 112k TV 103.9m green arrow 11k

Final GW of the season. -8 to remove DDG pogba and Vardy to get in Romero Salah and Rashford. And would like to wish everybody good luck and looking forward for the World Cup. Capt kane or Salah

 fpl teams GW38


Neil finished with an overall rank of 30k last season

GW38 Points 107 -12 on BB (Avg 67) Total Points 2,050 OR 421k TV 102.8m green arrow 129k

Salah and Ayew for Willian and Vardy.



Mikael finished 5,846 OR last season

GW38 Points 99 -8 on TC (Avg 67) Total Points 2,160 OR 75k TV 103.5m green arrow 25k

Willian and Lingard out for Gudmundsson and Zaha for a hit. Kane (C)

fpl teams GW38


 fpl teams GW38


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