FPL Teams GW4 – 2 FFGeek Contributors With Their GW4 Teams Part 1


Here’s part 1 of our FPL teams GW4 article where 2 FFGeek Contributors show their teams. There’s Andrew Whitfield and Kev in Canada. Between them they have 5 top 1% finishes in the last 3 competitive seasons including 2 top 10k finishers in that time.

FPL Teams GW4 – 2 FFGeek Contributors With Their GW4 Teams Part 1

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Andrew Whitfield

Andrew’s last 4 seasons overall ranks were 34k, 132k, 6k and 19k

GW3 Points: 63  (FPL average 54) Total points: 246, Overall Rank: 157k, red arrow: 39k  Team Value: £100.9m

Follow Andrew on twitter here

My gameweek 3 review:

So we head into the international break after an eventful week that produced only three home wins, only three clean sheets, with Spurs sitting top of the table and their north London neighbours Arsenal at the bottom !!

Man City won 5-0 for the 2nd week running, but it’s Spurs top after three 1-0 wins. Arsenal, Norwich and Wolves are all looking for their first point.

The armbands on Antonio , Son and Salah brought their rewards, with Bruno Fernandes captainers the ones missing out.

My GW3 score and rank:

63 points, with 5/11 “returners”, with a healthy 22 of them coming from captain Antonio. Salah, Greenwood, Ings and Shaw chipping in too, with the Benrahma train derailed just as everyone jumped on board.

A small “red arrow” dropped me from 118k to 157k, but I am delighted to be sitting around the top 2% at such an early stage, and with ranks being ridiculously tight, it’s only 10 points off the top 50k. It’s very often a steady climb from the millions over the first ten weeks so it’s good to have a foot in the door heading into the early break.

My GW3 talking points:

The 22 point captain call was a nice result. It was Antonio v Bruno Fernandes really, so the in form Antonio has scored 13,1 6 and 11 and it shows you can successfully step outside the premiums with the armband. Let’s hope those glass hamstrings survive.

Mason Greenwood rescued my gameweek from what was looking like a much bigger red arrow, with his 81st minute winner. I was a tad fortunate as I was convinced his shot was not on target before it went in off the keeper. Three goals in three is clinical finishing, but there is now huge competition for those attacking places, especially with a certain Mr Ronaldo on the scene. His place looks secure for now at least.

I switched Toney out for the Benrahma bandwagon. So it was inevitable Toney would break his duck. So that was a 4 point loss, but it was a large bandwagon risk that definitely needed covering. It had the potential for another Lingard situation !! I didn’t want to take out Greenwood or Raphinha for him, so Toney was my only route. Those on Harvey Barnes or other misfiring mids had a one move option. Toney is himself still fairly highly owned but I am happy with Raphinha, Greenwood and Benrahma as a consequence of dropping Toney.

I effectively used two transfers to do that deal, instead of riding the risk and making a cosmetic improvement to my bench and still carrying two transfers into the break. That would have been the dullard move but would have given me extra points and extra transfers for this week. So where it does impede me now is that I go into the break with only one transfer instead of two. So not an ideal outcome and it’s made for a tougher break now and will probably cost me an extra 4 point hit this week or next. Hopefully Benrahma fires again this week, as does Raphinha, and Toney stays quiet.

A first clean sheet for the highly owned Shaw had minimal rank implications and the Salah goal was pretty rank neutral too with non Salah owners off set by his armbands. An Ings assist was probably a goodbye present as his fixtures now turn tough. He has done his job with 3/3 returns from those attractive first three fixtures and with Villa looking underwhelming so far, Ings is now an easy sale with some appetising replacements.

My six blanks included Coufal, who is in my team more for his attacking returns than his clean sheet potential. Disappointing that he is playing really advanced and a constant attacking threat but has only one attacking contribution from ten West Ham goals. He has also been eclipsed by those Spurs defenders including Reguilon, after three clean sheets. I do love Coufal though compared to what he gives you over those 4.5M defenders. His time will come.

Bruno Fernandes followed his first game hat trick with 1 point and 2 points. So it’s natural that the arrival of Ronaldo and the potential loss of penalties is going to put question marks about him delivering value .

So what next ?

** The usual caveat.. I am writing this in the first week of the international break. A lot can change before GW4 finally arrives. But I prefer to get my article out early and then take my time to ponder my possible moves up until the deadline **

I have 0.3M in the bank and one free transfer. My original plan was to carry two into the international break, but that Toney to Benrahma double move has limited my options, with a nervous eye now on the international games and my first points hit of the season more than a possibility.

My transfer options:

My pre planned move in GW4 was Ings to Calvert Lewin. Danny Ings was always a three game punt with three initial favourable fixtures followed by a much tougher run from GW4. He has Chelsea away next. By contrast, Calvert Lewin has attractive fixtures with Burnley at home next. However, there is very limited wriggle room with price movements working against me. If it’s a move I am going to do, I am probably going to have to commit to it this week, which is far from ideal with Calvert Lewin carrying a toe and thigh injury which has seen him withdraw from the England squad.

The surprise move of Christiano Ronaldo to Man Utd has caused a few ripples. It will be interesting to see how the respected managers that I follow react. It’s certainly going to take the gloss off Bruno Fernandes if he loses penalties. Currently, Bruno has a huge ownership. But if there is a significant shift from Bruno to Ronaldo, then that could mean I consider a possible double move, for a hit, to bring in Ronaldo for Ings, and then swap Bruno out for Torres or Gundogan. If I didn’t own Tsimikas, then Jota would be very appealing with Firmino injured. It will be interesting to see how the Bruno / Ronaldo transfers play out.

Lukaku is highly appealing with Villa at home next, but I still plan to wait for the Chelsea fixtures to turn to gold from GW7. Owning a premium striker certainly allows a bit of premium hopping at a price point that brings Lukaku, Kane and Ronaldo into play.

Getting Lukaku means losing Bruno Fernandes, and the only way I would probably do that is through a switch to Ronaldo. I want one of Bruno or Ronaldo, especially with Newcastle up next, and as Greenwood might give way in the short term.

My other option this week is to keep Ings, even though he plays Chelsea away, and roll the transfer which allows me to see how the template shakes out and use two or three moves in GW5. Sometimes doing nothing is the hardest thing in FPL, but very often it’s the best option.

Wildcard ?

There will undoubtedly be a good number of wildcards played during this international break. It’s very much team dependant of course. But I really don’t think there is anything in my team that I can’t fix without a -4. There will be many more opportunities and plenty of times when there are multiple fires that need putting out. And that’s really not now. We have very limited information and data right now and form is still settling down.

I am still looking to wildcard during the second international break, when we have twice as much data as we do right now, but that’s not set in stone. But it does coincide with some significant fixture swings.

Transfer summary:

To be confirmed on Twitter prior to the deadline.


I am very likely to captain a Man Utd player v Newcastle, which will be either Bruno Fernandes, or Ronaldo if he comes into my team. Salah at Leeds is also an appealing option.

Here is my team for GW4 BEFORE any transfers

Happy tinkering everyone and stay calm !!!

FPL Teams GW4

Kev in Canada

Kev’s last 3 seasons overall ranks were 52k, 48k and 6k

GW3 Points: 70-4  (FPL average 54) Total points: 237, Overall Rank: 345k, green arrow: 42k  Team Value: £101.0m

Follow Kev on twitter here

Firstly, I will not wild card this week. I thought about it but I think it will be more useful around GW17 when Chelsea will likely blank due to the Club World Cup (and we all will have 3 Chelsea).

This is also right around when Man Utd start their incredible run from GW14-GW27. A run of 10/14 Green fixtures on the fantasy Premier League site’s difficulty scale and no Red at all. This comes right after a run from GW5-GW13 where they have 6/9 Red fixtures.

So I think we may find ourselves with 3 Chelsea and 0 MUN around that time and a Wild Card could be very useful.

While a WC would be nice to use now, I think I can bring in Chelsea now up to GW7 without having to WC. Even if it means taking one or two hits. Although, I am not sure I will even need too.

As for this week, I will use the 3.9M I have itb to bring in Lukaku for Ings.

Captain: Lukaku
Vice: Fernandes

Transfer summary: Likely Lukaku in for Ings

Here’s the team with the graphic showing where Lukaku would be if completed

FPL Teams GW4

The FFGeek Contributors League

The highlighted FFGeek contributors combined team finished with an overall rank of 8k last season and 52k the season before. It started ok in 8th place with total points of 243 after 69 points in GW3 and an overall rank of 211k. You can follow that team, including live transfers, on our subscription Patreon site.

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FPL Teams GW4
FPL Teams GW4

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