FPL Teams GW6 – 4 FFGeek Contributors With Their GW6 Teams Part 1 – Including A Wildcard


Here’s part 1 of our FPL teams GW6 article where 4 FFGeek Contributors show their teams. There’s Rick Porter, Kev in Canada, Ben Wooton and Harry Vernon. Between them they have 10 top 0.5% finishes in the last 4 competitive seasons including 6 top 10k finishers in that time. There’s also a wildcard team in there.

FPL Teams GW6 – 4 FFGeek Contributors With Their GW6 Teams Part 1 – Including A Wildcard

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It’s worth noting that the teams shown may not necessarily end up being the final teams or the transfers may have been made in the days prior to the posting . It’s an informal situation to give you an idea of trends. 

As for the Contributor tracker team and the FFGeek Team transfers will be completed as the article is posted which will almost always be on the Friday or the midweek deadline day.

Rick Porter

Rick’s last 5 seasons ORs were 1k, 29k, 1k, 30k and 2k.

GW5 Points: 59  (FPL average 55) Total points: 402, Overall Rank: 8k, red arrow: 4k  Team Value: £101.1m

GW5 review

I’m glad to see the back of that week. It really didn’t favour those of us that chose to Wildcard early and every match felt like damage limitation once it became apparent how the chips were going to fall. The many absences welcomed a host of benched players onto the pitch and those who were still holding faded assets like Tsimikas and Toney benefitted from surprise returns in a week where every point counted. Thanks to the right captain choice and solid returns from White and Benrahma, I somehow managed to score above average, which is more than I expected.

I have little to complain about, though. The mid-priced midfield gang of Torres, Jota and Greenwood let their owners down again, which will prompt plenty more sales as their starting positions and value are questioned further. That’s good news for me, as the less I have to worry about those guys the better – not owning one/two of them is the price I’m paying for my extra premium.


I have two free transfers and just 0.1m in the bank. Leeds don’t seem able to keep a clean sheet and Ayling is now flagged, so he’s for the chopping block despite the promising fixtures. Livramento seems to have secured his place and is getting into some good positions, so downgrading to him before he rises in price leaves me with 0.5m to spend, which provides a bit more flexibility. I’ve already made this transfer.

I’m hoping I’m not forced into using my other transfer, as I’d prefer to save it and have two FTs and 0.5m for when others are Wildcarding into GW7. That would allow me to react to any upsets and/or secure a Chelsea defender next week.


I expect Ronaldo to very popular and I’ll probably follow suit. Salah vice.

Transfer summary: Ayling out and Livramento in

Here’s the team with transfer completed

FPL Teams GW6

Harry Vernon

Harry Vernon’s last 5 seasons are 86k, 22k, 6k, an incredible 224th and 6k

GW5 Points: 61  (FPL average 55) Total points: 402, Overall Rank: 9k, red arrow: 2k  Team Value: £101.2m

Follow Harry on twitter here

GW5 Review

Captain Mo Salah (24) bailed my side out this GW with a goal and an assist. That is four successes for my captain choice with 112 points from five game weeks or an average of 22 points each game week.

Benrahma (10) scored a fortunate, deflected goal. Bamford (5) returned an assist on his debut for my FPL. This was a bittersweet experience as I had sold Toney (12) to get him in.

White (7) picked up his second consecutive clean sheet as did Livramento (5). Unfortunately, the latter spent both of those game weeks on my bench.

The rest of my team was disappointing. Trent Alexander Arnold was rested and my big guns of Lukaku, Jota and Greenwood all blanked.

Shaw contributed a lot of crosses and he is showing potential but Man United have only kept one clean sheet all season. Greenwood seemed to have become a worse fantasy asset since a certain Ronaldo joined.

My big decision in GW4 was to picking Lukaku and Jota over Ronaldo and Raphinha. Due to Jota’s wastefulness and lack of passing from other Pool players, he has not returned. Lukaku scored a brace against Villa but somehow did not get an attacking return when Chelsea put 3 past Spurs.

A red arrow of 2k but I am still in the top 10K after 5 game weeks without playing a chip. Overall, I am very pleased with my start.

Going Forward

With the big fixture shift for Man Utd and Chelsea in GW7, I am looking to hold this game week’s transfer. Then I may ditch Greenwood or Jota for Raphinha and upgrade a cheap defender to one from Chelsea.


This week’s captaincy is a bit of a worry. Ronaldo has an overall ownership of approaching 50%. The ownership in the top 10K is a scary 92%, most of these I expect to give CR7 the armband.

I originally planned to captain Mo Salah again, but Brentford’s defence looks very resolute. They have only conceded 2 goals this season.

My other captaincy option is Antonio who travels to Leeds, whose defence concede goals for fun (12 goals so far)

Planned Captaincy

Antonio © Salah (v)

As usual I will confirm this on Twitter nearer the deadline.

transfer summary: Likely to carry over the free transfer

Here’s the team assuming no transfer is made

Kev in Canada

Kev’s last 3 seasons overall ranks were 52k, 48k and 6k

GW5 Points: 78 -4  (FPL average 55) Total points: 370, Overall Rank: 219k, green arrow: 227k  Team Value: £101.0m

Follow Kev on twitter here

transfer summary: carrying over the free transfer

Here’s the team assuming no transfer is made

FPL Teams GW6

Ben Wooton

Ben’s last 4 seasons ORs were 338k, 5k, 61k, 26k and 31k.

GW5 Points: 69  (FPL average 55) Total points: 364, Overall Rank: 310k, green arrow: 154k   Team Value: £100.2m

Follow Ben on twitter here

Ben has activated his wildcard

I had another positive week and sit @ 300k but remain 7 points off 200k level so still plenty of work to do yet.

Looking forward I could see a number of moves I would like to make to my team, so with lots of potential price rises coming down the track I have taken the opportunity to wildcard to get ahead of the game week 7’s fixture turn.


For my keeper I have kept Sanchez.

Ramsdale feels like a solid option but not sure if I like the risk of rotation at Arsenal. I could yet change my mind though as they do have good fixtures.

No2 keeper is now Foster who came in for Bachman. There is a chance that it was a one off but feel like it’s worth a gamble on Foster getting the shirt. I will see but I cannot afford 2 playing keepers so need to be sure.


Main reason to wildcard was to get the double Chelsea defence. Rudiger at 5.5m was the main guy to get in as less likely to be rotated based on the end of last season and the season so far. Like all Chelsea assets I thought Rudiger would rise this week even with City up next so got him in.

I doubled him up with Alonso 5.8m who did rise last night, while Alonso might be rotated at times his attacking threat in a solid defence feels worth the punt over James for me. He is also an easy one to move on later if needed to free up some cash.

I would add I was really looking at Christensen 5m whose played himself into a new contract and looks a potential bargain. Even thought about trebling at the back but wanted to have option open for Lukuku.

Alongside them Alexander Arnold is just a season keeper for me unless injured long term, I also have White at Arsenal for his fixtures and Livrameno completes the five as a cheap 4m option due to price primarily having missed out of Duffy.


In midfield and forwards I had a play to try and fit in Salah, Ronaldo and Lukaku. I couldn’t swing it and feel happy with a team, my squad feels more balanced with money more spread out and depth on the bench rather than on a big three this week.

Obviously I kept Mo Salah, he’s on fire and is a solid captain choice in any given week, alongside Mo I have Benrahma, Gray and Gallagher who are all performing well at good price points. There are a few other options out there like Dacource and Sarr but I am happiest with them for now.

Harrison is my last midfielder having held through his two drops, I will see if he’s due back before I decide on keeping him but I don’t really need to rely on him this weekend so I can hold. Harrison has good games due, will score at some point and be of use I am sure.


Up top I have Antonio and Bamford who sit alongside Ronaldo. Bamford is in for the run of games but is the most likely to leave if I need funds to upgrade further. Although I may see Ronaldo leave for Lukuku if needs must.

Anyway that’s how my team is now set out, I will be watching the mid-week cup games for any injuries before I completely lock things down

Transfer summary: Wildcard activated

Here’s the latest draft

FPL Teams GW6

The FFGeek Contributors League

The highlighted FFGeek contributors combined team finished with an overall rank of 8k last season and 52k the season before. It started ok in 6th place with total points of 385 and an overall rank of 68k. You can follow that team, including live transfers as well as the FFGeek team, on our subscription Patreon site

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FPL Teams GW6
FPL Teams GW6

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