FPL Tips 2022 – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams for GW1


Here’s our FPL Tips 2022 article with 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams for GW1. There’s Pete Allaway, Ori Gal, Rick Porter and David Nataf. Between them they have finished in the top 10k 9 times out of 12 in the last 3 seasons. Incredible consistency.

FPL Tips 2022 – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams for GW1

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Here’s a few very early drafts to give you some ideas for your FPL teams. They will change prior to the GW1 deadline of August 5 although there will be updated versions before then

Ori Gal

Ori’s last 3 seasons have seen him finish an incredible 243rd, 6k and 4k

Here is my latest team below. It will probably change between today and the deadline :) I prefer to choose players that are more or less nailed for week 1. This means no Spurs wingers (It is not clear that Doherty/Perisic will start game 1. Then game 2 is away at Chelsea. So I will wait until game 3), no City midfield (no one is safe apart from De Bruyne and I have no money for him).

I want to have flexibility so that I can go for any player I will choose to in the near future. This means having a £13m and £8m in midfield (so for example I can go De Bruyne or any other City mid for GW2 if decided to) and £11.5m striker (so can go Haaland for GW2).

Chelsea – based on their preseason form, and the uncertainty around James’ position and Chilwell, I am going to start with no Chelsea player. A risk, and I may reverse my decision in the next 72 hours, but for now no Chelsea.

3 Liverpool players – Salah and Alexander-Arnold are in. Decided to go with Robertson over Diaz. There is a small chance I will go Van Dijk instead of Robertson and then upgrade Neto to Martinelli, but it seems like the wrong decision. So for now, Robertson it is.

2 City players – Cancelo is a given. The other one likely to be Walker (With Laporte injury, he looks nailed at least for the first few weeks and a cheap entry into City defence. may bench him for GW1 and play him from GW2) or Ederson GK. I may move to 3 City for the Bournemouth game (as a Bournemouth supporter, and after watching them against Real Sociedad on Saturday, I think City will destroy them unfortunately…).

Arsenal – Jesus is in. Ramsdale or Zinc/Gabriel (depends on the Ederson/Walker decision above).

8M midfielder – I want one as I believe it provides the flexibility I need. Madisson served me very well in the past, and while Leicester has two difficult away games in the first 4, they also have 2 great home games in Brentford and Southampton. I believe that with the world cup coming, he will do everything he can to be part of the england team.

I am going with Kane over Haaland. Will need to make a call whether to move for Haaland for GW2 and captain Haaland. I dont like the fact I am already thinking about GW2 transfer, but can’t fit both Kane and Haaland and still have the flexibility I feel I need, and I really want Kane for GW1.

If I go with Ramsdale and Walker instead of Ederson and Gabriel, I will have 0.5m in the bank. With it, I will go either Martinelli instead of Neto OR Castagne (with Ricardo Pereira injury, he is more or less nailed and very attacking. Will play him against Brentford home and Southampton home) for Williams and bench Walker for GW1.

With this, here is my draft, assuming Ramsdale, Walker and Castagne in.

FPL Tips 2022

David Nataf

David has 3 top 1k overall ranks in the last 6 seasons and 17k and 10k last 2 seasons

Fairly confortable with this team as we approach the deadline.

Ramsdale, Alexander-Arnold, Robertson, Salah, Martinelli, Jesus and Haaland fairly set for me, subject to news on either by Friday’s deadline.

Less worried about formation or preserving flexibility this year, with effectively two WCs by GW 16. So I am just focused on the team which I believe will get me the most points in the first 6-8 GWs.

Haaland over Kane, as believe he has more upside / better fixtures over that period and I will not plan for a transfer after GW1 (and real risk that Kane drops in value early in as a result).

I thought about keeping £0.5m in the bank but I currently prefer having two playing subs, so Bailey in, and I may play him ahead of Neto in GW1.

Cancelo could become Dias. James has a high ceiling but some worries about their defence and whether he plays CB and whether Chelsea play 4 or 5 at the back. Perisic could become Doherty but prefer the former and both, per Conte’s recent statement, still not at peak form. Neto not overly inspiring as Wolves’ attack has not been on fire but minutes helped by Jimenez’s injury and fixtures good (and not many real alternatives at that price point).

Salah C, Haaland VC.

Good luck to all!

Here’s the team as it stands

FPL Tips 2022

Rick Porter

Rick’s last 6 seasons ORs were 38k, 1k, 29k, 1k, 30k and 2k.

Barring any last-minute news, I can’t see my team changing now. It’s barely moved over the last few weeks and it ticks all the boxes. I have the highest priced asset in each area, the players that I think are under-priced, a good mix of price-points for flexibility, and I’ve covered most of the players that could do me serious damage. I’m missing a few big names, but so will everyone. That can’t be helped. 

Half my key players have been set since day one and my budget bench offers just enough potential minutes to cover the occasional absence. With all that in place I’ve had very few tough decisions to make, but those that have emerged I’ve reasoned through them as best I can.  

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Pete Allaway

Pete’s last 4 season’s overall ranks are 1k, 5k, 5k and 2k

Follow Pete on twitter here

This is my latest thinking regarding my team.

This is how my team is currently shaping up. In my initial draft I had Luis Diaz over Robertson in a 442, however I am now preferring Robertson. This has resulted in a change of formation to 532. The bench has been weakened as a result, but with the new 5 substitution rule and the chance I’ll most likely be wildcarding between gameweeks 6-8, I’m hoping I’ll not have to rely to much on my bench. Right now I’m fairly happy with this set up, however, I’ll be monitoring the news leading up to the deadline on Friday and hopefully the last big decision will be whether to start with Kane or Haaland. This draft has £0.5 million left in the bank.

Here’s the latest version

FPL Tips 2022

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