FPL tips  – Each clubs disappointments and can they rebound? – part 8

Here’s the eighth in a series of FPL tips articles where we look at each clubs most disappointing FPL player so far this season and see whether they can rebound this or next season. Hopefully it will identify some value players for this or next season.  In this article we’ve looked at Sheffield United and Southampton

FPL tips  – Each clubs disappointments and can they rebound? – part 8

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Sheffield United – Lys Mousset £4.5m

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It may seem a bit harsh to judge someone as a disappointment when they only started 5 games in the last 2 seasons and joined another club which would always take some adjustment.  However for me Mousset had shown in 18/19 and 16/17 (not in the schedule above) that he could produce decent xG90 with Bournemouth.  He had also produced shot volumes around 3.5 per 90 which was also a positive.  At £5.0m if he could get into the starting lineup he had potential to be a half decent benchwarming 3rd striker in our FPL teams.  Sure £5.0m is slightly higher than you’d like to pay for someone to be on your FPL bench but still it was worth considering.

In the end he didn’t even come off the bench until GW4 and didn’t start a game until GW9 when he scored the winner against Arsenal.  He followed that up with a goal off the bench v West Ham and then got 3 assists vs Burnley in the 3-0 win.

2 more goals against Man Utd and Wolves in GW13 and 14 we had seen 44 points in 6 games (7.33 PPM!).

However that’s where it mysteriously all ended.  He returned to the bench for GW15 and only started 5 games in the 13 gameweeks after that.  the last 2 gameweeks he didn’t even make it off the bench.

For me though his underlying stats show potential and if he can get starts then he’s worth consideration especially now he’s £4.5m.  Also worth monitoring for his place in the team and price for next season.

Southampton – Nathan Redmond £6.2m

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If I was doing an article for perpetual disappointments then Redmond would definitely be up there.  However even for him this was a pretty disastrous FPL season.  Even for him a run of 13 starts with no goal or assist this season was quite some feat.  Even Pep finds him a disappointment

His xG and xA were mind blowing bad and after being threatening to move into the under 2 shots and 2 assists per 90 club for the last 2 seasons he finally managed it.  For me that stat is something which is difficult to come back from.

For me he’s just a guy to avoid.

I outline my  FPL strategy along with 10 other FFGeek contributors in our new EBook.

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