FPL Tips – 4 FFGeek Contributors GW13 Teams Part 2

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Here’s our FPL Tips GW13 article where 4 FFGeek Contributors show their GW13 teams. There’s Stephen Troop, Antonello, Harry Vernon and Joseph Crilley’s teams. Between them they finished in the top 1% of teams 23 of 28 times in the last 7 ULTRA competitive seasons.  Includes 13 top 30k finishes in that time.

FPL Tips – 4 FFGeek Contributors GW13 Teams Part 2

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It’s worth noting that the teams shown may not necessarily end up being the final teams or the transfers may have been made in the days prior to the posting . It’s an informal situation to give you an idea of trends.

However the FFGeek team, the Transfer Planner Team and the Contributor Tracker team Plus the Contributor teams of Rob, Rick, Andrew, Kris, Kev and Joe mentioned above on the FFGeek Patreon site all make notified transfers live as they are completed. So you’re always up to date and live for a maximum £3 PCM.

The reference to 19 top managers is from the article where I follow 19 top FPL managers who have finished in the top 10k overall rank the last 3 seasons.

Stephen Troop

Stephens last 5 seasons ORs were 159k, 16k, 22k, 86k and 43k

GW12: 90 (19 Top managers average 77) Total points: 720 Overall Rank: 1.053k, green arrow: 907k   Team Value: £101.2m

Stephen used his wildcard in GW8

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GW12 Review

90 points which was a big green arrow from 1.96m to 1.05m. It was a week where finally, everything more or less went right for me. I had returns from all my attackers including a very welcome double digit return to JWP who was becoming a problem in my team.

My defenders continue to struggle and it was disappointing to see Arsenal concede and Saliba get the goal to again get one over on us Gabriel owners. I also benched Porro for Livramento who I brought in for the injured Burn. It was a bit of a gamble over the safer Lascelles and made little difference this week although the benching makes me feel like It is a gamble that will cause a problem soonish.

GW13 Team

My team looks in ok shape and so I plan to roll, however will need to monitor the Bowen injury situation. It sounds minor so will probably be ok or miss just one week and I don’t want to lose him given his consistency so far and fixtures. Archer is an ok sub this week given the Bournemouth at home fixture.

I have my eye on the next few weeks where I’ll want Mbeumo back around GW14 and also reduce my triple Villa assets as their fixtures turn. So Diaby to Mbeumo seems a logical move in 14. I also potentially want to sort the Defence/GK out although nobody particularly stands out at the moment and GK is a lower priority. Chelsea are soon nearing their tough run of fixture end too so there will be options to consider there too. Another reason to roll and have 2FT next week.

I want to captain Bowen this week. With City v Pool the early kickoff it seems an opportunity to gamble with the captaincy and Bowen’s away form has been great this season (alongside a plum fixture vs Burnley). His injury status has me wavering however alongside the fact I’ve just made a big gain in rank, and this has the potential to send me right back down. So currently it’s on Haaland with Bowen vice.

Transfer summary:  likely carrying over the free transfer

Here’s the team assuming no transfers are made

FPL Tips

Joseph Crilley

Joe’s last 7 seasons overall ranks were 16k, 5k, 93k, 68k 28k 7k and 13k

GW12 points: 76 (19 Top managers average 77) Total points: 771 Overall Rank: 89k, no rank movement   Team Value: £102.2m

Joe used his Wildcard in GW10

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GW12 review

I can’t pretend that I have the exact history for this, but I would imagine that I received the smallest movement in rank that I’ve ever had last gameweek. I rose 50 places in rank which was equivalent to a movement of just 0.06%! That sounds like the definition of an average result to me although it was very close to being either a poor or very good gameweek. I was tossing up between Salah and Saka for captaincy where the slight doubt around Saka’s fitness meant I ultimately decided to give the armband to Salah. This was a benefit of 11 points which likely saved the gameweek.

On the other hand, I have significant points on the bench, primarily from Tsimikas, but there was also the late penalty from Palmer. I was always likely to bench the Chelsea man, but in hindsight I could have taken some more time to think about the possibility of Nketiah not starting for Arsenal. Had I come to the conclusion that this was likely to happen, I would have thrown Tsimikas into my starting XI and it would have been a really strong gameweek.

Overall, the majority of my points came from Salah and Haaland with the only other returns from Watkins, Saka and Maguire. This leave me sat inside the top 100k so I remain in good shape heading into the final international break of 2023. With the busy festive period approaching, it feels like a good time to take stock of my squad.

Thoughts on my current squad

I’m going to start with my attack as the answer here is pretty straightforward – I am comfortable with the medium to long-term prospects of all my players with one exception…..

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Antonello Di Filippo

Antonello’s last 3 overall ranks are 21k, 10k and 42k

GW12 points: 81  (19 Top managers average 77) Total points: 704 Overall Rank: 1,718k, green arrow: 651k   Team Value: £101.8m

Antonello used his WC in GW8

Follow Antonello on Twitter

GW12 review:

The crossroads on the choice of captain (Salah Haaland) ended in nothing, investing in United players for this cycle of easy matches was a total disappointment I think even worse than that of Chelsea, despite this I made a green arrow in all the leagues I play in (except the contributors’ one to make the level clear);

My green arrow was limited by Tsimikas’ 15 points and Bowen’s 8;

I didn’t want to bring in non-premium players before (Mitoma and Bowen) and I don’t want to do it now with the yellow flags;

It’s not possible to get a CS from the GKs this year, and now they might even lose their place, by the way Onana got hurt, the situation needs to be monitored but there could be a glimmer of hope there with his replacements.

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Harry Vernon

Harry’s last 7 seasons are 74k, 35k, 86k, 22k, 6k, an incredible 224th and 6k

GW12 points: 77 (19 Top managers average 77) Total points: 755 Overall Rank: 228k, green arrow: 31k   Team Value: £102.7m

Harry used his Wildcard in GW10

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FPL Tips
FPL Tips

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