FPL Tips – 4 FFGeek Contributors GW38 Teams Part 2

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Here’s our Best FPL tips GW38 article where 4 FFGeek Contributors show their GW38 teams Part 2.  There’s Pete Allaway, Alex Ball, Andrew Whitfield’s and Kris O’s teams. Between them they finished in the top 1% of teams 17 of 24 times in the last 6 ULTRA competitive seasons. Includes 12 top 30k Overall Ranks in that time

FPL Tips – 4 FFGeek Contributors GW38 Teams Part 2

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It’s worth noting that the teams shown may not necessarily end up being the final teams or the transfers may have been made in the days prior to the posting . It’s an informal situation to give you an idea of trends.

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The reference to 19 top managers is from the article where I follow 19 top FPL managers who have finished in the top 10k overall rank the last 3 seasons.

Pete Allaway

Pete’s last 5 season’s overall ranks are 242k, 1k, 5k, 5k and 2k

GW37 points: 130 on BB (19 Top managers average 132 ) Total points: 2,463 Overall Rank: 35k, green arrow 1k  Team Value: £107.8m

Pete has used his all his Chips

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The penultimate gameweek of the season saw me play my final chip, the Bench Boost. I’m happy that the chip returned 23 points, however a gameweek score of 130 only saw my get a green arrow of 531 places and I now sit just inside 36k.

2 free transfers and £3.9 million in the bank means there are quite a few different ways I could go for the final gameweek. With Ederson out injured I could make a keeper transfer, however I don’t see there being much upside there and will happily play Petrovic instead. There are a number of players currently under consideration to bring in. The main ones being:

Alexander-Arnold, Olise/Eze, Saka/Havertz, Mateta and Gakpo.

For now the route I’m most likely to take is Gordon and Isak out to Salah and a striker up to £4.9 million who will end up on my bench. It will be tempting to give Salah the armband but I think that will remain on Haaland.

transfer summary: Likely Gordon and Isak OUT to Salah and a striker up to £4.9M

Here’s the team prior to any transfers being made

fpl tips

Alex Ball

Alex’s last 9 seasons overall ranks were 60k, 27k, 3k, 312k, 523k, 17k, 10k, 28k and 3k

GW37 points: 124 (19 Top managers average 132) Total points: 2,525, Overall Rank: 4k, red arrow: 1k  Team Value: £107.4m

Alex has used all his Chips

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Considering I had already used my Bench Boost this was an OK result compared to what it could have been.

Really what saved me was the team lineup leak shortly before the deadline that Walker wasn’t starting and so I made the swap to Gvardiol. 21 points later it defined my gameweek. It also could have been even better had Gvardiol not thought of the Man City team and their title challenge first rather than his FPL owners and taken the penalty when offered to him. Some people just can’t get their priorities right!

Other than that my team was pretty template and that contributed to limiting the damage that not having the Bench Boost could have done. I only missed on Van de Ven in that template. I still managed 17 points on the bench which would have been a fairly reasonable return considering I wasn’t aiming to have a bench at all.

I have 1 free transfer and £1.6m in the bank. This week my likely transfer is…….

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Andrew Whitfield

Andrew’s last 5 seasons overall ranks were 119k, 34k, 132k, 6k and 19k

GW37 points: 134 on BB  (19 Top managers average 132) Total points: 2,404 Overall Rank: 128k, Green arrow 25k   Team Value: £105.3m 

Andrew has used all his Chips

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So here it is My final article of the season !! I probably won’t be doing a “wrap up article” after the final games, so I will hang up my pen after today, until next season.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the articles over the course of the season and that they may have helped in some small way, in navigating through a tricky season. I hope you’ve done well in your mini leagues and if not, still had fun and not thrown too much crockery around the kitchen when those golden chances were missed and those last minute goals were conceded.

I won’t be playing fantasy football during the Euros, as I enjoy the break from it all, but will be watching intently, hoping the Lions can “bring it home “

Gameweek 37 review:

A big double gameweek with six teams playing twice, lots of bench boosts in play, Arsenal fans cheering on Spurs, the second highest defender score in a gameweek, and the title race is going down to the wire.

Of the six doubling teams, only Man City and Chelsea won twice, and Man City landed two clean sheets in the process, the only clean sheets amongst doubling teams. We had a throwback to the 80s with Duran Duran scoring twice for Villa as they sealed a champions league place in a 3-3 draw v Liverpool. The three promoted sides are going straight back down and it’s Man City’s title to lose as they now just need to beat West Ham to seal the deal.

My GW37 score and rank:

I put 15 players out on a bench boost and scored 134 points. It was a reasonable week although it felt just a tad below expectations, with 10/15 players returning. Five of my double gameweek players blanked twice, which was disappointing.

I didn’t own Gvardiol, who was the jewel on the double gameweek crown, but the Van De Ven points were very welcome. A Haaland 30 point captain haul, a double clean sheet from Ederson and 22 points from my Spurs defenders probably the highlight.

A rank uplift from 153k to 128k, a 16% lift, and pushing closer to the 100k mark, which is 14 points away, so I need a lot to go right to sneak inside it now. But it’s a recovery with three green arrows from a rank of 228k before my late GW35 wildcard.

My GW37 significant moments:

I could say I had 30 points on my bench so the bench boost was a huge success. But my draft the day before had Van de Ven starting over Dalot, and Gordon starting over Bruno, so perhaps it was really just 18 points, but it’s a moot point. Every player in the 15 man squad counts. You can put Haaland on the bench if you like. Either way, 18 or 30 points, there was decent benefit in the chip.

I stuck with Haaland for captaincy and was rewarded with a 30 point haul after his double at Spurs. He’s returned an incredible 72 captain points in the last two gameweeks which have punished those who had dared to gamble against him in trying to play catch up in their mini leagues.

The 22 points from defenders Porro and Van De Ven were very handy, given that Spurs didn’t keep a clean sheet !! Goals for both and VDV proving a good pick.

A few took Bruno out amongst his uncertain participation. Bruno looked like not playing at all which would have meant just 14 players, but almost matched Brennan Johnson who i would have brought in instead, thus blocking Van De Ven in the third spurs spot.

I would probably have got Dunk instead and also left myself with only one free transfer in GW38 and wouldn’t be able to get my three Arsenal players this week. So keeping Bruno worked out well and he got a late assist too.

Ederson came in with two solid clean sheets. But Galvadiol owners eclipsed him by 14 points after a huge 27 pointer. I did consider a two transfer switch from Ederson to Gvardiol, by going Van Hecke to Gvardiol and Ederson to Onana. But Van Heck to Van de Ven worked out very well and I have those two transfers this week instead of one.

There were frustrations along the way. A Burn header cleared off the line, a 97th minute goal conceded by Petrovic, Son clean through could have wiped the Man City clean sheet after Ederson had departed early and banked his, it could always have been more.

So what next:

One final push !! Mini leagues to be decided, final ranks to be determined as our troops go into battle on the final day, with all ten games played concurrently as always. If you are playing catch ups in mini leagues, it’s a last opportunity to “do something different”, go for a differential captain, or just go for a few last day “mad punts” !!

The final gameweek often throws up lots of goals, and a few surprise line ups too, with teams “on the beach”, rotating players and playing with a bit more freedom too. Probably not a week to be “taking hits” as there is less chance of it paying back on one game. But nothing wrong with having a bit of last game fun and choosing a low ownership player in a one off situation.

I expect Erling Haaland will be most captained as City have the title on the line and have to win, which throws up other city candidates too like De Bruyne and Foden. The title race going down to the wire will pretty much guarantee full strength line ups from both City and Arsenal, so Saka, Odegaard and Havertz are options too. But Palmer, Son and the Palace attackers are genuine armband contenders too.

Saka is surprisingly one of the most transferred players OUT at time of writing, despite a home game v Everton, alongside the crocked Fernandes and Schar. It’s golden boy Gvardiol, Mateta, Olise and Havertz who are currently attracting most interest.

My GW38 plans:

I have TWO free transfers and £0.4M in the bank, so a strong place to be.

I am pretty set on what I want to do with my transfers……

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Kris O

Kris’s last 9 seasons ORs were 79k, 17k, 19k, 39k, 44k, 46k, 23k, 12k and 19k

GW37 points: 119 -4 on BB (19 Top managers average 132) Total points: 2,299 Overall Rank: 541k, green arrow:  7k   Team Value: £105.0m

Kris has used all his Chips

Follow Kris and Kev’s Pod on twitter

You can see the full article, including LIVE NOTIFIED transfers, lineup and captains on the FFGeek Patreon site wide forward tier for only £3 pcm with loads of other content mentioned above. That includes following Andrew’s Team and 5 others with live notified transfers as they happen and the teams final lineup each gameweek.

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fpl tips
fpl tips

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