FPL transfer implications – We look at some of the PL transfers that have taken place


Here’s our FPL transfer implications articles where we look at some of the transfers that have happened in the Premier League and see how it could benefit , or not our FPL teams.  We look at Eberechi Eze, Thiago Silva and Rodrigo

FPL transfer implications – We look at some of the PL transfers that have taken place

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Eberechi Eze

QPR to C Palace

Eberechi Eze is a 1.73m, 22 year old Attacking Midfielder who signed for C Palace from Championship club QPR for £16m.

Eze is English and has played for the England U21 twice.  In 19/20 he played 26 times as a CAM and 19 times as an LAM/LM with only twice as an RM.

He’s been priced at £6.0m in FPL.


Here’s his last 3 seasons stats for QPR

FPL transfer implications

So certainly the last season is reasonable without being outstanding by any stretch especially as 4 were penalties.


It is difficult to see how he will fit into Palace.  Palace don’t really play with a CAM.  In a 4-3-3- or 4-5-1- or even a 4-4-2 the midfielders tend to be functional rather than attacking or creative and there is no CAM.  Maybe they want the 4-5-1 to be a CAM rather than a functional midfielder but there’s no evidence of that.

His other position is as a left winger.  That position is currently occupied by the Palace talisman Wilfried Zaha so he won’t be playing there unless Zaha is transferred.  There are certainly reports that Zaha wants to leave Palace so this could be the back up that Palace are looking for before they allow Zaha to leave.

He’s priced at £6.0m which is the same as WBA’s Pereira and Eze’s stats when converted to FPL points are probably similar.

Other players at the £6.0m level of Ward Prowse and Trossard plus Armstrong would be less risky options for me.

The fixtures aren’t that helpful and the first 4 give you the chance to watch him.  So it’s a no for me for GW1


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FPL transfer implications

Thiago Silva

PSG to Chelsea

Thiago Silva is a 1.83m, 35 year old Centre Back who has signed on a free transfer for Chelsea from Ligue 1 Champions PSG.

Silva is Brazilian and has played for the Brazil National teams 88 times.  In 19/20 he played 21 times for PSG as a CB without scoring.

As I write this he’s not been priced in FPL.


Here’s his last 3 seasons in Ligue 1 for PSG

So certainly very little in the way of goal threat there.  The underlying stats don’t give any additional hope either


So if you looked at my defender player rankings article for GW1 you’ll see I ranked Chelsea as the overall 6th strongest defence.  However the situation isn’t that simple.

Chelsea only had 9 clean sheets.  That’s 11th equal in the Premier League.  The same amount of clean sheets as Brighton and less than Crystal Palace and Newcastle.  They were also 11th equal in goals conceded.  Conceding a massive 54 goals in the PL.  Again that’s less than Crystal Palace and the same as Brighton.

However here’s the interesting part.  They were 2nd ranked in shots per game conceded and 5th in season xG conceded.  They ended the season even stronger being 3rd in xG conceded in the last 10 gameweeks.

How can that be you ask?  How can there be such a difference between there actual and underlying numbers.  The answer is  Kepa.  The guy with the lowest goalkeeper save % in the league.  The guy who didn’t even move for 30% of the goals he conceded.

So will Thiago Silva improve the defence.  It’s hard to think not.  Will Ben Chilwell also improve the defence. Again it’s hard to think not.  However until something is done about the goalkeeper it’s going to be a hard defence to get behind.  Especially if Silva is £5.5m or £6.0m.

It’s hard to see Silva not being a certain pick as a CB for Chelsea.  I can’t imagine he joined without some reassurances.  The issue I see is that the Champions League final was on the 23rd August only 20 days before the start of the Premier League season.  Is Silva going to be rested and ready to play or will he be having a break in order to be refreshed.  After all Chelsea have 4 CBs that can fill in until he’s properly ready to start.

Here’s a very good you tube video which looks at Silva’s strengths.  Although there’s little attacking potential his pass completion gives hope for Bonus and his ability to provide cover gives hope for the defence as a whole

For me though,  I’m not sure he will be ready for GW1 and it would have to be a very sensational price for me to get past Kepa being the GK in this defence


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FPL transfer implications



Valencia to Leeds

Rodrigo Moreno is a 1.82m, 29 year old CF who signed for Leeds from La Liga club Valencia for £30m.

Moreno is a Spanish citizen although born in Brazil.  He has played for the Spanish National team 22 times

He’s not been priced in FPL as I write this.


Here’s his stats for the last 3 seasons in La Liga for Valencia

FPL transfer implications

It’s an interesting series of stats.  On the face of it the goals and assists per minute are absolutely terrible.  To be fair Valencia are a pretty ordinary mid table side that were 10th in goals scored and expected goals scored.  However 4 goals in 23 starts and a goal or assist every 145 minutes is terrible.  His 17/18 form is pretty good though.

His underlying stats are interesting.  They look more like a midfielder and if you plugged them into my forward player rankings article he would have been about 11th for strikers, assuming he played close to 90 minutes, which for the price wouldn’t have been bad at all.

However he has pretty consistently under shot his expected goals.  Sometimes by a decent margin.  That doesn’t make him look like the greatest finisher.  His shots per 90 last season at less than 2 per 90 are atrocious.    His 17/18 season looks better and here he did manage to at least meet his expected goals and have very good shot volumes.

So it’s a pretty confusing and not particularly positive picture


Given his fee you would expect him to be the first choice CF especially as Bamford who was the CF last season had a pretty troubled experience trying to put the ball in the net.  The question mark about him starting GW1 though is that Bielsa requires an incredibly high standard of fitness for the pressing so whether he will be Bielsa fit and ready to start GW1 is another question. Bamford for all his finishing woes is a very good leader of the press.

Therefore for me he’s another wait and see especially as the fixtures aren’t great at all


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FPL transfer implications


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