FPL wildcard GW5 – Joseph Crilley and Kris O activate their wildcards


Here’s our FPL Wildcard GW5 article where Joseph Crilley and Kris O show their draft wildcard teams

FPL wildcard GW5 – Joseph Crilley and Kris O activate their wildcards

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Joseph Crilley

Joseph’s last 4 seasons OR were 68k, 28k, 7k and 13k

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GW4 points: 61 -4  Total Points:  199  Overall rank:  2.758 m

After a crazy start to the season, I currently sit at a disappointing 2.8mil mainly due to poor captain scores, missing some big
hauls and sub-optimal transfers. Nevertheless, I am not phased by the slow start as this has happened previously and there is
plenty of time to climb back up the rankings. To get things kickstarted, I have decided to activate my first wildcard ahead of
GW5. Before I reveal the team, I thought it would be helpful to explain why I have decided to use the chip now.

Fixing problems

In order to use the wildcard, some managers like to have several problems in their team, while others look for opportunities to
attack the upcoming schedule. I look for a mix of both and will first address the issues that I have:

– Patience with Werner is running thin as 9.5mil is a lot of money for a forward playing out wide in a team yet to click.
– Southampton’s fixtures are turning so I’m happy to bank the points earned from Ings and McCarthy.
– Owning Wan-Bissaka from GW1 was a mistake that I’d like to run from.
– I brought Podence in for Saint-Maximin this week (facepalm!) and was thoroughly unconvinced by him. I’m looking to
avoid that price bracket now as I don’t really like any of the budget midfielders currently (apart from Soucek).
– Vassilev and Ferguson are complete duds on my bench which can now be improved.


I would typically need more fires to fight before hitting the wildcard, but I saw some opportunities to make gains which include
the following:

– The Spurs attack is firing with 12 goals score in their last 3 games from an xG of 8.47. I can’t imagine many managers
will own Son and Kane, so including both on a wildcard team could prove a powerful differential, especially for the next
four promising fixtures.
– Similarly, combining the highly-owned Calvert-Lewin and Rodriguez should put me in a positive position, and I will be
glad to finally have Calvert Lewin in my team!
– Following his move to Sheffield United, Brewster could emerge as the value pick and I like the idea of jumping on him
for a home fixture against Fulham.
– Martinez seems to be the best £4.5mil keeper and I would like to own him before his price goes up too much.
– I am expecting many managers to be moving away from the Liverpool defence in the aftermath of their 7-2 loss which I
therefore see as an opportunity to do something different by picking up Alexander-Arnold and Robertson. I still see
them as fantastic picks as they are continuing to pose an attacking threat and surely the Villa game was a freak result.
With Thiago, Henderson and Allison to return to the team, I remain hopeful for their long-term prospects.
– Finally, it never hurts to increase team value and I have already benefited by 0.6mil between the time that I activated
the chip on Sunday night and as I write now on Tuesday evening.

Man City

These moves resulted in De Bruyne having to be sacrificed and I currently am planning on not owning any Man City players in
the wildcard squad. I am still waiting for them to find top gear and I am happy to use the Son/Kane double-up instead over the
next few gameweeks. City have a great fixture run from GW10 so I will look to add one or two of their players before then; a
certain Mr Aguero could be an easy swap from Kane for example.

Current draft of 12

With all those points in mind, below is the current draft and I am fairly set on these 12 players. I will continue to play the price
changes for the next few days and once I know how much money I have to spend, I will decide the final team.

Hopefully, these notes give you some food for thought over the international break and assist you with your own decisions.

fpl wildcard GW5

Kris O

Kris’s last 4 seasons overall rank were 39k, 44k, 46k and 23k

GW4 points: 33  Total Points:  188  Overall rank:  3.446 m

Going into Sunday I felt my team could do well: Jimenez captain home to Fulham, Adams home to West Brom, Rashford home to Spurs, Alexander Arnold/Robertson playing Villa, Leno home to Sheffield United and Mitrovic. What could go wrong? It turns out everything!! Even looking back now I can’t believe I only got 10 points from these players.

Anyhow, such is FPL and that has triggered my Wildcard. My current instinct is to keep faith with City and avoid United. On that basis a couple of options below. These weigh up: Kane/Watkins/Foden vs Son/McGinn/Jimenez plus first bench Brewster vs Bissouma and 4.5 keeper vs Martinez (4.6).

Vote for which option you like best below

Option 1

fpl wildcard GW5

Option 2

fpl wildcard gw5

Vote for your favourite Kris O option


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2 thoughts on “FPL wildcard GW5 – Joseph Crilley and Kris O activate their wildcards”

  1. While I voted 1 I would really suggest you put Brewster in for Watkins, this would free up some cash to upgrade Foden (Grealish?) and/or Bissouma (Saint Maximin?)

  2. Problem with a lot of these WC teams is that they’re surfing a wave that may have already peaked. They’re very reactive teams. So Son, Kane, Rodriguez and AV attack are unlikely to keep producing at the same ridiculous level. The next wave will be Man U and City improving, and Chelsea getting their act together. Having said that… I’m doing my WC and Kane, Son and Rodriguez are my top targets!

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