FPL Wildcard Team GW9 – Ben Wooton and Rob Cosgrove activate their wildcards


Here’s our FPL Wildcard team GW9 article where FFGeek Contributors Ben Wooton and Rob Cosgrove outline their wildcard teams as well as reviewing GW8

FPL Wildcard Team GW9 – Ben Wooton and Rob Cosgrove activate their wildcards

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Ben Wooton

Ben’s last 4 seasons overall rank were 5k, 61k, 26k and 31k.

GW8 points:  52  (GW average 55 ) Total points: 457  Overall Rank:  1,615k  red arrow: 314k  TV:   £102.5m

Here’s the points:

fpl wildcard team

Off the back of two poorish weeks where my rank was in decline I have decided to wildcard.

I’d got a plan in mind to soldier on, but everything was a few moves away and the Alexander Arnold injury was final straw.

Key things for me were to sort team and maybe nick some value over the International Break

Draft FPL Wildcard team

Incredibly leaves £5.6m in the bank for a De Bruyne transfer in option.

fpl wildcard teams

GK/ Defence

In goal I have still got McCarthy. I’d like Martinez but at moment he’s a luxury I can’t afford. Think I’ve missed his good price but the fixtures look good and I could change my mind yet. Forster at £4.0m a safe backup. Although it limits 2 outfield Saints options.

At back Alexander Arnold is out injured and Digne went to save money despite his fixture. Mitchell was due a drop. Chilwells a keeper. The rest have changed.

I am currently going Cancelo in anticipation of City’s good run, I’d been watching him and he looks decent going forward even if there is a rotation risk. For other 3 spots I have gone for Targett at Villa £4.5m with his fixtures and Coufal at West ham.

As I intend to play 352 343, I have gone cheap with Neco Williams for 5th for now. Could play a bit, he might rise too.


I have gone for a reboot here except for Grealish who has great fixtures.

Sad to see James Rodriguez to go but Salah comes in with Fernandes as 2 big hitters.

Ziyech I pondered last week but he seems good value and rising. Think he’s exciting to combine with Chillwell.

I have Jota in last spot for now, he’s a placeholder really. Ideally he’s De Bruyne, but that move could wait a few weeks, he’s not rising. I was hoping he could fall. Doesn’t seem likely now.


Up top I have gone cheaper. Selling Adams was a major error, he’s back alongside Bamford and Watkins. All offer good value and had some rises already. Adams could move out, but with Ings missing he’s a safe option.

This still leaves me with £5.6m in bank.

Summary of changes

Button out Forster in

Digne out Cancelo in

Alexander Arnold out Neco Williams in

Justin out Targett in

Mitchell out Coufal in

Rodriguez out Salah in

Son out Fernandes in

Zaha out Ziyech in

Reed out Jota in

Kane out Bamford in

Calvert Lewin out Adams in

Jimenez out Watkins in

The only players who’ve stayed are McCarthy, Chilwell and Grealish

Going forward

I have plan for De Bruyne to come in but I could upgrade someone mid or Fwd short term. I lost Calvert Lewin and all his value but I was considering a move to Richarlison for his plum fixture and because I preferred him longer term.

I am watching the prices and if any more injuries like Gomez pop up its good to know I can counter them so feeling quite positive.

If you wildcard over the next few weeks then good luck

Rob Cosgrove

Rob’s last 4 seasons overall rank were 64k, 45k, 40k and 23k Cosgrove

GW8 points:  54  (GW average 55 ) Total points: 389  Overall Rank:  3,908k  green arrow: 21k  TV:   £101.0m

Here’s the points:

fpl wildcard team

GW8 review

Somehow got the smallest of green arrows as my team limps towards the international break. Captain Kane scoring helped as well as a Justin, McCarthy CS and Chilwell goal. Was gutted to see Barnes come on for 18 minutes as Barkley sat on my bench with 7 points. Time to look forward though and I had planned to use my wildcard during this international break to refresh my team and jump on the fixture swings. I hit the button on Friday night during the Brighton game as I wanted to avoid all the price rises/falls over the weekend.

Draft FPL Wildcard team




I have swapped McCarthy for Martinez due to the fixtures. Villa are so unpredictable at the moment but he should keep some clean sheets over the next few games. I haven’t ruled out keeping McCarthy and bringing in Targett to cover the Villa defence, which would save me a bit of money too.

I have kept Chilwell and Justin. Chilwell is my premium option who plays every week and my plan is to use cheap defenders to rotate so I can concentrate most of my funds in midfield. Justin I know has the risk of Pereira coming back soon but for now he stays. This is only my first draft and a lot could change over the international break.

I have brought in Kilman even though the fixtures turn nasty. At his price I can just bench him and bring him in when Wolves have the odd easier fixture. I added Coufal as he has been performing well with 2 clean sheets and 2 assists in 5 games, and at 4.5mil seems a great option. My last defender I left blank until I filled my midfielders and attackers and was left with 4.4mil. Not the best pool of players at that price so I have gone with who I feel may keep the most clean sheets and that is Holding of Arsenal. Pretty much no attacking potential but as a rotating defender should chip in with a few clean sheets (possible in GW 10, 12 & 13).


Only 2 players staying from my old squad and they are Mane and Rodriguez. Mane I feel is due a good run and he tends to alternate with Salah for big hauls. He is cheaper than Salah too so doesn’t limit my spending elsewhere. Rodriguez I just can’t seem to let go! Everton have underperformed recently but the next 3 fixtures are so good I can’t justify selling him.

The first player I put in my wildcard team on Friday was Bruno Fernandes. West Brom at home then 2 away fixtures against Southampton and West Ham I fancy him to score big in all 3 games so there is no way I am going without him (unless he gets injured of course) and he will be my captain for GW 9.

I have gone for Grealish who is just on fire at the moment and given the fixtures for Villa he should bring me a steady flow of points in the next 7 games. Finally I have picked Sterling. It was a coin toss between him and KDB and I might still go with KDB. Earlier in the season I was in the same position and went with KDB then Sterling scored in 2 consecutive games so this time I feel it’s Sterling’s turn! He likes to score against Spurs too, then has such a good fixture run and with only 6% ownership (likely to change) could see me jump up the rankings.


Completely new strike force here. I have Calvert Lewin (finally!) as the next 3 fixtures look good for him. Brewster will be benched every week as I will be playing 3-5-2 and at only 4.5m seems the best enabler. My final striker is Bamford. Still not 100% sold on him but with 7 goals and 2 assists he is hard to ignore. The other options at that price I looked at were Watkins and Adams. I think Grealish is enough Villa cover and Southampton’s fixtures turn tricky so Bamford seemed the best option. Plus, Leeds only focus on attacking hence the crazy score lines and I see a few more of those to come.

Summary of changes

McCarthy out Martinez in

Zouma out Holding in

Lewis out Coufal in

Mitchell out Kilman in

Barnes out Grealish in

Son out Sterling in

Barkley out Fernandes in

Mitrovic out Brewster in

Bamford out Jimenez in

Kane out Calvert Lewin in

The players who have stayed are Rodriguez, Mane, Chilwell, Justin and Button

You will see that I have removed BOTH Kane and Son. I do think they will bite me for selling but the fixture swings are too hard to ignore. My team looks set for the next few game weeks. I may look to remove my Everton players in game week 12 when their good short term fixtures come to an end but I will reassess closer to the time. Barring any injuries the only transfers I will make will be in defence if any other cheap defenders perform well.

There a few players that I would have liked but just cannot fit them in. They are Ziyech, Zaha, Van Aanholt and Vardy. All look great options for the next few game weeks but I am happy with who I have chosen for now. The international break could throw up some injuries/COVID problems so I will keep a close eye on those games and make some final decisions closer to the game week deadline.

Thoughts as always are more than welcome!

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