FPL wildcard team GW30 – the FFGeek imaginary wildcard


Here’s our FPL wildcard team GW30 article where I pretend I’m using my wildcard. This is to give you transfer suggestions and player picks for GW30 for the upcoming gameweeks rather than just 1 gameweek alone.  This week I’ve done 2.  1 solely concentrating on blank GW31 players and another concentrating on the other players who will hopefully benefit from future double gameweeks

FPL wildcard team GW30 – the FFGeek imaginary wildcard

If you join our Patreon subscription site one of the FFGeek contributors does an imaginary wildcard article every gameweek. This weeks it’s an article by Sergio Torija who’s last 3 seasons overall ranks were  596k, 17k and 21k.  He’s currently on 1709 points and 17k.  There’s also loads of other features which you can see at the bottom of this article.


The idea of this article is to bring together the other articles of the gameweek.

The article is brief and with no stats as there’s loads of information on individual players in the rankings articles:

Defender/GK player rankings

Midfield player rankings

forward player rankings

There’s also:

You can also see who the 10 top FPL managers I follow each week have in their team.

There’s also the bandwagons and sinking ships article where we look at the most transferred in and out players

Then there’s who the FFGeek readers are transferring in and out as well as our captain poll

A different imaginary wildcard article

I’ve gone for 2 imaginary wildcard articles.  One solely with blank GW31 players and 1 solely with the rest.  Treat this as a menu of players to look at for future transfers rather than a strict wildcard exercise

Unfortunately the blanks and double gameweeks ahead make it a difficult time for an imaginary wildcard.

Here’s what the landscape looks like in very basics ignoring the implications that could come from the Corona Virus

GW31 – Blank gameweek 4 fixtures only

GW34 – a double gameweek but potentially also some blanks

GW37 – a double gameweek

For my FPL team I have a 2nd wildcard, a free hit and a bench boost. My plan is likely to be GW31 a free hit, GW33 wildcard, GW34 bench boost and GW37 through free transfers or Wildcard GW36 and Bench Boost GW37.  Again everything is subject to the Corona virus implications

Wildcard team 1 – Only blank GW31 players

Here’s the GW31 fixtures as a reminder:

Here’s the team:

FPL wildcard team GW30


Pope is the abovious GK choice here although I think the Burnley defence has certainly had the luck in it’s clean sheet numbers.  Guaita is the other GK choice although you wouldn’t want him away to Liverpool in GW31


The crucial teams to cover here are Liverpool and Wolves and here I’ve gone for both the attacking options in Alexander Arnold and Doherty.  Boly and Gomez would be my cheaper choices.

After that it becomes way less than ideal.  Aurier gives you the attacking potential for Spurs but has been subject to rotation recently with Spurs so is a gametime risk.  The Watford defence is pretty hit and miss but Cathcart is the value and security.  Lastly Diop is just a cheap filler although you can go even cheaper for £4.0m Ngakia


Salah and Mane with Alexander Arnold in defence are undoubtedly the best 3 options in Liverpool for me.  Alli as a CF for Spurs with penalty duties has as well as that been producing consistently good underlying stats all season.  Sarr also has been incredible when fit.  Antonio has also played up front and shown some good stats.  Bowen is the other West Ham midfield option if a little more untested.


Up front I’ve gone for the Wolves double of Jota and Jimenez.  I’ve then gone for Deeney of Watford who although has tailed off has also shown some form and has penalty duties

Wildcard team 2 – the rest

These players are all subject to postponed matches so in theory will see double gameweeks.  Again subject to the Corona Virus implications

Here’s the team;


I’ve just gone for the 1 GK here in Henderson who’s part of a good defence with an excellent save %


Man Utd have finally got the clean sheets their underlying stats have deserved and I’ve gone for Wan Bissaka marginally over Maguire.  I’ve stuck with the value of Soyuncu now that Ndidi is back to provide back 4 protection.  Alonso will always be subject to the vagaries of Lampards selection but offers a real attacking threat when on the pitch.  Holgate and Lascelles are the cheap fillers


Barnes showed what he can produce v Villa.  I’ve still gone for Martial if fit over Fernandes although it’s a tough call.  Fernandes has set pieces and penalties but outside of that his tendency to shoot from distance just goes against him for me.

De Bruyne is my first choice for City cover although I’ve stuck Sterling in as well.  Up to recently he’s produced great underlying stats but just not putting the ball in the net.  Unfortunately history has shown that as a bit of a pattern but I can’t help feeling there’s an explosion at some time coming.  Lastly Richarlison playing striker with Calvert Lewin has been excellent.


Vardy’s stats have dropped off heavily recently.  Hopefully the 2 goals v Villa will set hm back on track.  With the fixtures I probably wouldn’t have 2 Everton attackers in my team but Calvert Lewin has been excellent and deserves his place.  Lastly I’ve gone for Giroud.  He’s putting up excellent numbers and if he can increase his xA he will be really productive in Abrahams absennce.

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