FPL wildcard teams gameweek 34 – a few thoughts and changes after the Kane injury


Here’s my latest FPL wildcard teams gameweek 34 article where I make some changes to my team and look at options for the undecided positions.  The Kane injury has really mixed things up.

FPL wildcard teams gameweek 34 – a few thoughts and changes after the Kane injury

Firstly the Kane injury

Kane hobbled off with an ankle injury during the UCL game v Man City.  Here’s some words from Pochettino.

“It’s a worry for us,”

“We are going to miss him – maybe for the rest of the season. We hope it is not a big issue but there is not to much time to recover. He twisted his ankle so we will see how it reacts in a few hours.”

Weirdly he went up in price last night and with my selling price £12.5m and the buy back price £12.6m I haven’t sold him.  I may as well wait to hear what the prognosis is first.  That may change as people realise what’s going on as according to the excellent site FPL Statistics hes being sold at a decent rate.

A couple of words about Son HM

So for my further drafts I’ve assumed he’s going and that the likely replacement is Son Heung-Min.  I’ve been saying for a while that the guy’s form has been terrible.  So far that if you convert his underlying stats over the last 10 and 5 gameweeks as I did in my form article then he doesn’t even make the top 40 midfielders.  However he has scored against Palace and City in successive games  and will likely play striker and was a huge success before.  It goes against my basic instincts but with Huddersfield next that is enough for me to put him in my team.

So I’ve made a few changes but I still have 4 changeable positions and I haven’t crystallised my thoughts as yet

Who’s looking fairly solid in the FFG team?

Ryan, Foster, Alexander Arnold, Laporte, Duffy, Jota, Eriksen, Son, Jimenez, Deeney

Laporte is new and really I think it’s due to  City’s ability to keep clean sheet and some recent good attacking stats.

Eriksen again showed good form stats.  Deeney was the gametime certainty with Pens for a double that includes Huddersfield.

Valery and Redmond/Ward Prowse are the good cheap fillers if needed.


The 4 options

They aren’t in any order by the way.

Option 1 for the remaining positions

Vertonghen, Valery Pogba and Lacazette

FPL wildcard teams gameweek 34

I’m not really wild about Vertonghen as he has very little attacking ability for £5.9m.  I would rather have Lloris but that seems pointless.  I have Ryan with a double gameweek in 34 which means that Lloris would be on my FPL bench for the Huddersfield game in GW34.  To have Lloris you can’t have Ryan. The Pogba and Lacazette combination also has negatives.  Pogba’s form has been ordinary for a while now and Lacazette leaves you in Emery’s pocket which doesn’t exactly thrill me.  I end up with no Wolves defence in this either.

Option 2

Vertonghen Boly De Bruyne Rashford

FPL wildcard teams gameweek 34

Ditto above re Vertonghen.  Wolves defence back although not enough cash for Doherty if I can get over the double gametime risk.

De Bruyne’s form stats pleasantly surprised me but Pep’s comments about not playing him to be more solid does v Spurs put some doubts about playing in 2 tough games.  That’s even before you think he’s just come back from injury.  I also keep coming back though to City with rotation being a worry.

Rashford needs to be fit for this to work

Option 3

Vertonghen, Doherty, Ward Prowse and Aguero/Lukaku

FPL wildcard teams gameweek 34

That’s just the straight Kane replacement option with Aguero or Lukaku.  Just seems alot tied up in Man City and Lukaku seems a high price compared to Rashford.

Option 4

Vertonghen, Boly, Mane and Rashford.  This option I’m £0.1m short but price changes may help me?

FPL wildcard teams gameweek 34

This option means I don’t need to carry over a free for the Mane triple captain vs Hudderfield in GW36 but 1 less double player. It does tie me to Mane to some extent although there’s still Sterling if needed.

Final thoughts

So sorry if you read this and thought you were going to get a finalised team.  But I’m no where near unfortunately.  More thought needed and I suspect it will go right to the wire.

Depending on potential price changes I may have to commit to something tonight. I’ll possibly do a short article if I do

Other stuff

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49 thoughts on “FPL wildcard teams gameweek 34 – a few thoughts and changes after the Kane injury”

  1. Geek, I was facing the same situation as you with deciding to bring in Spurs defensive coverage or not. So what you could do is what I’ve done, bring in Dunk instead of Vertonghen and Lloris for Ryan. This gets the job done nicely, and saves you 0.2m on the trade.
    Something to consider.

  2. i’m settled on this balanced team:

    foster / ryan
    doherty / laporte / TAA / valery / duffy
    son / salah / sterling / jota / knockaert (to wardprose for GW35)
    ageuro / jimenez / deeney


  3. A reminder at the top of these articles of who has a DGW and who they play would be helpful like previous articles.

    • Sorry that was confusing. I mean in my FPL team I have Ryan so Lloris will be on my FPL bench for 34. Lloris only works with Duffy and or Dunk as your Brighton defence. I’ll make that more clear in the post. cheers and good luck this week

    • Sorry that was confusing. I mean in my FPL team I have Ryan so Lloris will be on my FPL bench for 34. Lloris only works with Duffy and or Dunk as your Brighton defence. I’ll make that more clear in the post. cheers and good luck this week

  4. Why will Lloris be on the bench?
    “I would rather have Lloris but that seems pointless as he will be on the bench for the Huddersfield game.”

    • Sorry that was confusing. I mean in my FPL team I have Ryan so Lloris will be on my FPL bench for 34. Lloris only works with Duffy and or Dunk as your Brighton defence. I’ll make that more clear in the post. cheers and good luck this week

  5. He means he will select Ryan for the gameweek as he has a double fixture and they can’t both play – therefore it’s a waste having money tied up in Lloris.

    • Sorry that was confusing. I mean in my FPL team I have Ryan so Lloris will be on my FPL bench for 34. Lloris only works with Duffy and or Dunk as your Brighton defence. I’ll make that more clear in the post. cheers and good luck this week

  6. He means in GW 34. Spurs have Huddersfield and Brighton have two games. So if Geek owned Ryan and Lloris he would bench Lloris for the GW34 match against Huddersfield as he would want to play Ryan instead.

    • Tom that’s exactly right. Im impressed you speak Geek!

      Thanks I’ll make the article clearer. good luck this week

  7. Hey Geek,

    Kane’s current price is 12.6, why buy back price is at 12.7??

    Just thought of 2 punties for GW34 and 35, see what u think.

    Lukaku-depends on whether he starts against Barca tonight, if not I personally think OGS will rest Rashford for the league game which means gametime for Lukaku, West Ham home game a very good one and Everton away and home derby to city might not be as bad.

    Lucas Moura-Kane injured, and possibly Alli, again I am sure Poch will give him a fair amount of gametime now Kane is injured. Huddersfield Home and Brighton home just looks juicy enough along side with Sonny


    • Wilson apologies about Kanes price it is £12.6. Thanks for the spot and I’ve now corrected it.

      I have definitely thought about Lukaku and think he’s a decent punt. Who are you talking about in your 2nd punt?

      • Lucas Moura from Spurs, although I also think Eriksen is a more viable option along side with Son. But if Lucas were to be given game time and he plays along side with Son upfront he might be a really good differential?

  8. Hi Geek,
    This may be a dumb question, but how did you manage to get Son for 8.5m? As it seems he hasn’t been at that price since GW 18.
    Also, if you do end up making transfers tonight to get in on price changes, do you reckon you could even at least post it to twitter, if you don’t have time for an article? Otherwise we might also miss out.

    • Hi Mo. He was £8.5m last night I think? I will try and do that. Last night was very last minute and I was unable to put it on twitter cheers and good luck

  9. For the 2 double game weeks is it worth a punt on Murray with Jiminez and Deeney to allow you to bring in Doherty?

    • Hi mate my main reticence over Murray is whether he will play both games or even if he does what his minutes will be in both. cheers and good luck

  10. Hi Geek,

    Any thoughts on Trippier? Only 0.1 more than Vertonghen and has much more likely chance of getting an attacking return. He’s currently in my team but assume you have omitted him due to gametime risk?

  11. I’m thinking:

    foster / ryan
    doherty / laporte / lindelof / duffy / vertonghen or trippier
    son / erikson / sterling / jota / mane
    rashford / jimenez / deeney

    1.1m ITB

    Rashford to Lacazette (and downgrade Lindelof) if Lukaku doesn’t get good gametime tonight

    I’m confused as to why Geek is selecting TAA over Lindelof. Surely a better pick for the DGW?

  12. @Geek, I’m surprised you’re set on Laporte, yet not Vertonghen.

    Can you see Man City keeping a cleanie vs Spurs and United? I’m not so sure. I make it 1 clean / the next 3 games for City whereas Spurs play huddersfield, City and Brighton where you could easily see 2 clean sheets….

  13. @ Mark, re. TAA I would guess he’s banking in a cheeky return against Cardiff and also he’scin place for hudd in GW36…thsts my thinking also!

  14. We have to remember that unlike the free hit when we selected a team just for one double week, this time the wildcard is not just for GW35, it’s a team for the remaining five games. We also saw in the last double week that many of the “double gameweek “ players only played one of the two games, so a Liverpool player in just one game v Cardiff is very attractive compared to a player who may or may not play twice

  15. Problem I foresee after Wildcard is not so much Liverpool but Leicester. I really want there players till end of season, they’re motivated and have good fixtures.

    • I suppose he is working on everybody beats Arsenal at home and city will play their reserves as it is between the two CL semis. But yeah I am avoiding Leicester players for the rest of the season.

  16. Ian, thanks, that’s true, last two games are tough, but Newcastle, West Ham and Arsenal (rubbish defence) are good fixtures. Motivation for teams is a big thing at this time of year and I agree with Andrew that the DGW can be a red herring.

  17. The double gameweek is likely to throw up lots of rotation with many double gameweek players playing only once – but I am still going 13 doublers plus two Liverpool..

  18. Salah totally out of consideration? Liverpool fixture run is brilliant after the tough upcoming Chelsea game

    Seems to have broken the run of a bad form with a goal – will be a consideration for me, especially as i still have value tied up

  19. I don’t Pep will rotate too much for this upcoming DGW. Given the fixtures, and the league being almost over he will surely line out strong for both the games. Sterling, Aguero and Laporte will play twice for me.
    Spurs won’t rotate at all with regards Eriksen, Son and Lloris I’d imagine. Wolves should be the same.
    My current draft:
    Lloris, Foster
    Lindelof, Laporte, Boly, Dunk, Duffy
    Mane, Eriksen, Sterling, Jota, Son
    Laca, Jimenez, Deeney

    Pretty much set on that now. Only possible change is perhaps Lindelof. I will transfer out Dunk or Duffy for perhaps Valery of Southampton next week.

    • Very very good squad.
      I would get TAA into the squad in place of Lindelof if its possible. He will surely be a great addition for the run-in, thus no need to waste a future transfer and probably will get more points v Cardiff than Lindelof in his two matches anyways !. Dunk to Valery or Bednarek can fund it if not enough cash

  20. Doherty or boly if money is not a problem and have a bit tied up on Doherty?! Suggestions pls

    My draft atm is

    Ryan foster
    Duffy Laporte doherty trippier Valery
    Sterling knockaert Jota son Erikson
    Deeney jiminez Kun

    Ill have 4.3 in the bank. Transfer plan is for knockaert to deulofeu gw35 and Sterling to mo gw36(will tc him).

    1) Doherty or boly
    2) Trippier or vertonghen
    3) Too much money in the bank but don’t know how to upgrade
    4) I can go lloris instead of Ryan and dunk instead of Trippier. Is that preferrable over my current choice?

    • lacazette is surely more likely to score big than Deeney ?
      Duffy to dunk can fund it if not enough.

      And if you did do that, then you will need to go for cheaper alternative than laporte ( two very tough GW35 fixtures ) in order to move from Sterling to Salah in 1 transfer

  21. you’re missing aguero Ian. Aguero in for laca.

    Aguero will play both. Laca who knows. And he’s a very very poor man’s aguero.

    • No it is either Aguero or Sterling and I am going with Sterling. Laca will play, he has started 11 of the last 12 and has 7 goals and 3 assists in that time. The next 3 fixtures are better with two being at home.
      Granted, Aguero is fixture proof but the money saved on Laca helps me strengthen up the rest of the squad.

  22. I agree with Rob, Aguero is a must. He can score big at any time. I think Watford might slump a bit before cup final.

  23. Gone for

  24. ederson,gunn
    sterling,son,b silva,hojbjerg,Deulofeu

    i’m still find the replacement of kane and bsilva
    any idea?

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