FPL wildcard teams GW23 – Costas Chari activates his wildcard


Another FFGeek contributor was pushed over the edge to wildcard.  Here’s Costas Chari  with 4 options he’s look at for his 2nd wildcard. Costas finished with an OR of 29k last season and 27k in 16/17.  Help him choose by voting in the poll.  

FPL wildcard teams GW23 – Costas Chari activates his wildcard

Hello Geeks !


So… I have activated my wildcard. The earliest I have ever activated my second wildcard since I’ve been playing FPL (7 years). It was inevitable. I had some players that I needed to offload for various reasons which I planned in the next 3 weeks but required a -12 hit and potential price drops etc so I thought let’s do it. My ranking also dropped 130k places the past 3 weeks so I had to act. 10 of the 15 players needed to change

Aguero – had to go due to uncertainty of game time.

Kane – injured

Hazard & Alonso – really disappointed me in the recent gameweeks

Richarlison & Pereyra – both have had 3 consecutive blanks

Fabianski – fixtures are turning

Kamara – rarely will get minutes now that Fulham bought Babel

Snodgrass – gametime issues

Schindler – bottom team defender with no manager

There’s also the fact that I have not owned Salah this season.  I got by not owning him at the start of the season but once his form kicked in I found myself having to cover 22 points every time he scored as with his ownership and most of teams captaining him.   I dropped around 50k in rank every time he played.

My initial thought is to invest heavy on 3 teams which have 3 easy home fixtures in the next 4 GW’s and bank transfers to gradually make changes when their fixtures turn. Sort of like a 3-4 week free hit. These include Man United, Liverpool and Spurs (although Spurs are a tricky one due to the Harry Kane injury). I have prepared 4 teams which I would be grateful if you voted and give me your views.

Here’s how my team looks at the end of GW22:

FPL wildcard teams GW23

Option 1

Man United- Pogba, Lindelof, Rashford. One player at each position for the favourable fixtures coming. All in good form.

Liverpool- Salah, Firmino, Matip. I was going for Arnold but then the injury came so with the limited funds I had to go with Matip.

Spurs- Lloris (for gametime assurance), Alli & Eriksen.

Wolves- also have favourable fixtures so I went for Jimenez and Doherty for obvious reasons

Bench- Kolasinac who has some good fixtures coming up, Bednarek as a cheap player you plays and has good fixtures, Stephens who is the most reliable choice at his price and Speroni

FPL wildcard teams GW23

Option 2

Pogba & Eriksen out for Sterling and Richarlison. This is done to get some a City cover and another possible captain in Sterling. Also there are fears that Eriksen might even drop further back to orchestrate the game and not get any scoring chances. Richarlison is always a good choice when in good form

FPL wildcard teams GW23

Option 3

Just a change of Eriksen to Sane! Using the extra funds in bank. This is for the reasons stated above plus I keep Pogba who is on fire and on PENS

FPL wildcard teams GW23

Option 4

A completely different approach. Includes Aubameyang instead of Firmino for an Arsenal cover and the leagues highest goalscorer. And Van Dijk instead of Matip as an upgrade

Eriksen had to be sacrificed for Richarlison and Doherty for Bennett.

FPL wildcard teams GW23

Now please vote in the poll


If you have any comments or suggestions for improvements then please leave them below

If you want to see how players performed in GW22 see our underlying stats article for that gameweek.  Also there’s the players with the best fixtures upcoming in our fixture ease article.  You can also see the most popular transfers so far this week in the bandwagons article

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21 thoughts on “FPL wildcard teams GW23 – Costas Chari activates his wildcard”

  1. I agree you need to make big changes probably the only option. I voted 3 but a couple of comments about players in all your options.

    Alli hasn’t done a great deal this season and it is difficult to know what will happen with Kane out and Son in Asia.if Llorante comes in Alli’s roll could be pretty much unchanged but he gets less assists due to less clinical finishing. It might work but is a bit risk.

    I would also say it is possible to do well without Salah even when he is hot. Salahs form really took off in week 16 with his 21 points. While I went down in OR from 98k to 150k, I have since gone back up to 53k despite losing 20 point in 19 due to not confirming my subs and having Pogba and Wan Bissaka accidentally on the bench. With Salah in the team you have to downgrade significantly elsewhere. Only real flag with team is Lovren (I am hoping he is fit for week 24 if not will probably get Matip).
    (My team is: Foster, Button / Luiz, Wan Bissaka, Doherty, Digne, Louvren / Sane, Mane, Hazard, Richarlison, Pogba / Aub, Rashford, Ings)

    • Thank you for the comment!

      Yeap alli i definitely a roll of the dice and matip is a short term solution! I will see how the poll goes and make my decision! thank you again for you comments

  2. I like 3 but with a couple of changes that are in number 4. Personally I’d go with Aubameyang and Richarlison over Alli and Firmino but the rest the same as 3.

    Firmino is playing in a deeper role this year and so his returns even with the improved fixtures won’t be great in my opinion (and this is coming from a Liverpool fan). With Kane out for 1.5 months and Son out for the next 2 games I’m really unsure on how Spurs will perform offensively as that’s basically half of their goals from the season taken out of the team there. It’s a big risk going with Alli in my opinion which is why I’d prefer to use him as a way to fund Aubameyang rather than Sane. Anyway this is just my opinion! Good luck mate :)

  3. Thank you for the comment !!!

    I am thinking more and more about aubameyang the past day as i believe he will be the leagues top scorer even though arsenal are not at their best and would be better to spread the funds around.

    Good luck to you as well!

  4. Hi Costas!
    Like the most of people to date, I like the 4th option. The “problem” I see here is that this option could be the most voted one, because is the most templated(?). Could this ever have sense?
    Hopefully you understood my explanation and What I mean.
    P.s: I don’t want to say Being template is good or bad.

    Good luck!!!

    • Hello and thank you!

      I get exactly what you mean! My purpose for activating the wildcard is to drift a bit away from the template in order to make up ground ! I’ll have a reshuffle with the team and post my team on Fridays article!

  5. 0 Ft and 5.2 in the bank

    Gk Fabianski Speroni
    D Alonso Digne Duffy Doherty Kolasinac
    M Salah (C) Hazard Pogba Fraser Paterson
    F Rashford Jiménez Success

    Is it worth a 4 point hit to bring in a better mid for Patterson this week. I am aiming to win my mini league and it’s pretty tight at the moment but I’m just in front.

    A Sane (2 Mini league rivals have him)
    B Eriksen (form fixtures differential)
    C No move play Patterson

  6. Nice analysis
    My preferences are:
    GK few options here, Patricio maybe only 4.5 and good fixtures
    Def: 2 x liverpool players so that be Robertson & VVD (can downgrade later to TAA) then 3 of (Doherty or Jonny, Benderak, WBS, Cheap Man U. D Luiz) I have Digne, but not too sure as Everton struggle for cleansheets.
    Mid: Salah, Poba, Sane (until Mendy is back) + one 4th e.g. Richarlson or Fraser + 1 very cheapie, e.g. puncheon
    Fwd: I agree with Rashford and Jimenez …. + I’d go for Augero for Kanes replacement. .. Which I was going to do anyway after the chelsea game.

    I wouldn’t have a spurs mid, as Sane would outperform also, you dont who will play and how they will perform without Son & Kane.
    No Firminho, because you can have VVD or Robertson instead, both who are (and will) outperform Firminho and cost 3M less! Plus, this enables you to have Aub, whose fixtures turn to very good soon. Plus his underlying stats are the best amongst the forwards.

    So you would have a solid 4 3 3 or 3 4 3 My thinking being, go for players with good PPM, fixtures and cheap but good bench options, e.g. 3 of Fraser, Doherty, Benerak, Puncheon

    I’m in the top 20K, taken a few hits recently to set the team up as above. Got all chips available, TV 105
    Hope this helps.

    • Thank you for your reply! Yeap it actually does help! seems sensible to at least get one of the spurs mids out and firmino and have aubameyang in with an upgrade of matip…. !

      • Matip, is an option but I think only a short term solution…. Gomez and TAA are due back soon, so keep this in mind…otherwise you could end up taking hits shortly after a WC. I’ve heard Digne may play on the wing, so will be keeping him. Also, having 3 LFC helps as they are guaranteed to play in the next sets of blank GWs , so as well as having a full team out, their value will go up as everyone else will be looking to bring them in!

      • paterson hasent really been performing these past weeks and we dont have data of him from past FPL seasons..

  7. Hi Costas,

    I like very much your option 3. The next 3 for Auba are tricky, so it is worth going with the 3 you have. I like Alli over Eriksen very much too. Just as others pointe ouy already, dont get Matip. Could you make Kola+Matip become VVD or Robertson + a cheap defender ?

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